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  1. Withdraw, I passed the MSB Premier upgrade offer, too steep for my pocket at this time
  2. Hi Con, my p15 also shutdowns its output randomly when i firstly got it, i figured out my projector might caused this behaviour with its switch mode power supply. sometimes loosely power plugs also caused power plant output shutdown i think the protection mechanism on power plant is too sensitive. If they cannot find out the root cause, you might eliminate suspect components and monitor.
  3. I tried msb dac directly to my amp, it is not bad verus Pass labs xp-20, the xp-20 adds a bit more depth and 3D soundstage but I trust many people can live with MSB dac direct to amp.
  4. Leave all of the tweaking, hassle and glitchy software on multiple half-baking streamers, let MSB to take care for your music playback with their solid stress-fee solutions, just sit back, relax, browse your huge library, hit "Play" button then enjoy the music.
  5. Further information: This is the first step if you want to climb to MSB world, the king of digital playback in hiend audio at this time. Although it is "entry level" in MSB world but a giant to other DAC manufactures on the market, you name it. It inherits all the future-ready architecture, you can utilise/purchase modular modules which are shared in the Reference or Select DACs What special about this DAC? - MSB proprietary ladder DAC with fully balanced design and 2 x Prime DAC - Full thick CNC aluminium block to block EMI/RFI between each critical sections extrem
  6. Hi Will @Further, that would be awesome to hear direct user feedback from you, especially interested to hear the outcome of feeding Lumin X1 directly by K40 streamer ethernet out. lots of people has reported in disliking the thin sound of fiber optics and prefer copper connections as they believed copper ethernet sounds more organic. i hope Antipodes has done enough with secret sauce into their ethernet output design to worth the price tag verus a $640 etherregen. Their CX/EX two boxes solution are quite pioneer but my burning questions are back to the high price tag if we us
  7. Hi Antipodes owners, Do you think it is worth to upgrade from custom built server with EtherRegen in the middle to Antipodes K40 with dedicated ethernet port to streamer? my current setup: custom- built server (ethernet) -> netgear xr700 (ethernet) -> Sonore optical module (fiber) -> Etherregen -> (ethernet) MSB network renderer my current skeptics are on fiber implementation at the last mile before streamer should eliminate all current leakage/unwanted noise, so the only drawback music server’s clocks but data package has been buffered at the streamer and sh
  8. @TONYCH31 this a comprehensive solution to upgrade your whole system regardless Component brand/made. Upgrading from your P3
  9. Awesome price for a recent purchased items, it will last for a long time to give the biggest performance improvement for every component in your system. the upgrade model is around 13k for 5-10% better which means this is a steal and excellent value for money on what it can do
  10. Further information: Used this for my PMC Twenty 24 with great results, I upgraded to PMC 25 26 later on and this speaker does not support bi-wires Up for sell a high quality made product from Wireworld. Purchased the cable mainly due to its OCC copper material and quality made and the cost of Occ material does not break the bank rrp is around $999 for 2m Reviews: https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/wireworld-cable-range-review MAIN FEATURES OCC-7N Copper Con
  11. Thanks for your sharing, in my set up, etherregen makes noticeable improvement for Network Renderer v2. the improvement is not as big as putting a power plant in my system but subtle, easier to pickup than an expensive Ethernet cable. The solution makes sense to me in term of what it is trying to achieve, so a no brain investment for me, if you decide option [3] setup, the additional clean up from Ultrarendu and reclocker of Antipodes P2 converter, Upstream noise might be not that matter but it is worth to give it a try, if no difference, u can resell, many members are keen to t
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