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  1. SPR08Y

    My System this morning

    Current digs: Streaming this via Spotify and Sonos - is ok. Looking forward to setting up TT again. Cheers, Michael
  2. SPR08Y

    SPR08Y's new room

    Nearly there! Looking forward to start filling it! Hopefully back in before Christmas! Has been like pulling teeth, our first renovation and me thinks our last......
  3. Wish I was shorter or it was taller!! Very cool, steel is real!!! Surely the way forward is to shave grams off your belly and behind (mine certainly needs it) rather than your bike! I believe a slightly heavier bike would actually assist in that regard......
  4. SPR08Y

    Kirishima + Tang Band W6-1916 6.5"

    Thanks @THOMO, just had a look at the Metronome. Wouldn't be too difficult to make. I'll investigate further.
  5. SPR08Y

    Kirishima + Tang Band W6-1916 6.5"

    Good idea Tony! Thanks, M
  6. Hi all, keen on getting some advice on an idea I have had percolating for a while now. As a woodwork teacher I'm keen on having a crack at some DIY speakers and have been quite seduced by some full range speakers I have heard quite recently, and often @ophool. So the drivers I was keen to use are the Tang Band W6 -1916 6.5" - after hearing Keith @cheekyboy CH2s, which I cant quite afford (yet) at @scuzzii's place. I was going to pop them in a Kirishima cabinet? Link: http://www.frugal-horn.com/spawn.html I was thinking a front ported cabinet so that I can push the speakers back closer to the rear wall in my soon to be finished room, about 4m wide by 5.5m deep. The Kirishima look pretty easy to make too, birch ply? Am I daft? Have I got the volume and idea all wrong? Would love any guidance before I start. Please suggest other cabinets designs that may work better, but I fancy having a go with the Tang Bands in the first instance. Thanks, Michael
  7. SPR08Y

    Vinyl romance?

    Interesting article that landed in my inbox this morning. https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/mono-stereo-high-end-audio-magazine-6211291/vinyl-a-romance-affair-6537343585 Must admit I certainly like romance, vinyl is good too! I laugh! Kind regards, Michael
  8. SPR08Y

    Looking for a quality phono pre amp

    Thoughts and condolences with Keith. Kind Regards, Michael
  9. SPR08Y

    Looking for a quality phono pre amp

    If I had of been aware of the Graham Slee loaner programme through Keith at Wyndham Audio, I would have taken advantage of it to trial a number of phonos before I purchased my current phonostage. Get in touch with Keith @cheekyboy or visit their website in the first instance; https://www.wyndhamaudio.com.au I think there are a few Graham Slee products around your price point. Cheers, Michael
  10. A Cambridge Audio 840A. First listened through an Arcam, the Arcam (not sure which) was better but not much. Couldn’t afford it at the time.
  11. My ELAC BS244s don't lack in bass. I haven't felt the need to add a sub in a small/medium sized room. (4x5m)
  12. SPR08Y

    SPR08Y's new room

    Ha! Thought you may have a newbie! You have it bad. Sounds great, will have a chance in a couple of weeks! Be in touch. Thanks!
  13. SPR08Y

    SPR08Y's new room

    Hi Bryan @guru did as you suggested and although there was a tiny difference in how my son sounded as he sung at either end of the room, it was not much. Will be a wait and see me thinks! Always happy with advice and tips supplied via StereoNet! We must catch up soon, no doubt you have a new HNT Gordon plane (or two) to show off! Cheers, Michael
  14. SPR08Y

    SPR08Y's new room

    Yikes! See how we go! Might just be a sitting room and reading room after all! Will try your tip out, thanks!
  15. SPR08Y

    SPR08Y's new room

    Yikes! Oh well, we shall see..... also, there will be a set of pigeon holes, bookshelves and a piano behind the listening position on the ‘back’ wall, then a little passage to a lounge/listening chairs, so the void will be more behind than above. Hopefully that fact there are bookshelves and piano on the back wall should diffuse the sound a bit too?