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  1. Now $200! Need these gone! Don't want to store these for 6months of renovation!
  2. Oswald Mills Audio Video

    You bet Cam! Will do! BTW: have you got your new room finished Cam? Things look a bit different! Great to have the painted lady (Sota) back! It really does belong with you.
  3. Classifieds Poll - Have Your Say

    Pretty relaxed really, I'll defer to those that have been loitering and selling longer than me. I keep showing my wife listings, she rolls her eyes and reminds me of pending renovations.......... She is far too sensible to have married me! I do, however, find myself clicking on a listing just to find out what it is, sometimes it is just a list of letters and numbers with no indication of what is actually is, probably not a biggie, but seems strange that the 'lister' wouldn't indicate such and such is a preamp! The glws and PM sent seems unnecessary also, of course we are all hopeful that the seller moves his item on, typing that in, just makes the ad longer and less appealing to those that may be interested. PM sent, is also funny, to me, it's like confessing you just whispered something to someone privately, but you want everyone to know. It is the perogative of the lister to sell to the buyer that suits them the most anyway - my understanding? This may be best price, location - no need to pack, cash, or even first in with an offer.......... Regards, Michael
  4. YouTube Spinning

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I do like this: Leon Bridges: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. Leon Bridges is awesome! How good is his backing singer and band! Quite a few more of these 'Tiny Desk Concerts', nice concept me thinks!
  5. Item: 8 Wrought Iron Outdoor chairs Location: Dulwich Hill, Sydney Price: Price Drop $400 (was $500) Item Condition: good, newly upholstered (DIY upholstering! I was quite pleased with myself and they 'passed'!) Reason for selling: won't work in new renovation. No outdoor undercover dining area. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: had these for 10/12 years? They are heavy and very well made. Can't remember for the life of me exactly what they cost brand new, I think approx $1000 or so for the 8. Bought at McGraths Hill at a big outdoor furniture/pots etc. store. I then made ply seats, as they didn't come with them, that I had professionally upholstered at about $40 a pop. They eventually looked a bit tatty so I headed off to Spotlight recently (couldn't find any records, hifi gear, etc. etc.) and ended up buying some new fabric and re upholstered them myself. (Must admit the nifty Makita Cordless Stapler I borrowed from work was awesome!) Anyway, I think the photos are self explanatory. Will try to post elsewhere today too, but I thought I'd give the SNA crowd the opportunity of the first crack at them. Pretty sure they will last indefinitely if you keep them undercover. Regards, Michael Pictures:
  6. didigital stylus pressure gauge

    +1 I just bought one of these. A bit OCD and expensive on my part. I tightened the tonearm locking nut under my Tabriz tonearm on my Roksan Xerxes X and thought I may have mucked up the stylus pressure in the process. No problem though. I got readings of between 1.73 - 1.76g on different sections of the little triangular tab. (Cameron @Krispy Audio set it at 1.75g when he put the cartridge (Benz Glider SL) on for me, but I'm keen to learn myself, though a bit of a 'scardy cat'!) My concerns were unwarranted! 1.75g was by far the most common reading. Seems a damn fine result to me. A quality piece of kit, if a tad expensive. Shane @metal beat is spot on as that tab is damn close to what the surface of the LP would be. Nice! Regards, Michael
  7. Recommend Me Some Headphones

    Sorry, just read your post more carefully @Gremrock. Will still stand by the HD650 recommendation, whether it's a step up from your headphones I'm not sure.......... As far as headphone amps go, get onto Keith @cheekyboy, re borrowing some Graham Slee amps on his loaner programme. If you go down the HD650 route, I've tried a Slee amp (forget which, I think the precursor to the most fancy one) with my HD650s and it was a pleasant step up from the Cambridge's headphone jack.
  8. Recommend Me Some Headphones

    Family still asleep, currently listening to some Sennheiser HD650s straight out of my Cambridge Audio 840a's headphone jack. Sounds fine to me and may be a prudent first foray into the headphone world. Affordable and a very nice stepping stone into headphones. You may not want to fork out heaps of dosh and realise you don't end up listening much to the headphones. You see plenty of such cases on here (SNA) where expensive headphones are listed for sale after the realisation; 'I just don't listen to the headphones much', 'no time', 'prefer speakers', etc, etc. Regards, Michael
  9. Whest v Brinkmann Edison? Review, prognostications, decisions, etc. - no doubt forthcoming? (In the room of mirrors?) Cheers, Michael
  10. Currently Spinning

    A fine Sunday morning!
  11. Currently Spinning

    Last album tonight me thinks! Gregory is awesome!
  12. Currently Spinning

    Scary I know, at home listening to records I bought for the kids.......... and they aren't here! Find 'Shape of You' by Ed a damn good track!
  13. Spectacular Speakers!!

    Must admit, I fancy these too! Especially with the silver eucalyptus veneer! The original M30.1 in rosewood look stunning, but these knock their grills (socks) off me thinks! Of course the M40.2 would be insane, definitely 'Spectacular', but considering the real world rooms we have, possibly the M30.2s (M30.1s) are more appropriate for most of us! Even modestly 'spectacular'! http://www.harbeth.co.uk/special-editions/monitor-30-2.php Regards, Michael
  14. Spectacular Speakers!!

    More speakers that, I believe, fit into the 'Spectacular Speaker' category come from the German company Blumenhofer Acoustics. http://www.blumenhofer-acoustics.com/Distributors/Distributors/Distributors.php?lang=EN Again, as a woodwork teacher, I fancy the exotic veneers that have been applied to some of their cabinets. I may may be interpreting 'Spectacular Speakers' incorrectly, but in my mind, they must be visually arresting/pleasing etc. and I would hope they sound as good as they look! Make up your own mind, do they fit in this thread? (The pair above = my favs!) Kind regards, Michael