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  1. That's my point. In 2015, if I need to "contact" a company to find out what products they have then they've already failed.
  2. Browsing a web site that has up to date information or talking to a salesman? I know which most people under 60 would prefer. Perception is reality when it comes to a company's image and I wouldn't be comfortable doing business with a company whose web site looks like a ghost town in 2015.
  3. The web site looks like an abandoned warehouse and the launch of the DC-x63 appears to have been a giant flop with no reviews, no promotion and nobody actually taking delivery. They occasionally mention a foreign product they're selling on Facebook but it's all pretty sad. Dead company walking I suspect.
  4. Things went very quiet after the DC-X63 was announced. There must be major supply issues. I ordered a pair in April and still haven't received them (I was sent some i-33s in the meantime which are a very good speaker but I wouldn't pay 5K for them) New web site has been "coming soon" for a long time too.
  5. I have a pair of DC-X63s on the way. I was told that there's a bit of a hold up with the company that makes the drivers. I suspect they're waiting to clear that up before they unleash a complete marketing campaign, submit samples for review etc.
  6. Hi, My hi-fi hobby has been on hold for the last decade or so while study, mortgages etc. have had priority. Time to breathe some life back into my aging system. I was a regular on aus.hi-fi back in the day before it went downhill. Cheers Red
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