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  1. Hi Jgolla. A few questions: - is it still available? - cost of shipping to Adelaide SA? - can I remote control it from an Android tablet? If so with which app(s)? - I have only basic knowledge with computers in general and with networks in particular: would you help me to configure it? Cheers,
  2. Thanks LPG. I had the DAC too but I sold it to a friend before I had the time to publish the ad!
  3. Hi pulinap, I went to @djb just to see that the last BYOB amp had been on the second-market in 2011. The sale price reflected Charles Altmann price at this time which was 750 euros. So I'm wondering of the meaning of your post. I might be an idiot but I cannot understand the point of your post.
  4. Item: Spatial Audio M1 Hologram with version 3 Xover Location: Adelaide, SA Price: AUD 3000 Item Condition: 7, cosmetic defaults Reason for selling: not anymore needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Type: Compact 2-way, point source, open-baffle, dynamic driver, controlled directivity Chassis: 5 layer Aluminium Composite / MDF Driver complement: Two 15 inch mid/woofers, one wide bandwidth compression driver Crossover: Passive 800Hz - Hologram Network updated by M1 version 3 Xover designed by Clayton Shaw Frequency Response: 32Hz – 20 kHz +/- 3dB Sensitivity: 100dB 1M @ 2.83V Impedance: 4Ω nominal, low phase angle Dimensions: 36T x 20W x 3D inches (plus magnet depth), 50 lbs. 20 year limited warranty Colour: Black Aluminium With 100dB sensitivity as little of 1W amplification you only need. A single-ended valve amplifier of 8W-12W will drive these speakers to concert level. The M1 Hologram are now discontinued. It has been released to launch the new Spatial Audio brand once Clayton Shaw has left Emerald Physics and started his own business. After the acclaimed recognition of the M1, Spatial Audio declined the M1 concept to cheaper speakers (the now M3 and M4) with smaller and lesser drivers. These M1 Holograms are the flagship of the Hologram range with the latest Xovers. Bought direct from www.audioconnection.com.au in November 2016. It was a demo pair which explains some cosmetic defaults (see photos) which don’t impair the sound in anyway. M1 AUD $4500 + Updated Xover: AUD $500 = AUSD 5000 rrp Asking price: AUS $3000 only because of the cosmetic defaults. Negotiable. Pick up only as they are heavy and fragile. A customised packaging would cost too much. Can demonstrate at my place, just bring in your favourite music. Reviews: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-spatial-audio-hologram-m1-new-open-baffle-design-2014-07-13-speakers-84098-park-city-ut https://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/equipment-menu/572-spatial-audio-hologram-m1-turbo-loudspeakers Pictures:
  5. Item: TMC audio cables made in Australia with Mount Isa copper Location: Adelaide, SA Price: variable depending on the cables Item Condition: 9, not new but as new Reason for selling: not anymore needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: All cables are shielded with a braided copper interleaved shield http://www.the-music-cable.com/ Yellow cables: 1m pair RRP US$300 = AUD 417 asking price: AUD 200 SOLD For use between preamp and power amp. White cables: 0.50m x 2 pairs RRP US$220 = AUD 300 asking price AUD 150 For use between sources and preamp. Jumper speaker cables :with Eichmann plugs 0.50m x 2 RRP US$ 150 = AUD 205 asking price: AUD 100 SOLD Speaker cables: with bayonet plugs at amp end and 6mm forks on speaker end 1 x 5.30m + 1 x 7m RRP US$ 1320 = AUD 1800 asking price: AUD 1000 The cables are quite stiff (the braid is made out of copper, not out of aluminum foil) so they have to be bound gently. I'm the first owner. All prices are negotiable, especially if one buys the whole loop. Can be shipped anywhere at buyer expense. Pictures:
  6. Item: 6AS7/5998 parallel triode integrated amplifier by Eric McChanson Location: Adelaide, SA Price: AUD 1500 Item Condition: 9, not new but as new Reason for selling: not anymore needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Eric’s words: “As you may already know via my earlier mail, 6AS7 is the laziest. 5998 is similar to 6AS7 but with higher rp at about 500 ohm (similar rp as a 300B), but it is more sensitive than 6As7. So the same amp using a 5998 "appears" louder than 6AS7 amps (i.e. same loudness, you need to tune less volume). But 5998 is also a well know tube - its prestige brother the Western Electric 421A is about $1,000 pair NOS. It is optional to add 5998 onto a 6AS7 amp for $300 mainly for the tube value” My words: After multiple email exchanges with Eric he built me a 6AS7/5998 parallel triode integrated amplifier. There’s a switch on the top which allows you (once the amp is off) to switch between 6AS7 and 5998 valves. He sent me both kind of valves. I opted near immediately to the 5998s. A lot more natural and accurate to my opinion within my system. And I was happy, with no regret, to pay the extra $300 for the 5998 valves. You will find plenty of superlative reviews about buyers of Eric’s products. The amp has been received on 29th May 2017, in mint condition, with original valves from Eric (I asked for the best he could provide at the time: JAN 5998A from USA for the output ones, Zenith 6352 from USA for the driver ones, Electron Tube 5AR4 from China for the rectifier one). The amp is 2 x 12W on 8 ohms. I used it to power my Spatial Audio M1 Hologram (100dB sensitivity) to concert level. Front panel: 1 power switch, 1 volume control, 1 input control Back panel: 4 stereo input RCAs, 4 and 8 ohms speaker outputs, 1 fuse, 1 main socket Original packaging. 17 kg shipping weight. 45x43x28 cm. Can be shipped anywhere at buyer expense. First owner. Asking price is $1500 (RRP is $1680 + $300 (5998 valves) = $1980) but I’m ready to consider any reasonable offer. Pictures:
  7. Item: PRICE DROP Charles Altmann BYOB amplifier Location: Adelaide, SA Price: AUD 2500 now AUD 2000 Item Condition: 9, not new but as new Reason for selling: not anymore needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A 4-year old BYOB amplifier from http://www.mother-of-tone.com/byob.htm The Formula One of amplifiers. You don’t pay for chassis, unneeded connectors, switches, power supply. You just pay for circuit design, parts choice and violin varnish treatment. It is powered by a 12V battery (a car/caravan/boat battery, deep cycle is preferred) which, even with the battery charger included (but don’t you own one already?), will cost you a lot less than ‘audiophile’ power cords and power conditioners. The only amp I heard which beats the BYOB Altmann amp was the ASR Emitter (US $25,000 in 2006). This amplifier has enlightened my music playback experience until last month when I indulged into a new multi-way system which asks for hundreds of watts of power. The BYOB amp is capable of 10W/8 ohms, up to 20W/4 ohms. I used it to power my Spatial Audio M1 Hologram (100dB sensitivity) to concert level with 100% accuracy due, in part, to the pure DC power supply. This amp can only be bought on line from its manufacturer, ie Charles Altmann, at the current price of 2990 euros = AUS $4670 = US $3500. It is extremely rare to find it on the second-hand market. Can ship anywhere to buyer expense. Can demonstrate at my place. I’m the first owner. I’m now asking for AUS $2000 but I’m ready to consider any reasonable offer. Pictures:
  8. Didn't Brutus say that to Julius Caesar? Yes while eating a lark's tongue in aspic
  9. If still available could you post it to Adelaide, SA? If so how much?
  10. Hi, I've just registered 5 minutes ago. I have been suffering from audiophilia for the last 40 years complicated by a critical equipment nervosia. Despite these serious diseases I manage to attend regularly live concerts and to pursue my hobby which is to be a volunteer recording engineer for a local radio station. Year in year out I manage to record about 50 concerts a year. I use some of these recordings to make the basis of my test CDs which I use to judge components. I can't rely on commercial reproduced music as I wasn't there when it had been recorded and therefore cannot have an opinion on how it should sound. Although truth reproduction has always been one of my priorities as I'm getting older I'm more forgiving for 'pleasure' ie tube amplification. I am curious (and can also be naive). I read a lot on various topics such as loudspeakers (dynamic, electrostatic, AMT, ribbon, planar, open baffles etc), digital room correction, DSD (I'm currently using a 2-track DSD recorder for some of my concerts recording). I feel sometimes 'prehistoric': it seems that everyone today can't live without earbuds and/or some kind of background noise (should it be called music?)be it at home, on public transports, in the street, in the shops, in the office, in the car, on the bike. I'm surprised that you can't yet download music from your i-coffin! Cheers, Chaimovitch
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