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  1. It's all true, everything written here regarding Open Audio Designs gear, Astonishing airy shocking, scary bowel shaking bass (try Roger Waters ..Three Wishes to get an idea how scary, very fast and dead black quiet. Either of the above advertised components will easily hold their own anywhere individually but when hooked up to each other it's another dimension, I'm sure they are empathetic with each other. Quickly chaps, they'll be gone soon. Sorry to gush but I've owned (loved) this gear for some time, still can't find a power amp this side of fifty grand that even starts to compete. The optional integrated phono stage is off it's head fabulous btw. Like tube sound?? the top end is pure tube like loveliness minus the roll off. Try and find a bad review..... Cheers.
  2. If One has a speaker system using press on lugs why doesn't One try hard wiring, you may not think so now but I guarantee a not too subtle sonic improvement across the audio spectrum. Maybe ask some members their opinion, most people are shocked to find such a well noted brand such as B&W would be using such shoddy interface to save a little time. It's not snake oil just basic physics. No other true high end speaker manufacturer that I'm aware of have press on spade lugs in the interface, they all hard wired. This is basic advice to any real lover of music, truly you don't realize what you're missing out on. For instance JM Labs hard wire every model they manufacture from little bookshelf to their flagship Grand Utopia Reference. Sonus Faber and Osborn Speakers Australia like solder too. Even cheap crap speakers will benefit slightly,,, solder V spade lug. Regards
  3. Yea I agree completely. You are probably also aware of the fact there's no differences in cables, interlinks, and a time wasting rumors of burning in of latter and or brand new gear such as amps, phono stages. Power conditioners/filters, dedicated power supply lines Pffft! Regards.
  4. Yea I agree completely. You are probably also aware of the fact there's no differences in cables, interlinks, and a time wasting rumors of burning in of latter and or brand new gear such as amps, phono stages. Power conditioners/filters, dedicated power supply lines Pffft! Regards.
  5. Nice! What where they thinking?? One would imagine a company held in such high regard by some would realize they are degrading their product. Maybe they'll get it right and soon hopefully.
  6. And you would be correct, I watched a factory tour of the B&W factory recently on utube, they showed manufacture process from start to finished product, check it out it's there for everone to see. I was stunned to think they would use such a crude interface myself..... Cheers.
  7. All consonance electronics are very good value for money, they compete and beat some of the more well known brand names, the ones with the ugly price tags, Osborn sells a nice integrated tube amp that he raves about and it's not very expensive, If you really HAVE TO use tube gear I'd recommend Osborn, Consonance and even better AM Audio, my old 805's were spectacular, he also is very much service oriented.
  8. Line stage is any output that's not a phono stage output. Cheers
  9. Here's a tip, take a driver out of your B&W you'll find a nasty slide on spring terminal attached to the driver/drivers terminals. An incredibly bad move. Just a heads up!! I suggest you have the soldering iron heating up before removing a driver, so you can do a snip, tin the wire then hard-wire it to the driver terminal, you will not believe the difference. get back back to me if you decide to try it, I'd love to hear your comments. To all you B&W owners please take note even If you have the flagship models, they didn't discriminate, this is a upgrade, a simple no a brainier with quite a spectacular result. I have a brand new Consonance Reference 40 Tube phono stage in the cupboard, it has been used for less than a week unmarked as new, I bought it then upgraded week later to an excellent Open Audio Design Control amp that has the OAD phono stage option installed so the R 40's been resting ever since. Good luck building your audio system, it's not the easiest hobby to have been inflicted with. Cheers.
  10. Nice gear Con, Just wondering about the Beryllium dome tweeter, do you find it smooth enough? to date no metal domes tweeters have excited me too much, I've always found them to be bright, I'm about to upgrade from Epitome (silk domes)and bass bins to a new Open baffle design using an eight inch paper cone full range with a wizzer and copper phase plug, 18 inch sub driver and for the top a Dayton P4 air motion. I'm really hoping the air motion drivers. will be as nice as the Focal silk domes I'm used to. Also I've always used large Tip-Toes under my speakers in a tripod config. but have been advised using them on an open baffle design tends to soften the bass, have you tried them? if so what effect do they have, better/worse? Any setup tips would be appreciated. Regards.
  11. Greetings Terry, Try setting it up on the longer wall, this has always been (for me) a much better result than the short wall, the latter can/will produce standing waves also it promotes timing errors and smearing echo. Not to forget glass and shiny surfaces are your enemy. Could you show your room setup, you may garner some good advice from our Audio Friends out there in Dreamland. Cheers Phill.
  12. Sota sounded lots better but it was a long time ago, only thing different re the source player is the Rondo, it doesn't seem to handle the bass as well as the Levinson did and should be better ssince the electronics have been improved considerably recently. It sounds okay but missing the zing I'm chasing. I've tried VTA at every conceivable angle to try and perfect it but to no avail. That's why I'm thinking about a re tip BUT I don't want to put lipstick on a frog either. Thanks for your response btw. Phill.
  13. Item: Unique JVC Japan Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon sample disk Location: Ballarat Victoria. Price: 3000 AU Item Condition: Mint Perfect. Reason for selling: Too expensive to own at my age. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Deposit Or COD. Extra Info: This is a one in a series of sample and number seven in a series of ten different recordings produced to compare and decide which they would use in the final commercial MFSL pressings. In perfect new condition, no hiss pops snaps or crackles with a black background (depending on your phono stage quality) I acquired this record in a sealed cover brand new as a sweetener from the dealer when purchasing some pretty exotic insanely expensive audio gear way back in the eighties, in this time it has been played twice, once back when it was new, I recorded it on my old Nackamichi and put it at the back of my collection for safety's sake. I recently re discovered analogue and came across it when looking for something to play using the new phono stage pre, I gave it a spin (both sides) that is an honest fact. The cover has a tiny hint of discoloration on one edge (a ltiny hue of pale yellow as seen in pic) One label has a pen mark (a dot) on one side, to denote side A, at least I think so, no other reason for it and was on the disk from brand new, maybe someone famous from MFSL's work? This particular pressing is registered it's story is on a MFSL site I will attach, it's very interesting and would give a prospective buyer a heads up, also there's records of sales and prices regarding this limited family of like pressings on the net. I got a real surprise and the reason it's now for sale. I'm happy to demo the pressing for a serious buyer before purchase but not prepared to spin it up for fun. (it's far too precious) Check this for registration details. http://pinkfloydarchives.com/DUSMFSL.htm Cheers. Pictures:
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