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  1. Turtle Rustler

    Mid end all in one DAC/Streamers

    My recent journey was a Schiit Ygdrassil DAC and separate streamers; a MicroRendu and a Moon Mind HD 180. The Schiit is a great DAC but not a streamer. The Moon Mind and MR are both capable streamers, the MR has a more reliable network interface and is Roon ready. The Moon had slightly better sound quality but the network interface was average and isn't Roon ready, but there was a Roon workaround. I have recently moved to a PS Audio DS Junior for both DAC and streaming duties. I am very happy with the unit in both capacities. I am not and never was into DSD so I was a bit unsure what the DSJ would be like, but it is great. In my system it is a little smoother, the Ygdrassil was a bit too revealing and played a bit brittle/harsh. The DSJ of course is an allrounder and for me is working really well. Enjoy the hunt.
  2. OK gotta ask the obvious. How does one come by a flagship Brand New In Box Never Opened AC receiver?
  3. Turtle Rustler

    Network player advice

    I haven't heard the Cambridge CXN, but a mate has the Bluesound and that works fine. In terms of how to connect, try all options and go with the best sound. Shorter/simple signal path usually sounds better. I would think the W4S DAC would best the DAC in the Bluesound, not sure about the CXN. There are heads of other options you could try. This is not a hard sell job either! But in my own system I have used a Sonore MicroRendu, Moon Mind HD180 and a PS Audio Direct Stream Junior. The DSJ is of course at another level and I will be staying with this for a while. But if you wanted to try either the MicroRendu or the Moon mind I would be happy to sell to you at a fair price. The MR only connects via USB, so your DAC would need a USB input. The Moon Mind can connect via AES/EBU, Toslink or Coax digital, but not both. Both these units can stream Tidal and flac files across the network and are well reviewed online. Happy hunting
  4. Turtle Rustler

    Shelf Speakers

    The Pioneer BS speakers designed by Andrew Jones are very good value for money.
  5. Turtle Rustler

    SOLD: FS: YAQIN SD-CD3 Tube Buffer

    Sale pending, under offer
  6. Item: YAQIN SD-CD3 + upgraded RCA NOS Tubes Location: PERTH Price: $150 Item Condition: VG Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Time to move on my YAQIN SD-CD3 tube buffer. This is a great little piece of kit to try out some tubes in a system without spending a fortune. Also included are a pair of NOS RCA 6SN7GTB tubes that have had very low hours + a pair of Sylvania 6SN7GTB (+100 hours) + the original Chinese tubes that came with the unit. I ran this as a line buffer in my solid state system between preamp & power amp to give the sound some tuby goodness. I have upgraded to a Schiit headphone tube amp & a PSAudio DAC which gives a really warm smooth sound so no longer need the buffer to warm things up. The SD-CD3 is an electron tube cathode output processor, which adopts excellent 6N8P double triode parallel cathode output. With high input impedance, low output impedance, wide frequency response and low distortion. Features: High-quality tube buffer processor for audiophiles to experience Hifi music. Durable aluminum alloy housing with logo window and steel heavy duty chassis. Adopts two excellent 6N8P tubes, wide frequency response and low distortion. Designed for improving audio system and adding tube audio quality to digital audio. Can be installed between an audio source and a receive to reduce work load of the receiver. Suitable for using with CD, VCD, DVD, MP3 players, computer, etc. Pictures:
  7. Item: Simaudio Moon Mind 180 HD Network Streamer + Swagman Labs 12v linear Power Supply Location: Perth Price: $700 ONO price drop Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR upgraded Payment Method: Pickup or Post - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my Simaudio Moon Mind 180 HD network streamer with the Swagman Labs 12v Linear Power supply. The MoonMind 180HD has the latest firmware and can stream local files as well as Tidal, Deezer and Internet Radio. The unit is well reviewed online and Simaudio is a high end manufacturer, this is a quality audio streamer/renderer. I have had both the microRendu streamer and the MoonMind in my set up for a few years and both are very good, but the MoonMind just shades the microRendu for SQ. Input is via Ethernet or WiFi, but Ethernet of course gives the best operation. The 180MiND outputs signal via the following digital connections (Toslink, SPDIF on RCA, AES/EBU on XLR) Pictures:
  8. Turtle Rustler


    Stock photo, I put the ad up when I was away, this is def a B with the upgrades.
  9. Turtle Rustler


    Item: SCHIIT YGGDRASIL DIGITAL AUDIO CONVERTER Location: PERTH Price: $3000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: trying a different DAC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Schiit YGGDRASIL DAC needs no introduction, truly a statement level DAC. This is the latest version with the updated USB Gen 5 and Analog 2 output. Only 6 months old and in perfect condition. Only selling to try a different type of DAC technology, I’ll probably regret this sale but time for a change. Prefer local buyer, would post but at buyers expense and arrangement. Pictures:
  10. Turtle Rustler

    SOLD: PS Audio Directstream Junior, Black (Perth)

    I’ll take it, PM sent @todagt
  11. Turtle Rustler

    FS: Eichmann Power Cable Pod

    Second in line if sale falls through, in Perth
  12. Turtle Rustler

    SOLD: FS: Schiit Magni 3

    Sold pending payment
  13. Item: Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB Reclocker - Rev A Location: Perth Price: $90 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a great USB reclocker or "decrapifier" that cleans up the USB signal going into your DAC. The Recovery is very well reviewed but please note that this is a Rev A model without the new board. The Rev A doesn't work with some DAC's so check the Wyred4sound web site or the online forums to see if your DAC would be affected. You can also get a board upgrade done through Wyred4sound to fix the issue. Will post at buyers expense and comes in original packaging. Apologies for stock photos, can get actual images if required. Once again, Wyred 4 Sound offers a fantastic audio product at an affordable price! Based on the success of the Remedy and known benefits of jitter reduction in a digital signal, we're proud to present the Recovery USB reclocker (or "RUR" as it's been coined on the Computer Audiophile forum). As it's name implies, the Recovery restores the original integrity of the USB signal. Usage couldn't be simpler: just insert the Recovery between USB source and DAC and instantly enjoy the benefits of a clean signal and much improved sonic quality. Pictures: