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  1. 2 updates; The seller of the amp says they have ordered new stock from the distributor to replace this one and should be on it's way monday or tuesday. Pretty happy with that, although I didn't expect too much hassle as they are a reputable business, not just some eBay random. Also I found the same model of speakers I'm attempting to use sold on eBay last week for QUITE a lot more than I paid for my pair, so maybe I'll stick them up on eBay or gumtree and try improve my speaker hunting budget since I don't want to risk using them again. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TECHNICS-SB-EH600-SPEAKER-SYSTEM-FLOOR-SPEAKERS-3-WAY-SYSTEM-160W-/264248615196?_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true Maybe it was just some random fluke that those speakers sold at all, let alone for that price, but they're just collecting dust in my posession now so it's worth a try I suppose.
  2. Couldn't find any info on what the temporary red LED after turning the unit on means, only that the permanent solid red on NADs usually means the unit is in protection mode and needs to visit a technician. So I've just disconnected everything while I wait for the seller's reply to my query. It has 1 year warranty supposedly so I assume I'll be advised to take that route and just have to ride it out, hopefully the can diagnose/repair both the phono and red LED issues and tell me I wasn't responsible lol. Once again want to say thanks. I appreciate everyone's assistance here.
  3. So after the red light showed that first time. Nothing I can do will remove it, everytime I go from standby to on, it shows a red error light for 3-5 seconds and then after that the sound starts coming out the speakers. I unplugged it for 15minutes, let it cool right down, tried series, parallel and only wiring one of the speaker inputs to the unit, even tried plugging headphones in.. nothing worked it just throws the error light every time I go from standby to on.. When I did the very first power up there was no red LED so definitely something is wrong now and I don't want to leave it on for any amount of time to see if it powers itself down again. I have contacted the seller about both the phono stage not making sound and the red LEDs of doom. Not sure what else I can do now really. Super bummed out.
  4. Thanks for the replies, needed that reassurance before potentially breaking something. I have it all hooked up and the good news is the amp is not giving me any Red LED for "Overall impedence too low" which is great.. Bad news is no sound coming through the phono channel and I'm not sure if my cartridge is somehow incompatible or the amp/phono stage is faulty. Have no other turntable or cartridge to troubleshoot so I'm a bit disappointed now. I may need to make another thread to figure out cartridge/phono compatability as know nothing about it and can't find any technical information about this specific cartridge online (Realistic R700e) it worked fine with the Yamaha since I bought it. EDIT: I spoke too soon, the amp just switched to standby with red LED which in the troubleshooting section of the manual means it either overheated or "overall impedence of loudspeakers too low"
  5. Thanks for the reply SlugSR20, really keen to spin some records but definitely didn't want to damage my new amp. The Circuit diagram is from the service manual of the original stereo system these speakers came with that i found here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjOjMf98cbhAhUMNrwKHajNCxQQFjADegQIABAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vintageshifi.com%2Frepertoire-pdf%2Fpdf%2Ftelecharge.php%3Fpdf%3DTechnics-SAEH-500-Service-Manual.pdf&usg=AOvVaw34LsKN7Vs3bPGlzE9kfOga I'm not an expert by any stretch but to me it looks like each channel was running the high + low in parallel on the internals of that amplifier and I'd just be replicating that externally by connecting the speaker box inputs to the same terminals. (which also makes me wonder if the speaker loading being wrong for years is what killed my old yamaha receiver lol)
  6. In the service manual it also has this circuit diagram which I think shows that I'd be okay? and connecting each speaker box, with both inputs in parallel will produce 6ohm load?
  7. Some background; After almost 5 years of service my Yamaha RX-V659 that I got for $50 on gumtree receiver just suddenly died a couple months back. After much deliberation and saving I picked up a dealers demo model of the NAD C316 BEE V2 integrated amp on eBay and it arrived today. Currently the only speakers I have are Technics SB-EH600 3 ways, which I know are nothing special. I am researching and saving now for something better suited to the new amp but I want to use these in the meantime as I've been using my Roland street cube stereo busking amplifier since the Yamaha died and not only is the sound pretty bad, but I can't listen to records as I don't have a seperate phono stage for my turntable, and also the Roland was not cheap and I'm worried about the extra wear on it.. THE QUESTION; The NAD is rated for "continuous power output of 40w into 8 and 4ohms" .. The specs of the speakers on the label and in the literature here says "6ohm total", BUT they have 2 pairs of connectors on the rear. Would it be safe to bi-wire these speakers to the NAD's single pair of stereo outputs? I'm concerned what "6 ohms total" means when there's 2 inputs. I assume it is per input as from what I can find online these speakers were originally bi-wired to seperate outputs on a Technics amp (which is also what I did on the Yamaha, using the A + B function). From guitar speaker cabinets I understand the basics of speaker impedence and that wiring 2 speakers in parallel (which is what bi-wiring would do if my understanding is correct) generally halves the impedence and I don't want to damage the new amp by giving it an unsuitable load. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated, as I said I want to get some nice speakers ASAP and just use these temporarily until then. Thanks. Some pics of the speakers for reference: EDIT: I also found the service manual for the original unit (last picture) if that helps.
  8. It seems well documented how this forum helps one part with money so today I managed to find a used Yamaha RX V659 receiver on gumtree in full working order. Phono input works fine and I've been spinning records all day, even get the huge 90s remote control so I don't have to stand up. I'm almost certain I have the speakers connected incorrectly, still trying to decipher the user manual and I don't have much info about the speakers I'm trying to use.. Speakers are Technics SB eh600, they have 2 inputs on the rear, and they say 160W handling (music) and a warning about improper use being a fire risk .. but nothing about impedence or how to connect them. So I just connected the A + B speaker outs to each one individually and have both active on the receiver.. I'm thinking maybe I should bridge the inputs on the speakers to series or parallel and run them off one output each? The sound is really woofy and flabby bass.. Too much power to the lower speaker? Again it might be worth asking.. Should I just get rid of the speakers and get something more appropriate? Suggestions for large bookshelf speakers I should keep an eye out for.. preferably used and close to $100? Mainly gonna be used for reggae and blues vinyls.. It's nice to listen to my records though even if it's not perfect yet. Appreciate everyone's advice so far, helping heaps with the learning curve.
  9. I live in Wollongong. Did you have a link or contact for these repairers please?
  10. Don't know if anyone else here would rate it but it has a bit of sentimental value attached. Definitely identified some broken wiring on the selector switch, holding it back in place to bridge the previous connection doesn't seem to fix the problem though, only cuts out the left speaker on the AUX 1 selection but still no other difference. I can just get a $40 phono section and hook up to my boring Sharp mini system but I wanted it to be all nice and vintagey with my inherited amp, salvaged Technics speakers and old Turntable, So far the whole setup owes me about $50 most of that was the Stylus and a roll of speaker wire. The problem is trying to find the broken links in a chain of untested components was a hassle I didn't put enough thought into.. Maybe I will buy a cheap phono box tomorrow and connect it to the AUX on the rambler and just put up with swapping cables to go between PC and TT sound rather than turning a knob while I source a different amp or get a repair quote on this baby.
  11. I opened it and been plugging and unplugging different sources like crazy, so now I realise that the left channel input of AUX 1, plays out the left speaker no matter which source is selected on the input switch.. The other 4 inputs will play their right channel sound out the right speaker but still with the left side always being AUX 1's input sound.. Did that make sense? I thought I could out-smart it and connected the turntable input to Phono 1 Right and AUX 1 Left, but obviously my plan was foiled as there is no phono for the left channel of AUX 1 so its mega quiet on that side.. haha Process of elimination make me think there must be a short or crossed wiring somewhere on the input selector switch since everything else works?
  12. One of the needles I ordered turned up today to much anticipation. I spent a day reorganizing my whole room and wiring up the amp and speakers etc. So now after all this time finally I can listen to.. HALF a record.. From the 5 outputs on the amplifier I'm using, only AUX 1 outputs properly in stereo (which I was lucky enough to use for the last 3 days thinking everything was fine) Everything works perfectly on this channel, all the switches etc. no crackle.. However.. AUX 2, Tuner, Phono 1 & 2 all only output to the right side.. If I flick the stereo/mono button on the amp then both speakers work but still only outputting the right channel sound.. Amplifier is a "Rambler" Sold State IC Stereo Amplifier - Model STB-6000.. Some photos attached.. Is it worth my time/money getting it inspected and repaired or should I just pick up another amp second hand for cheap? I like this one but I'm not too attached to just put it aside and move on I REALLY want to just listen to some records.. Should I maybe post about this in the amplifiers section now?
  13. Realised that Fishpond place says US stock, and doesn't get great reviews about their record sales on the forums here, so been doing more googling and getting down to the bottom of things. I've ordered one from this guy, just a generic conical, to tie me over http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Record-Player-Needle-Stylus-for-Turntable-/201080354136?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item2ed152b558 I will probably order a couple more, different types from US next payday for some comparison and see what I prefer. This guy has a few different compatible varieties and pretty cheap. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Shure-N75ED-type2-generic-stylus-for-Shure-M75ED-type2-cartridge-/370642533667?pt=US_Record_Player_Turntable_Parts&hash=item564c043d23 Will look for Carole's Needles now, I've been searching Styli and Stylus on eBay, forgot about trying 'needle' aswell. How long does postage usually take from this seller, they have genuine Shure n75e for the same price I just paid for a generic one.
  14. Yeah it has 1 odd foot on the front corner and sits a bit crooked, I packed the gap with a bit of rubber under the short foot but new feet definitely in order aswell as a new dust cover down the track too. Stylus hunt lead me to this 'Fishpond' place selling the same generic stylus but $20 cheaper than anywhere else in Aus I can find. Anyone used this shop before? http://www.fishpond.com.au/Electronics/N74C-N75C-Shure-Type-Replacement-Stylus/9999684383348
  15. Sweet thanks for the replies it does appear it's a rebranded Shure M75 type cart, looks to recieve some kind words on audiokarma website. From what I've researched I would like a Shure (or whatever brand) N75e eliptical stylus but I'm struggling to find any for sale online in Australia? Anyone know where I'd find one? Youtube solved my balance/anti-skate dilemma it was pretty simple afterall, i just couldn't figure out why the numbers and the weight were turning seperately I was too busy thinking it was broken or badly designed than to realise it's to zero the balance of the arm. Nice to hear I got something decent, I've been trying to be patient so I don't end up with a dud but this one was the right price on the right day, glad the gamble paid off. Can this direct drive be re-plinthed like a Lenco? Don't know about upgrading the tonearm as my amp/speakers suck so I doubt I'd notice the difference will see how I get along with it for a while. Gonna clean the crap out of it tomorrow and I'll post some better photos.
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