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  1. The basstrap is still available, seller did not proceed to pickup
  2. Item: Primacoustic FullTrap - Broadband Bass Trap Location:Telopea, NSW, 2117 Price: $320 (rrp $729) Item Condition: good as per photos, no wall mount kit Reason for selling: have baby and need space for her Playpen Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This basstrap has 3″ thick acoustic panel (fiberglass sealed by manufacture) is highly effective from 125Hz and up. Lower frequencies pass through the front face and then cause the internal diaphragm (D) to resonate by a thick vinyl sheet. Condition as per photo, I only place the bass trap on the floor hence could not find the wall mounting kit. You can mount it easy by getting some wood in Burning and cut in 45% at one Edge. Due to this reason, price was discounted as another 10% for your DYI interest. Otherwise, it is totally fine and best to place in the corner between floor and wall to achieve best results. There is no box, pickup only, cash payment upon pickup/inspection. https://www.primacoustic.com/fulltrap/specifications/ Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Oh really I did not know this, Thanks for your advice, very useful knowledge. I will look for it, never notice this before, my townhouse is more 40 years old, not sure this was a requirement in the past
  4. Hi Everyone, is there are much benefit to earth hifi system with proper grounding? I am not sure the neutral wire in the power grid system has some of this earthing benefit Is there professional service in Syd and how much doest it cost? I live in a townhouse and thinking to do it in my front yard thanks,
  5. I think the whole hifi industry does not have enough talents or resource to re-define a new DAC input protocol that have checksum/resend similar to data/Ethernet protocol, both current PCM/DSD protocols are actually designed by giant IT/electronic firms (Sony/Phillips) who do not really target for high end audio. All DAC manufactures relies on those prototols on their design We have some genius DAC designers like Rob Watt or Ted Smith in hifi but there are thousands of thousands genius in IT/Telcom industry. So that is why I would say very limited talented designers worldwide in hifi vs IT industry
  6. I could hear significant difference from upgrading a desktop --> Macbook pro with battery --> of Sonore OpticalRendu with Sbooster Linear power supply. The noise floor is a real deal in digital audio reproduction. If your system is good enough, you definitely hear the change. The 1's and 0's parts are actually carried under analog wave form. Noise floor causes wave form inference and DAC chip can misinterpret them to incorrect values, also no real bit-perfect transferred from streamer to DAC (Bit perfect only happens on data network part where check-sum and resend happens), there is no check-sum design currently in any DAC input protocol (tosink/coaxial/usb/you name it), so if there is a missing bit from streamer --> DAC, it would be a missing information. Bad noise also travels all the way from streamers , passing to DAC chip and go to the analog output of the DAC. So an excellent streamer would have excellent power supply, noise filters implementing in every stage, low-noise processors/CPU itself and excellent clock to control the timing of bitstream transfer
  7. I used to go this path of thinking on upgrading an external DAC from built-in in the streamer but I do not think any DAC $1500 can give you a real sonic jump compare to Oppo or Bluesound built-in DAC. The improvement from this price range will be subtle. I think you should save the budget for real game-changer DAC in the future which is normally from 5k and above.
  8. True, great marketing strategy I have to agree. Chord definitely has their own market. a current suggested hifi chain/demo of from Chord around $22,200 rrp like: Chord M-scaller (rrp: 7500) --> Chord Hugo TT2 (rrp: 8500) --> Chord Chord TToby amp ( rrp: 6200) This looks like a good chain, flexible/upgradable with some improvement but the price portion shifting too much upstream which might not mean the biggest improvement/best bang for your buck. Is this chain comparable with a very best Integrated amplifier with built-in DAC at $22.220? (Such as McIntosh MA9000 2 x 300 Watt Integrated Amplifier at $21,995) Hope someone with real experience can tell me if the latest Chord chain blow the McIntosh MA9000 away by many miles in term of system synergy or budget as a whole? Of course integrated is not as fun as dedicated components but I only care about the most I can get for a same budget investment before considering innovation In this instance, Chord DAC with upscaling vs McIntosh built-in DAC and 50W/channel vs 300w/channel in 8 ohm. Can the Chord chain make a resolution as a whole with those upstream innovation? If someone has AB demo a system chain in a similar manner and confirm Chord is weight better, I will hands down to agree a revolution in hifi happened on the upstream end rather than a tweak for Chord system itself.
  9. Of course your money your decision but what feedback here is 7.5k price tag which is close to a Chord tt2 is overpriced for 10% improvement of Redbook via a DAC system. Most people who decide to purchase DAC nowadays are high-res adopters. If not high-res adopters/believers, they definitely own very decent CD player/vinyl systems. (When money is no object, nothing to feedback or debate here) The gold ratio of Audiophile recommendation over many generations like 50% speakers, 30% amp/pre and 20% source+else are compromised here. Of course someone can say you can put money anywhere you like such as 70% in electronic and 30% in speakers. (Make sense in headphone world when you have the very best headphones you can buy as around 5k and need to tweak upstream) I am a Chord fan too with Chord Hugo and Chord TT2 ownership but I disagree with a product called digital revolution with lots of glorious overrated reviews which is actually an additional tweak layers. I can be wrong if M Scaler has been sold as hot cake or I might find out if lots M Scaler for sell as secondhand in the next one/two years. The M Scaler still needs to hook up to a computer anyway and the system does not immune to computer noise by any mean. It functions are upscaling and "advertised" as to add another Chord WTA's filters (which they should already do it at best in Chord TT2 DAC or similar). The computer solutions are to do all upscalling on server ends (Roon/HQplayer servers) and DAC to connect to low-noise renderer (Roon endpoints)source such as SOTM Stm-200 ultra or Sonore ultrarendu. So purely upscaling+filtering, 1k5 for a very best computer server vs 7.5k for a single unit is hard to justify for me. I will do if it is at 50% of the current price tag.
  10. After reading so much discussion and positive feedback, I borrowed the M-scaller home to pair with TT2. The impression is not a "wow" and the improvement is subtle, especially for High-res albums. It would make sense if someone has a lot CDRip but if someone already owns a Highres library, I do not see much value. I have a big question with the price tags of 7.5k rrp which is close to TT2 price tag. In headphone world, it might be the missing piece to perfect the system but in hifi/high-end stereo, there are so many options to put your 7.5k elsewhere such as upgrading speakers. Considering this is a piece of technology which including a very impressive chip system and a bunch of custom coding/filters to do the upsampling work, this is a purely overpriced product from Chord comparing the best consumer computer powerhouse you can buy such as Core i9 + 16Gb + others (around 2k including HQplayer) to do similar jobs. Of course I agree WTA secret filters are decent and lots of salt/pepper of the tap things but once computer audio can catch up or there are equivalent upscaling devices on the market, this should be around 4k rrp to be considered as a good buy. My system: OpticalRendu --> Hugo TT2 --> McIntosh MA252 --> PCM Twenty 24
  11. Item: 3 x pannels of RA-PT-2448-SQ2 Primacoustic Paintable Broadband Absorbers 24x48x2 inches Location: Telopea, 2117 Price: $200 (Pickup only) Item Condition: As per photo Reason for selling: I got baby, those panels in wife disapproval list Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used to hang those arounds side walls as first reflection but I moved to new flat, those are disapproved by wife Those are paintable, fiberglass was sealed by manufacture which is lots safer than DYI. RRP: $499, selling less than 50%, grab it quick, you cannot buy a tons of Fiberglass material even with DYI option with this price. https://www.soundseasy.com.au/products/primacoustic-paintables-24x48x2 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Thanks, you can go up the line too, like I am trying to do.
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