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  1. Good pick-up . You will be very happy with this amp .
  2. I had solar installed about 2 1/2 years ago .( Fronius Inverter). I havent heard or noticed anything negative in the sound quality after installation or Day time versus Night time use for that matter.
  3. Hello Graeme and Welcome. Good starting point with your equipment choices . Be prepared for years of enjoyment as you seek audio nirvana
  4. Mine have been connected up to the modem via a phone jack so that all the existing wired phone points work as previous . External phone line disconnected from the house. Mine is FTTP I should mention.
  5. The Bridge 2 card should look like this
  6. Im using a Ubiqity Amplifi HD .It has 4 ethernet ports and can mesh as well . Boosted my WiFi signal considerably . Depending on how its set up (bridge mode) will be seen as another network or the same address as modem
  7. Another HDMI cable option worth considering is http://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/hdmi-cables/hdmi-cable.htm
  8. Fantastic place to be .Hope that you learn a lot from your visits here. Welcome
  9. An Elektra Reference HD amp and PNYX Pre would fit your requirements . There is an amp for sale currently through Trevor Lees on Ebay , can be picked up in Sydney if required. Cheers , paul
  10. Hi o2so , your best option would be to contact the the manufacturer , Arthur Rappos Elektra Audio. Please note thought ,this amp is now sold pending payment and pickup. Thanks , Paul
  11. So you would consider selling the power amp separately then .
  12. Yes Joz , I am using the Elektra PNYX preamp .
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