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  1. Another HDMI cable option worth considering is http://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/hdmi-cables/hdmi-cable.htm
  2. Hi there,

    Fantastic place to be .Hope that you learn a lot from your visits here. Welcome
  3. An Elektra Reference HD amp and PNYX Pre would fit your requirements . There is an amp for sale currently through Trevor Lees on Ebay , can be picked up in Sydney if required. Cheers , paul
  4. Hi o2so , your best option would be to contact the the manufacturer , Arthur Rappos Elektra Audio. Please note thought ,this amp is now sold pending payment and pickup. Thanks , Paul
  5. So you would consider selling the power amp separately then .
  6. Yes Joz , I am using the Elektra PNYX preamp .
  7. Item: Elektra Reference 2 Channel Power Amplifier 2 x 250 Watts. Location: Werribee Price: Item Sold pending payment and pickup Item Condition: Excellent Used Condition Reason for selling: Upgrade to Elektra Reference HD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only .Buyer to pay Paypal Fees . Extra Info: Amp was serviced last year by Arthur and had new gold relays fitted. Working perfectly .Well looked after and dusted regularly . Excellent 2 channel amp which holds its own against overseas competition. Power Output - 2 Channels at 250W into 8 ohms or 500W into 4 ohms Distortion - 0.005% (measured at 10-20kHz, 8 ohms) Frequency Response - 10Hz-300KHz, 8 ohms S/N Ratio - (IHF A network) 115dB Input Sensitivity/Impedance - 1.5V/100kohm Inputs - Balanced on XLR and unbalanced on phono Output - Twin outputs for biwiring and prevision for neutrik spekon Weight: Unit 25kg Happy to supply more photo`s if required. Pictures:
  8. Elektra Reference HD

    Thanks Sirmorebeer , I am using an Elektra PNYX
  9. Hi Guys , Im looking for input from anyone who has upgraded from an Elektra Reference to Reference HD amplifier . Was it worthwhile ? What were the improvements that were seen be it with sound quality or anything else. Im considering such a move . Thanks , Paul
  10. PM sent For No 6 , belden 1800 F
  11. How long are they
  12. Hire a cleaner and keep the gear
  13. FS: Nad M51 in BLACK

    How old is the DAC
  14. FS: Elektra Valve Pre Amplifier

    Here are some photos that I took of the internals on my pre
  15. FS: Elektra Valve Pre Amplifier

    Elektro Harmonix 6922 is correct .There are four installed $200 is for four tubes