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  1. 'Modern Times' by Bob Dylan .. One of those albums that takes me right back to a certain place and time. Modern Times was in HEAVY rotation on the jukebox at the pub I worked at in England. As well as touring Europe in a pink Mercedes town bus with some old geezers who played a killer cover of 'Thunder On The Mountain' almost nightly. ?
  2. 'Doom Side Of The Moon' on pretty cool translucent yellow vinyl. Not as heavy or doomy as I had originally hoped but still a pretty well produced tribute to the classic album. My old man always says 'you can't change a classic it always ruins it'; he would thoroughly hate this album but I'm firmly in the opposite camp. I really enjoy re-imaginings of something everybody knows so well with a new flavour/personality added to it.
  3. 'The Best Of Friends' by John Lee Hooker
  4. Although I wasn't even born when either were released, my favourite album is the first Selftitled Dire Straits album. Brothers In Arms seems more like a 'singles' compilation of songs rather than cohesive artistic output as an album. There's still some really good bits on there for sure but in it's entirety it just feels shallow and disjointed and I struggle to get through both sides seamlessly. (My preferred method of listening and my main metric for vinyl purchases for the most part) Also it is definitely crazy the sheer amount of copies of this album out in the world compared to the prices
  5. 'Ma' by Rare Earth .. One of the records that got me interested in vinyl in the first place. Still don't know how they got my nan to sit so long for the cover portrait. ?
  6. 'Brothers in Arms' by Dire Straits .. Early on in my vinyl journey I ended up with two $1 copies of this, IMO, very mediocre album. Cleaned and re-sleeved them in a recent batch and now I feel compelled to listen to it at least once. Even the phone camera doesn't seem to like it; I couldn't, for the life of me, get it to focus on the sleeve. EDIT: Something of actual interest, I bought some magic eraser today to give that a go after reading the "ultimate stylii cleaning?" thread. Up until now been using Isopropyl alcohol and a stiff bristle paint brush.
  7. 'Kosmosis in Dub' by Mr Electric Triangle .. Never heard of it until it arrived in my collection. Another german pickup by Mrs Esquire (because it said 'Dub' on it) Not too bad though, electronic hip-hoppy grooves. Some meaty bass lines for the guests down stairs.
  8. 'Greatest Hits of' Bob Marley .. Scandinavian compilation the Mrs brought back from Germany.. Doesn't sound amazing but has some of the less mainstream songs compared to the 'Legend' compilation. A bunch of the Lee Perry stuff ? (Yes we're playing scrabble and I'm winning.)
  9. 'Speakerboxxx / The Love Below' by Outkast .. Sounds pretty good to me and even came in poly lined sleeves ? Bunch of proper bangers on here.
  10. Grabbed this classic off Amazon to be delivered when it gets back in stock $33.50 seems to be a lot less than the going rate anywhere else. The Presidents Of The United States Of America - 2020 reissue remaster https://www.discogs.com/The-Presidents-Of-The-United-States-Of-America-The-Presidents-Of-The-United-States-Of-America/release/15565799 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08B7F58T1/?coliid=IRNUR84Q3IRF8&colid=L5D6Q5A9KB4N&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  11. 'Roots Pop Reggae' by King Tide .. OG Sydney reggae band. Chillest dudes, had the pleasure of supporting them a bunch of times with my old band.
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