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  1. I think I've been through the loop twice so far lol Thanks for sharing this, so much great content.
  2. Yep you just take it to closest store with the receipt. Was there doing the same today getting a replacement for the Goanna LP I purchased online that had a chunk of black stuff stuck in the orange vinyl.
  3. Well my subscription ran out today, I used the link, after slectin the standard hifi option instead of [Login>"You are not eligable for this offer"] I now get [Sign up>"This username is already in use"] rather frustrating. Is it just me? Am I doing something wrong? I know I can make a second email but why should already paying customers get shafted and not have access to this?
  4. Mrs Esquire is a dub/reggae lover too so now spinning this one she picked up in Germany last year; 'Bass Culture' by Linton Kwesi Johnson.. The dub poet, backed and mixed by the legend Dennis Bovell.
  5. I have their entire discography digitally but this is the only one I've scored so far on vinyl. They're so crazy talented, including a bunch of other bands on the Easy Star label. They were the major influence in me starting a (now unfortunately defunct) dub reggae band some years back. As a guitar player I was always into classic rock, blues and some grunge and until my 20s I'd never really considered reggae as it's own, rich genre of music. Just like "Bob marley, weed smoking music, dreadlock holiday" Lol As soon as I discovered Easy Stars, King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Burning Spear I knew it was something I wanted to create myself. I can probably count on my fingers the amount of times someone has said to me "Reggae is my favourite genre of music" however I can't recall anyone ever saying they "don't like reggae music". Lucked out and found some super talented guys to play with and enjoyed several years of good times, good friends, creative/artistic satisfaction and paying the bills playing music 👍 Sorry for the nostalgia rant everyone.
  6. 'Thrillah' by Easy Star All-Stars .. Reggae/dub cover of Michael Jackson's album on double LP. Was introduced to them whilst living in England many, many moons ago and been in love ever since. Not my favourite of theirs but it was the right price at the right time.
  7. First listen to this one from the recent JB HiFi sale. 'Spirit of Place' by Goanna. Sounds fine, looks great, can't complain for $20 that's for sure. Colour is not exactly as it looks but as close as I could get it with my phone.
  8. I have prime mostly for the free post but the Mrs and I do get reasonable value out of the Prime Video stuff too. A few things we've enjoyed recently were: Lots of Terry Pratchett stuff; Good Omens , The Colour Of Magic , Hogfather , Going Postal too but it doesn't appear to be available anymore. The House That Jack Built , really dark serial killer movie. Green Book , odd-couple movie based (potentially loosely lol) on the experiences of black classical pianist Dr Donald Shirley touring the deep south. Not much music but was better than I first expected. Comrade Detective , 6 part buddy cop series from soviet Romania that's been rescued, remastered and overdubbed in English. Cold war anti-american propaganda. It's not for everyone but I enjoyed the comedy of all the unironic 'You did the right thing informing on your own family' and 'Romania best X in the world'.. Also lots and lots and LOTS of episodes of Monk -.- Mrs loves it for some reason..
  9. I've returned a bunch of warped records to both JB HiFi and Amazon with mixed success so now as long as it plays okay I figure one day I might invest in a flattener/getting them flattened. 'Ghost in the Machine" by The Police, after cleaning this yesterday in preparation to be played it appears to have succumbed to the 'PVC sleeve vinyl misting' thing that someone made a thread about a few months back. The price was right and it's now got proper inner/outer sleeves to live out the rest of it's days. Perhaps interestingly, the other Police album I bought from the same guy, years ago, in the same type sleeve doesn't have the problem at all and looks fresh as a daisy.
  10. Yes unfortunately the copy of Spirit of Place by Goanna that I paired it with also is a bit warped and has a very minor, audible pressing flaw. I'm not massively OCD about it, the majority of my records are second hand and op shop finds anyway. It's more about the tactile connection for me. I can live with minor warps and noise as long as it gets me listening to and appreciating music more often. Now onto 'Pretty Hate Machine' by Nine Inch Nails
  11. Just finished 'Modern Times' by Bob Dylan that I picked up for a steal on the 2 for $40 day at JB-Hifi. Sounds really good but like most 180g it's warped. and now 'Man of Colours' by Icehouse. Found it in the second hand bookstore for a couple $$ yesterday. I see it get played here a lot so thought I'd grab it while it was in front of me as I've never heard it before as an album, recognising a lot of the songs from the radio now though.
  12. I think this belongs here? I've been watching Colin Benders' Modular synth streams and videos. He streams on Twitch and Youtube simultaneously I think and archives all the stuff on youtube. He even has a Discord server where you can download the multitrack recordings of the music he's making and remix it etc for free. He does all different types of stuff not only techno or whatever. Usually it's a slow burn while he patches up the synths and then he'll crank out a improvised 'performance' of a patch.. His twitch stream link - https://www.twitch.tv/cbenders Youtube video archive - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx74vAHCehhLOeQNwbJcGyQ/videos
  13. Very eclectic selection of material. Most of it looks thoroughly enjoyable 👍👍
  14. Yeah I had just renewed last week but downgraded to the $12 premium deal due to recent financial strain. Tried lots of things now and it won't let me use this offer. Disappointing to miss out just because I was already paying twice as much for a fraction of this deal's value..
  15. Doesn't work if you already have an active subscription it seems? Just keeps telling me 'you are not eligable for that offer' but it won't tell me why not.
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