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  1. You can try some stuffs from Bunnings. https://www.bunnings.com.au/whites-100mm-x-1m-anti-vibration-pad_p3961983
  2. If you are using ROON, LCD4 is hard to beat with the preset ROON profile. Everything sounded so much better with it on. It is essentially like cheating the competitors.
  3. Further information: Genuine Audioquest cable 1 metre in length. This is the top of the line Audioquest coaxial cable. This is pure silver cable and the predecessor to the AQ Diamond. Very good sounding and practically impossible to beat at this price range. Photos:
  4. Very good headphone amplifier. The upgraded separate PSU and headamp make a big difference This was retail for around 2k USD back when it was released.
  5. HD Plex Fanless Server with ROON ROCK installed. Comes with upgraded power supply for better SQ. I have been using this as my ROON core, upgraded recently so no longer required. Specifications - Gigabyye GA-H81 mini ATX board has the special DAC-UP USB output a gold plated filtered USB port which can have the voltage disabled specificly designed for DACs -Intel i3 3.6GHz low voltage processor - 4GB Kingston HyperX RAM - Samsung 250GB SSD drive -HD Plex fanless case, with upgraded hifi DC AT. Power board.
  6. Let's not get into the debate of us vs Aus plug. The focus of the thread is more about sourcing a p20 in US plug in 230-240v to Australia
  7. Need us outlets because all my power cables are us plugs. Costs too much to transition to AUS plugs cables.
  8. Hi, I am currently thinking of buying a PS audio p20 with us plugs outlets. But I need it to be 230-240v compatible. Anyone know where I can source one for those?
  9. Tried the SR XOT on my speakers (Spendor Classic 200) and I didn't notice any difference in sound. However, my speakers are "tri-wire" configuration and there was only 2 XOTs so it is likely that it doesn't play well with this configuration unless you have all XOTs on all available binding posts. Unfortunately in this case we do not have 6 to try out on my system. So took it over to my friend's house as his speakers have single pair of binding posts. We tried it doing A/B comparison. There was certainly a change in sound signature in his setup, 3 pairs of ears and all noticed the di
  10. Thanks, I agree the build quality is impeccable. Much better than a lot of the so call 'high end' headphones out there selling for a lot more.
  11. An excellent condition Fostex TH900 Mk2 headphones. Comes with original box, certificates and stand. This is one of the best closed headphones I have used. It sounds very open and spacious, very similar to high end open headphones. It is also very to drive, can be driven by a portable amplifier quite easily unit. The headphone is also one of the most comfortable I have used.
  12. Item: pair of speakers that is suitable for a 6m X 4.5m room Price Range: 15 to 25k Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Need to be able to be safely shipped to Adelaide.
  13. Lenehan Audio Foil Flex speaker cables - 3M pair with bananas termination (amp side) and spades (speakers side). Everything you read about this speaker cables are true. The performance is out of this world and unbeatable at this price. As an audiophile there is always an itch to try something different and this cables have seen off a lot of competitor speaker cables I had on loan costing many times more. In my quest to finding the replacement speaker cables, testing in my own system I prefers the Foil Flex better than the following speaker cables. - Hidiamo
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