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  1. IMHO the system should all be connected by Ethernet cable for the best performance. Even the best WiFi network can be unreliable, hard wired is best.
  2. I run a very similar system with Roon Rock in a i5 NUC via ethernet in another room. Currently I use a Moon Mind HD streamer, PS Audio Direct Stream Junior DAC with bridge streamer in built and a Raspberry PI 3's with Roopie + LCD screen. Previously I ran a Sonore Micro Rendu, but upgraded my DAC to the DSJ and sold the rendu. The Moon Mind HD is a very classy renderer/streamer and my go to streamer/end point. The DSJ bridge comes a close second. Previously I ran the Micro Rendu and this was a great option and sounded fine and worked well. I don't use the RPi with Roopie for audio, just the visual display and control and this is a very neat addition to my set up. Of course with Roon you can now use your iPhone and iPad as end points around the house and for headfi which is a great development. I can't comment on the other streamers/end points you mentioned. But my friend runs a Bluesound Node and he is happy with that. As always down to money. But the Micro Rendu is a very good product for the money. The other budget option is a Chromecast which you can use as an end point and also display Roon on a TV.
  3. Sonore MicroRendu is hard to beat as a streamer for the price. I run a Moon Mind which is awesome, but that might be too pricey for you. Others worth a look: Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) Bluesound Node 2A Audiolab
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