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  1. SPR08Y

    SONOS Playbar, Vogels, Sony 49" TV

    Thanks! This is the progress so far: May even have some screws at work, though they are flat head and look like about M6 with an integrated washer, hmmmm...
  2. SPR08Y

    SONOS Playbar, Vogels, Sony 49" TV

    Yes mate, ta. Will go and see if I can source some longer screws at Bing Lee tomorrow and go from there. Different bracket.... Will take a photo shortly.
  3. Hi all, I'm struggling...... I've managed to mount our new Sony Bravia 49" TV onto a Vogels NEXT 7345 wall mount. Seems very nice. Anyway, next step is to connect a SONOS Playbar to the TV with a Vogels SOUND 3450 bracket. Think I can sort of work it out and have set the bracket up correctly. However, when I go to place the bracket between the NEXT 7345 wall mount on the back of the TV the screws aren't long enough to reach through both! Should the arm for the 3450 bracket be secured through all four Vesa mountings points (200x200) on this TV? Don't think the bracket will then allow the Playbar to be installed as it isn't long enough? Hmmm..... Has anyone had any experience with the two Vogels thingamys and can lend some advice? It would be most appreciated. Alternatively! Anyone in in the inner West of Sydney or thereabouts who is keen on a glass or two of wine, beer, Bonox, etc. and is experienced in such things might be a good option for me, if such as Stereonetter exists? Kind regards, Michael
  4. Done! I think! Leon Bridges pumping..... Now dynabolted to the wall with 6x6x60mm dynabolts. The luxury of internal rendered brick walls I suppose! Now he can start filling his vinyl box. No doubt my stash will get raided! Need some art/album covers on the walls. (Now do some study pest.....) Kind regards, Michael
  5. SPR08Y

    Sonos Connect help

    Got there...... eventually found the 'Connect' listed amongst the 'speaker' options. I must try to stop being so literal! Sounds surprisingly good: Sonos - Cambridge Audio 650a - Q Acoustics Concept 20s. Perfect for family to all stream to from their devices. Tidal account possibly in the future. Thanks, Michael
  6. SPR08Y

    Sonos Connect help

    Thanks, struggling to navigate to options? This is is what I'm getting on my phone:
  7. SPR08Y

    Sonos Connect help

    Hi helpful folk, Back in our newly renovated home and following the advice of the Telstra technician he ordered us a new router and modem, no charge, apparently....... Anyway, I've managed to get it setup, but having hassles getting my Sonos connect to recognise and latch onto new wireless network after router change. The Sonos app keeps wanting to connect either Sonos speakers or a Sonos 'Boost' , neither of which I have. I just want to connect the Sonos connect and get the fam up and running in the family room with Spotify. Rightly, or wrongly, I've restored the factory settings on the Sonos connect. Any ideas? The router is in the roof and the connect in the back room, quite a distance away. There are numerous Ethernet ports in the roof with labels, but the ones in the back of the AV cabinet arent labelled, so tricky working out which one is which.... If I want to connect the Sonos connect via Ethernet to modem, would this help anyway? Turntable is working fine!!!! I laugh, bloody technology!
  8. My son's setup. You can see the thread in Showcase your System 'Vintage Pioneer Vinyl Teenager Rack'. Spent less than $1000, all 2nd Hand (actually not the cartridge), some from Stereonet. Not Audiophile, but loads of fun! He thinks he is cool. Soon going to mount the rack on the wall, it does suffer horribly atm from footfall. You'll notice the absence of a desk, it has all since been shuffled to the left to accommodate said study aid! He is in Year 12........... Regards, Michael
  9. I know we both like Jose!
  10. Got some gift vouchers to Birdland from the boys at school as I had a significant birthday last year! Found the time to pop into town to cash them in a couple of days ago! Awesome present! Cheers, Michael
  11. Thanks mate, that where I ended up I think, listened at 1000 then 470, on and off, not much difference, just seemed to like the 470 a little more. Whole setup was just starting to sound good and then the protection circuit in the Cambridge Audio 840a has locked me out, again.......... Apparently a Speaker Short, off to Chris at Kimil Electronics again....... Getting frustrated with Cambridge Audio! Thankfully I could steal my daughter's Sansui AU 101 from her to listen to some new vinyl last night!
  12. Thanks! HPM 60s a bit boomy in the corners (Audio Notes they ain’t!) and I’ll need to put the rack on the wall (I’ve added tabs to wall mount it with Dynabolts) as it is super susceptible to foot fall atm. Tip toeing is ok though....
  13. Thanks guys, will keep playing around! Will go to 1000ohms and then play around from there! Appreciate the help and encouragement! Kind regards, Michael
  14. Hi all, finally setup again and have forgotten what loading I’ve had my Pure Audio Vinyl Phono at for my Benz Glider SL! Currently have it at 100ohms, seems ok. Am I right, after playing around and not trusting my ears, that the higher I go with the loading the ‘softer’ it will sound? Hmmm... Plenty of options! Phono has 62db of gain and the Gilder’s impedance is 0.4mV. Phono loading options: Cheers, Michael Merry Christmas!!!