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  1. The Jompson Brothers - 'Selftitled' .. Rock band fronted by Chris Stapleton. It's so good! I've seen a lot of live stuff by them on youtube over the years, just discovered their album is on Tidal, got it absolutely pumping. 👌👌 For lovers of Clutch.. Southern flavoured groove hard rock? lol
  2. Making a late lunch with Syd Barrett - 'Barrett'
  3. What's so hard about sticking to speed limits? Whether they monitor 1 or 1000 lanes they'll never catch me speeding.. I have complete control of my 20 yr old, carburetored, non-cruise-control vehicle at all times with only 14 years driving experience... If you don't have full control of your vehicle I suggest you hand in your license, pay for some driver training, or simply stop driving because you're endangering everyone on the road around you.. Need some motivation? https://www.youtube.com/user/DashCamOwnersAustral/videos Enjoy.
  4. I guess the theme for the night ended up being Australian music.. 'Now for something completely different' but I might as well let Nick and Warren wind me up a bit before I have to wind the volume knob down (the joys of living in a flat..) Grinderman - 'Grinderman 2' 👌👌👌
  5. A post in the 'Country music or what young people know as Alternative Country or Alt country' thread made me crave for some Richard Thompson, his guitar solo on 'Sister Madly' is so bloody good and concise. Doesn't hurt that it's on my favourite Crowded House album.. Crowded House - 'Temple Of Low Men'
  6. Firm agree on all replies. I have bought a decent amount of LPs from Amazon this year, packaged as described by the OP (Single LP = Vinyl Mailer -- More than one = Huge box with stupid inflated plastic bags) but only had a single issue last week (inner sleeve glue seam was split and the 180g record slightly warped) Which upon receiving the replacement in 2 days! had to have been a production issue as both copies I recieved, packaged differently, had the exact same issues. Amazon were more than reasonable dealing with my issues giving me a full refund literally 5 minutes after the replacement package was marked as recieved and also not requiring me to return the 2 copies in my posession and removing the item from sale on the website. I've had worse experience at JB Hi-Fi with a brand new record having scratches or pressing flaws, and paying considerably more for it and having to drive to the store to buy it/return it. IMO the problem doesn't lie with the retailers, whether online or otherwise, but the production facilities, QC, artists not getting paid enough in the first place etc. Especially agree with Kelossus to make a 'wishlist' and check it daily as the prices fluctuate quite considerably and unpredictably, there are some serious bargains to be had.
  7. Richard Thompson is not only a great lyricist but good sense of humour, great entertainer and maybe even more accomplished guitar player. Edit: I also like his hat
  8. I guess I may aswell since I cleaned it. Reg Lindsay - 'Hot Shot Country' .. I picked it up (from the op-shop obviously) mostly for the prominent Telecaster guitar on the cover but also that old time 'point the gun directly at the camera man, safety third' pose with the leather tassel jacket.. Back when I first acquired a turntable. I don't mind his music, wish he had more original stuff than just covering the American country hits. No denying he has a great voice though if you're into country music at all.
  9. You guys vastly underestimate my tightness and readiness to pull over and throw anything I feel may be recyclable into the back of my van I know it's easily achieved in a trip to Bunnings with a relatively small outlay of cash but I'm one of those 'it's the journey not the destination' guys in most aspects of life. I don't want to taint my experience of cheap Ikea shelves by paying substantially more than the price of the units on some backing board and screws.. My latest idea is just an op-shop 50c sheet/quilt cover glued and nailed or stapled gunned onto the back of the shelves. This thread has already given me lots of good ideas for the second unit, should I ever need it after filling this one. Really highlights the versatility and adaptability of these simple, cheap shelf units. Love looking at everyone elses vast collections and dreaming of one day having something equally as impressive. 👍👍
  10. I've bought a reasonable amount of LPs from amazon this year and only had 1 problem; I received an album with the inner sleeve glue join seperated, and the LP slightly warped.. Made a return request and recieved a replacement in 2 days! (quicker than the initial postage) unfortunately it had both of the same problems.. I opened an online text chat and they instantly refunded me, said I didn't have to return the 2 faulty albums which are still playable, and removed the record from sale so others don't have the same problem. The albums were sealed, maybe the warping was amazon storage problem but schiity glue certainly is not their fault.. Seems very reasonable to me; unlike JB HiFi where I have to pay more, drive to the store for a return, wait over a week for a replacement from another store, don't get notified it's delivered, make a phone call, drive back to the store to process the exchange, all the while dealing with the young staff that don't really understand that a scratch on a brand new $44 LP is not acceptable... ___ Currently spinning a recent op-shop find; Reg Lindsay - 'Versatile' .. It has "J . Farnham" written on the cover in ballpoint.. I wonder if it was owned by THE "J. Farnham" before he started his endless farewell tour. Surely that makes it worth more than $1? Right?.. 👌
  11. I did consider the integrity of the shelves, obviously not as much as some other people, but I just don't want it to stand vertical so it is what it is. I also want to add some kind of backing like others have mentioned to stop the dust getting in from the wall side. I started collecting pieces of that thin MDF from the back of wardrobes/drawer units during council collection but didn't end up getting enough good pieces.
  12. Followed up with UB40 - 'Present Arms In Dub'
  13. I picked up a pair of these 2x4s for $20 a few weeks ago off local gumtree. Organising mostly by genre with some outlier categories; L to R it goes [New acquisitions to be cleaned -- cleaned to listen and sort] [Record shaped objects/soundtracks/non-music records like bush poetry -- 7" singles/Stuff I'll never listen to] [Reggae and Dub -- Country] [Everything else] Within that I just keep the same artists or related artists next to each other. Nowhere near as impressive as some of the pictures in this thread but much better than the previous solution of having them in cardboard boxes on the flimsy bunning shelf at the side of the picture.
  14. Linton Kwesi Johnson - 'Bass Culture' .. Dub poet with amazing band.
  15. More appeasing Mrs Esquire whilst making thai green curry for dinner.. Boney M - 'Take The Heat Off Me' And now finally getting to the good ****.. Syd Barrett - 'The Madcap Laughs' .. I can't concisely put into words why or how much I love and respect Syd Barrett and his music. Genuinely over the moon to own his albums on vinyl after several years of searching and to be able to share it in the best, most tactile, visceral, format with the Mrs..
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