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  1. Quite a few veneer manufacturers/importers in Australia. I’d contact New Age Veneers in the first instance. Makassar Ebony won’t come cheap!
  2. Further information: Rega P2, that is really just the Rega P2 plinth, the whole deck has been considerably tweaked! Details: Rega P2 plinth, bearing housing, dustcover and powerswitch. Fitted with : - Groovetracer reference sub platter $US 250 http://www.groovetracer.com/acrylic _platter_groovetracer.htm Groovetracer acrylic platter $US 199 http://www.groovetracer.com/subplatter_groovetracer.htm SRM Tech bearing damping ring $20 (around bearing housing) SRM Tech Silent base $200 (Black version) http://srm-tech.co.uk/shop/article_RSB1/Rega-Silent-Base.html?sessid=HifUt0lmXkRRuA8ZKZWGVy9uMwYGvkmOIuTPuJ3xQw2A143Tyh9dtq1TFEjDJrWr&shop_param=cid%3D11%26aid%3DRSB1%26 http://recordclean.com.au/4/20840/20939.html Rega 24v motor upgrade $299 http://recordclean.com.au/rega-24v-motor-upgrade-kit.html Rega TTPSU $399 http://recordclean.com.au/rega-tt--psu.html Michael Lim dual 33rpm pulley $US 38 http://lpturntables.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/double-or-dual-metal-pulley-upgrade-for.html Rega White belt x 2 $100 http://recordclean.com.au/rega-white-drive-belt.html 5mm Achromat $100 http://www.analogueseduction.net/turntable-mats/funk-firm-achromat.html Michell clamp $50 http://www.analogueseduction.net/record-clamps/michell-engineering-record-clamp-for-rega-turntables.html Mint LP protractor $120 http://mintlp.com/best.htm Michell Tecnoarm A $920 (current exchange rates) http://www.analogueseduction.net/tonearms/michell-techno-arm-a-tonearm.html Total upgrades at current prices less postage costs for OS items. $2760 Including postage and variable exchange rates costs of upgrades and whole package was say $3000 Not sure the prices are current, but you get the drift! The Rega 'white belts' are not white, stained with nicotine I think. They seem in good shape. There was some residual cigarette odour, but I can't smell a thing now as I've had it at my place for awhile. Note: cartridge not included, but: A new sealed DL-301 II could be supplied for $350 https://www.2juki.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=34_56&page=2 Photos: Any questions please ask, I'll try to answer, or find out.... Kind regards, Michael (Sorry won’t be separating bits and pieces. I’m not up to it. Also my friend is not keen for me to ship it for him either - though we may consider!)
  3. Hi all, I couldn't find a thread discussing this, so... My Roksan Xerxes X has an aluminium platter that keeps getting smudge marks on it. I've cleaned it once in the past, white spirit I think from memory, which seemed to do the trick, yet the smudges have appeared again... What's the collective wisdom of dealing with this? Options I have considered so far: cleaning more regularly... spraying with some kind of clear coat after cleaning, which I'm reluctant to do - could be a disaster! getting the platter anodised. Might be the best option. Could go with a funky colour; charcoal, deep green, or 'deep purple' - not that I'm into them... Ha! Appreciate any suggestions! Kind regards, Michael
  4. My Ute! Though a ‘tray top’... Do like driving it, son currently learning to drive in it. My wife happy to drive it too! If you have a loose filling it soon let’s you know, it does bounce around empty... Though I think she prefers the more fancy car. The kids at my school (all boys) can’t understand why I don’t want a dual cab. • you can only fit a tad more in the back of the dual cab than a station wagon (which we have) • and I might be forced to take the whole family with me if I had a dual cab... The boys also ask what kind of car I would like if I won the lottery (which I never enter), I always answer a real flash one, so I could sell it immediately, get the latest Hilux tray top, buy some stereo goodies and maybe even put some cash on the mortgage! They are so dismissive of such thoughts... Regards, Michael
  5. Think Cam @Krispy Audio has some in his showroom. Sounded great on my last visit! (if i was correct... My wife was there - maybe she can correct me... Ha!) I'd contact him if you'd like some advice. Top honest bloke. Kind regards, Michael
  6. No mate, sorry. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Further information: I had it running for a few weeks in my system and it sounded great! (BTW, may have traces of cigarette odour. However, it has failed to overpower my music room - addition on relist: can't notice it at all now...) Kind regards, Michael Thanks to @David Walker, see below: I'm not surprised that this sounds great. It's an extra-output version of NAD's 7020 receiver, with the power output boosted from 20 watts to a very conservatively claimed 25 watts per channel. The "PE" stands for Power Envelope, a technology that NAD claimed would allow the amp to handle greater power loads for a brief period. And the 7020 is essentially an early 1990s version of the legendary NAD 3020 amplifier, with a nice 4020 AM/FM receiver attached. There are people who swear that the 7020 family sounds even better than the 3020. I doubt that's true, but it certainly sounds as good as the 3020. NAD claimed that the Power Envelope design "produces bursts of up to 60 watts/channel at 8 ohms and 80 watts/channel at 4 or 2 ohms". Regardless of marketing, they were famously able to drive difficult speakers at decent volumes. The bang-for-buck was extraordinary in its day. One of the NAD founders is alleged to have called the 7020 "the best thing NAD ever made". They also age well. My 7020e is still the heart of my main system, now attached to all sorts of technology that wasn't even invented when it was born (wi-fi, subwoofer, NAS). It was pretty dirty inside when a pro cleaned it up for the first time last year, but otherwise it was fine. Specs here: http://www.nrpavs.co.nz/pdf/NAD_7225PE_brochure.pdf Review here: https://www.tersaudio.com/nad-7225pe-review/
  8. Measurements... lost my original template. Made a new one: Kind regards, Michael
  9. Anyone have any plans etc for something similar? Being a woodwork teacher thinking a speaker project is on the cards in the near future! These look great! Cheers, Michael
  10. Wow! Amazing. No, not overly stupid! Certainly knows what he likes. Humphrey is only 2! He's loving having the kids at home during Remote Uni and School.
  11. Humphrey was from Braycharm kennels in Windsor.
  12. BTW: just when I thought he had realised where the ‘sweet spot’ was: too much left channel my friend! Dumb dog...
  13. Not sure if there is already a thread devoted to our furry (or otherwise) friends who don’t mind sitting and listening to music with you. Anyway... Here’s Humphrey, our Cocker Spaniel: Kind regards, Michael
  14. Boring old Funk Firm Achromat here: seems ok... Kind regards, Michael
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