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  1. You could try one of these. https://www.audiophile.com/pages/audiophiles-contacts
  2. Hi David, I know it has been a few months but can I ask if you stayed with the pre amp and which pre amp you ended up using? I went though the same thing but found the (only 2) pre amps I tried took away from the performance of the Almarros on their own. I ended up getting a Goldpoint input switcher (SW4 I think) and that seemed to do the trick.
  3. I think the fist thing you need to know is if your speakers have a parallel or series cross over. How many terminals on the back of the speak and which terminals drive which drivers.
  4. Heard the new last night, very sad indeed. Fond memories of dropping in for a brief visit only to leave 3 hours later... every time. RIP Nick
  5. Hi, Try changing your input source position and using a different position on the selector switch. It is common for the selector switch on that error of DSP amps to develop bad connections. Not 100% sure about the A1 but definitely the later ones. If you wiggle the selector switch does it crackle? Although if it follows the speaker it is probably in the speaker.
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