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  1. Classic EBTG album Walking Wounded now on vinyl: https://the vinyl factory.com/news/everything-but-the-girl-walking-wounded-vinyl-reissue/?utm_source=The+Vinyl+Factory+(New+Main+List)&utm_campaign=591fb8a4a0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_09_09_04_39&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4edc26fa7f-591fb8a4a0-151033997 Loved this years ago! Listened to it lots back when my bride was wooing me... ...and I have a birthday coming up!
  2. A cracking cart for the coin! Had a good listen to it on Sunday. Nice! If you are thinking hmmm... Go for it!
  3. Yup. A Sansui au-101, sweet little thing! Daughter also, at times...
  4. Ta da! Now setup in her room! She’s pretending to study... Sounds just fine!
  5. No problem mate. i agree re Robbie, I have it too! My son Tom (17yo) is a big fan of that album too.
  6. Don't want to spark a cable debate, but I have some of these I got for some DIY speakers I tarted up for my daughter, and for not much coin they are nicely made. https://www.nbspeakercables.com.au/pages/faq?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIloi16ti84gIVmwsrCh3tWAutEAAYASAAEgLwCvD_BwE
  7. I would imagine/think the 'trials' would be all about synergy! ...and super subjective!
  8. Certainly! That wasn't the point of our idea though! More along the lines of, would Germany end up 1/100th of a second in front of the USA who touched out ..... for third, etc. etc. Would Australia make the final? High end end systems comprised of components all exclusively from USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, France, Poland, China, England, Australia, etc. etc. Of course you'd have to decide who hosts! Mustn't forget the room! Brands who normally compete against each other would be forced (encouraged) to compete side by side. (Sure we are being a bit silly....)
  9. Sitting and talking (mostly rubbish) and possibly imbibing a little with my BIL Jeremy.... Anyways, we are thinking about the Audiophile HiFi Olympics. So who would win! The whole system would have to fit within within some criteria of course: Our initial thoughts: 1. All components/products from the one country of origin. 2. Digital or Vinyl front end, or both? Let the contestants decide, you can bet on the red or the black? 3. Integrated, seperates and active events? Dunno, thoughts?
  10. Not at all, yes definitely DIY, they are for my daughter, very happy with them. I've just tarted them up!
  11. Thanks. Don’t know much about them. See more details in ‘For my gal’ thread... 8” fabric woofer with little whizzer thingy in the middle (doesn’t sound overly PC) with a rectangular small horn with what I think is a tweeter at the bottom. Hermann Mod Cubes was written on the back. So no real details on provenance. Front ported (2”) through baffle inside heavy metal grills.
  12. Speakers ‘For my gal!’ now home. Thought I’d may as well give them a go in front of my ELAC BS244s before handing them over... sounding pretty good!
  13. Thanks all! Does make it easy having a decent workshop at my disposal. Loved the Festool Domino machine for the joints on the stands, easy peasy! M
  14. Been faffing around for awhile now with some speakers I bought here on Stereonet for my daughter. They were ‘Mod Cubes’ by Hermann that I purchased from Steve @Alpine Electrocats. (If anyone has more info on provenance of these I’d be interested!) I’ve sprayed the cabinets satin white, sprayed the grills, made up some terminal plates and put on new terminals and laser cuts some badges that I felt suited the ‘Mod Cube’ aesthetic! I have just finished some stands out of Tassie Oak and added a MDF spacer that I glued to the base of each speaker so that they can’t slide off the stands. (Two square pieces of 10mm MDF painted black) Will bring home from work this weekend and hook up to her Sansui Au-101. Will play from her phone..... Sorry about that! No doubt Spotify! The thing that should be good is when her violin teacher records a piece for her to play along with, which she normally plays from her phone. Hopefully this should be better and work well! We shall see! Will take a few piccies when set up in her room. In the meantime these are the speakers! (Still in the workshop) Cheers, Michael
  15. Done! Found longer screws at work. Very pleased, not had a sound bar before and it seems great. Don’t crave a sub yet. The speaker above the telly is for music only via the amp and Sonos Connect tucked away behind the tv in the cabinet. Vogels bracket is super, was an expensive option but super smooth and easy to put the tv away - as per the design brief from my wife.
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