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  1. A pre amp and a phono amp are two different things, sound a little like you are getting the terminology mixed up. If you want to use a different phono amp just run it into the cd input. Not the phono input, that would not be good.
  2. They are still a pretty desirable amp, often see the LV-105u advertised for $500+. Do they sell at that price?? The model with u at the end are the later ones and fetch a bit more. The speaker terminals don't accept stand banana plugs which can be a bit of a pain but shouldn't be a deal breaker. People that I know that have bought them have paid $300-ish but that was a while ago. I am sure there will be someone on here who knows them better than I.
  3. Sorry I should have said tone arm, not stylus.
  4. The first thing I would do is ask the tech if he specifically replaced the tracking belt/band? It may have been working fine for tracking across the record but not for play tracking. It appears the play tracking is assisted by the servo motor, as the stylus moves out of alignment the servo motor makes micro adjustments to move it across the record. The video below shows the same type of mechanism in operation. Maybe try taking the cover off and seeing if the servo is trying to adjust? If not can you a position mechanism on the stylus, is it dirty or sticky? Downloading a service manual might help to understand how this system works.
  5. Hi CosmicJazz, might help to mention the speaker design you are planning to build. Are you doing the complete design yourself or are you building from a a know design? What drivers etc are you using?
  6. I knew exactly what that links was going to be and still I just had to click on it.
  7. To answer that question. From some research I did a while ago balanced cable need to be fitted into balanced components at both ends. If it is converted to RCA at one end then it is the same as using an RCA cable.
  8. There was one on here for $95 last year. No sign of it selling, apart from being marked as sold.
  9. I will let you decide if you want to try in Mono mode. Maybe a member might have the knowledge to let you know if it is safe. If you do try it I would be interested to hear if it makes any difference in performance. There is an 800 model as well, there are only a couple of pics I can find and never seen one for sale.
  10. The Fostex amps are awesome. Since you have 3 have you tried bridging them and using two mono blocks? Looks like you have room in your rack. I came across a 600 and kept in as a back up, the bottom end seems endless. I have my eye out for a second one to see how they sound as mono blocks.
  11. Does the TV have a setting for 2.0 stereo output? Maybe try that
  12. As a price of furniture that would look great in the right house. A hot iron over a towel also removes water stains too. A little care but not hard.
  13. I will be honest, I could only get 3 out of 6 right. And, after a few attempts they weren't the same 3. I have 2 issues with this test 1/ It has Cold Play in it. 2/ You made me listen to Cold Play. But seriously, that Play song is ****. I will rant a little more. I found most of those file didn't sound great at any sample rate.
  14. The mid range looks like a Vifa 3 dome tweeter. The good part of that was the box construction could focus on the woofer as the mid and tweeter were self contained. As I understand it.
  15. I had a power amp (100ish) that could be bridged to 300w and used as a mono block. I managed to pick up a second one second hand. The 300w mono block arrangement was far superior to the parallel bi amping set up. That was just my experience, sounds like yours doesn't make that much difference. I should note my amps had massive power transformers.
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