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  1. My friend’s speakers. A good deal I reckon! My speaker cables seem too thick for the speaker posts, so have struggled having a good listen. These have had the original electrolytic crossover caps replaced with good quality film caps and they have had over 200 hrs burn in since replacement. Edit: found some skinny speaker wire, they are sounding great! Boogie time here atm with some ‘Yello!’ Has traces of cigarette odour, but has been dissipating since chez moi! Photos:
  2. Thought I’d listed a bit of a bargain here.... Anyone in Sydney interested?
  3. Further information: We’ve had great use out of this sofa. Converts easily into two single beds. Well looked after. No stains. Not quite sure how long we have had it, but my son remembers us buying it, he’s 19 now, so maybe 12/14 years old. Original iteration, company now on Delta III. Storage unit in ottoman looks like main difference. About $2500rrp on sale. https://www.kingliving.com.au/furniture/sofas-modulars-recliners/delta-iii Have all the bits. Currently my listening (and then sleeping seat) solidly made with a steel frame. Some of the little internals plastics sleeves hav
  4. Further information: We bought these about 10 years ago for either side of the fireplace in our living room - which is now my daughter’s bedroom... She doesn’t want them and we now have built in shelving in other rooms. They were about $2600 new. Can find the receipt somewhere if needed... Photos: Kind regards, Michael
  5. Love the Festool Domino machine too! They are the bomb - both sizes!
  6. No fun doing mitres on a sliding compound saw. I am fortunate to have a few of these to use https://www.gettoolsdirect.com.au/festool-kapex-ks-12-slide-compound-mitre-saw-561288.html at work and still struggle at the 45 deg setting. I'm way too fussy at times (A problem I have, apparently...) It is essential to have a good mitre square to check your cuts and I've found that swinging the whole saw from left to right is often problematic. Some great advice in this thread! Best path forward: Good quality saw - sometimes you just have to work wit
  7. Further information: I've loved this turntable for a few years now, after needing to purchase one after my BIL decide he wanted to sell his Micro Seiki BL-51 which he had loaned me. By then I had been bitten by the vinyl bug... This was certainly a step up from the BL-51! Not quite sure how to describe the sound of the Xerxes X with the Tabriz arm, detailed? The Benz Glider on it is included in the price. An excellent combo I feel. Frankly I'd like to keep it, but I have been told I don't need two turntables. If you wanted to dip your toe in a 'mid range TT' this is a
  8. Having heard Voxativs in a large voight pipe enclosure, I’d say they are very similar. Beautifully airy sound. Excellent treble and mids with tight bass. They basically give you what you send them without breaking a rib with bone crushing bass! There is nothing ‘flabby’ about their presentation, though not shrill or brittle. Image very well for floorstanders. Think this gives you a insight: (also a few links) https://audioflair.co.uk/3250-2/ (I think I’ve priced them pretty sharply) However, the drivers in the ones I’m selling are apparently more exoti
  9. Pretty heavy, not keen to ship, prefer to audition sorry. Borders are open...
  10. I want a pair of these! Stolab Link Chair, sadly can't afford one atm... Kind regards, MIchael
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