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  1. I know we both like Jose!
  2. Got some gift vouchers to Birdland from the boys at school as I had a significant birthday last year! Found the time to pop into town to cash them in a couple of days ago! Awesome present! Cheers, Michael
  3. Thanks mate, that where I ended up I think, listened at 1000 then 470, on and off, not much difference, just seemed to like the 470 a little more. Whole setup was just starting to sound good and then the protection circuit in the Cambridge Audio 840a has locked me out, again.......... Apparently a Speaker Short, off to Chris at Kimil Electronics again....... Getting frustrated with Cambridge Audio! Thankfully I could steal my daughter's Sansui AU 101 from her to listen to some new vinyl last night!
  4. Thanks! HPM 60s a bit boomy in the corners (Audio Notes they ain’t!) and I’ll need to put the rack on the wall (I’ve added tabs to wall mount it with Dynabolts) as it is super susceptible to foot fall atm. Tip toeing is ok though....
  5. Thanks guys, will keep playing around! Will go to 1000ohms and then play around from there! Appreciate the help and encouragement! Kind regards, Michael
  6. Hi all, finally setup again and have forgotten what loading I’ve had my Pure Audio Vinyl Phono at for my Benz Glider SL! Currently have it at 100ohms, seems ok. Am I right, after playing around and not trusting my ears, that the higher I go with the loading the ‘softer’ it will sound? Hmmm... Plenty of options! Phono has 62db of gain and the Gilder’s impedance is 0.4mV. Phono loading options: Cheers, Michael Merry Christmas!!!
  7. SPR08Y

    SPR08Y's new room

    Finally in! Yay! Enjoyed the first real listen last night with the BIL. Sounds pretty good. Don’t think the ‘void’ at the back of the room is creating any issues with the sound. Played around with the loading on the phono stage and now am happy, I think......
  8. Some progress! We’ve moved back into our house after a renovation. Tom is quite pleased with how his setup is sounding and settling in! I’m not overly into the music he is into, he does like the ‘fast talkers’! I prefer his ‘wish you were here’ Pink Floyd moments rather than Tyler the Creator....... he does like Leon Bridges, me too!
  9. SPR08Y

    My System this morning

    Current digs: Streaming this via Spotify and Sonos - is ok. Looking forward to setting up TT again. Cheers, Michael
  10. SPR08Y

    SPR08Y's new room

    Nearly there! Looking forward to start filling it! Hopefully back in before Christmas! Has been like pulling teeth, our first renovation and me thinks our last......
  11. Wish I was shorter or it was taller!! Very cool, steel is real!!! Surely the way forward is to shave grams off your belly and behind (mine certainly needs it) rather than your bike! I believe a slightly heavier bike would actually assist in that regard......
  12. SPR08Y

    Kirishima + Tang Band W6-1916 6.5"

    Thanks @THOMO, just had a look at the Metronome. Wouldn't be too difficult to make. I'll investigate further.
  13. SPR08Y

    Kirishima + Tang Band W6-1916 6.5"

    Good idea Tony! Thanks, M
  14. Hi all, keen on getting some advice on an idea I have had percolating for a while now. As a woodwork teacher I'm keen on having a crack at some DIY speakers and have been quite seduced by some full range speakers I have heard quite recently, and often @ophool. So the drivers I was keen to use are the Tang Band W6 -1916 6.5" - after hearing Keith @cheekyboy CH2s, which I cant quite afford (yet) at @scuzzii's place. I was going to pop them in a Kirishima cabinet? Link: http://www.frugal-horn.com/spawn.html I was thinking a front ported cabinet so that I can push the speakers back closer to the rear wall in my soon to be finished room, about 4m wide by 5.5m deep. The Kirishima look pretty easy to make too, birch ply? Am I daft? Have I got the volume and idea all wrong? Would love any guidance before I start. Please suggest other cabinets designs that may work better, but I fancy having a go with the Tang Bands in the first instance. Thanks, Michael