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  1. The X-Can V3 does all rectification to DC inside itself so the PSU just needs to be a 240VAC to 24VAC transformer in a box with power cable in and cable to the X-Cans, an on/off switch and a fuse. All the online PSUs are just that with some AC filtering which isn't necessary if you have clean power. I built one under guidance with a whopping Tortech transformer to give it max headroom. I'm no electronic dude so I can say it's easy to assemble with parts from Wagner or Jaycar. I got the Rock Grotto upgrade kit from Scotland, along with ceramic tube sockets, a
  2. Hi there, Are you the original owner? Does it come with the original Rega box?
  3. I like the idea of the 2mm sandwich and bubble wrap, I also have found these Australian sellers of cardboard mailers. CARDBOARD LP MAILERS https://kebet.com.au/Browse-products/Categories/lp-mailers-storage?Sort=brand-desc https://ablepackaging.com.au/product-category/vinyl-record-mailers/?product-page=2 https://www.goldminerecords.com.au/vinyl-accessories.html https://www.decibelhifi.com.au/lpm-lp-mailer/ https://www.recordstore.com.au/record-sleeves-and-jackets
  4. Hi there, I've bought LPs from US in lots of 10 and 20 and they were shipped in purpose-designed LP mailers. I'm curious how local sellers ship their sold LPs interstate in Australia, particularly what packaging you use to ensure the LPs and covers don't get damaged In transit. Regards, Mark in Sydney
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