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  1. Or anyone with thicker pocket can consider a P15 for near double asking price, lol. sorry not mean to hijack your sale thread but I am highlighting the value for money if anyone is considering a high capacity power plant, this P10 is an insane good value for money. Highly recommended purchase for mid-level audio systems as I went to this route before. It will be definitely an significant improvement if your amplifier is less 300w class AB. Power plants are more suitable for high bias/constant current drawing amplifier as it does not deal with the extreme dynamic demanding
  2. Nice, any report/experimenting on different Ethernet cables? It is quite "hit and miss" for me on the Ethernet cable for my case, only EtherRegen is obvious. I might A/B again later as my system has changed quite a lot now and more revealing .
  3. Perfect timing to buy gold at this time, price is at lowest, it will go up again
  4. Item: MBL preamplifier (5011, N11 and or 6010d) Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: look for MBL pre only, no other brands at this point. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Well watt is watt, if amp does not have enough watts, your system cannot go loud with dynamic. so it is important to advise correct applications at reasonable exciting loud in my 4mx 6m living room, Gauder pulls more 50w when drum hits. There is no difference in Mcintosh’s watts verus Vitus’s watts in those cases
  6. To let people understand more about what power plants can help to a system and make a right decision I discovered that P15 is wonderful for below 300W class AB or a constant current draw class A amp. I was astonishing with the improvement for Pass labs X250.5 as it draws a constant 300w power all the time to make 15W class A high-bias output. The Mcintosh MC462 is a 450w amplifier with efficient and power saving design mind, it pulls minimum current that requires to optimize best temperature and green design but when music needs, it will pull crazy. So it requires dyna
  7. Do you want swap straight to a PS Audio Power Plant P15, Matt? the improvement is on a same bar “lol”, trust me.
  8. Matt is a audio “Knock Down Rebuild” specialist, haha. It is the most high valuable cable that I witnessed to see gold alloy and something inside looks shinny and boys his system sounds good with those cables and know what, gold price never goes down over the time.
  9. open to trade for a P3 plus cash as I need one for my digital gears. Anyone needs upsize, this is a perfect arrangement Voltage in my place is is quite insane which fried a few LPS that purchased overseas,
  10. No issue with fuses, I swapped a premium quality fuse, main issues is my 450w power amp is a beast and P15 is not up to its capacity, all my other amps from class D to Pass labs x250.5 250w received wonderful improvement from it. a P20 might help with more headroom But i am going to a high end passive filter option
  11. Audiophile world is a circle , people go high end, high resolution, etc., then come back to basic in their 80s, lol
  12. Further information: I have a need to go up for something beefier or just nothing at all due to config change. I am first owner, bought brand new from Geoff at Heynow on Oct 2020 and he provides the best service and care when you need his support. No need to introduce on well-known and advantages of PS Audio Power Regenerator lines. P15 used to be top-of-line and most powerful regenerator PS Audio could make and only overtaken by P20 recently with an additional of 700w. It generates 1500w of pure power and stable voltage for extreme Australian power conditions. bank of ca
  13. I will buy this endgame integrated if my Gauder speakers are not a beast and draw much much more than 50w in reality. This amp is the latest model, retailed for GDP 19,000 or EUR €23,000 in EU where they are sold the most. My point: this is a serious good deal and people can stop complaining why Aussies people always pay more for highend audio vs somewhere else. This price proved that is wrong, lol, buy it if you can.😀
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