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  1. Can you explain more about the bass from this dac ? And what kind of music u listen to I was just watching a review on you tube and one of the negatives the guy had was not enough bass.
  2. Any thoughts on any of the other players mentioned? Marantz , rotel, primare
  3. That rega player does look quite good. And favourable reviews too
  4. The blue ray player I have is a sony ubp x700. It has great reviews for its price. And can play many audio formats but it is not its strong point. I have a basic DAC for the tv but it is something that will be upgraded later on. For now I am seeking an option to get the most out of my cds.
  5. There is also a primare D20 is available for under $500 it looks reasonable.
  6. Ok new thread started as no reply s to this one.
  7. I recently had a thread about cheaper blueray players and the conclusion was a dedicated cd player would give a better sound for music. I also use the hifi for tv/movies but I'm not worried about A/V quality for now. I have found a marantz cd-63 ki, what are people opinions on this cdplayer or am I better to look at something newer like rotel cd-12. Both are for sale locally under $500
  8. Another local option I could look at is a marantz cd 63 mkii ki signature. Again around $400, I had not set a budget yet but just looking at what is around that could be good
  9. I should probably start a new thread for this, but I have been looking at a few cd players local to me and a primare D20 is available for under $500 it looks reasonable. Has anyone used this before
  10. So the general consensus would be even though the blueray player has ability to play sacd and flac I would be better off looking for a good cdplayer and upgrading my dac, to get the most out of my speakers
  11. I did read an article the other day about streaming audio that after 320 kbs alot of people cant hear much difference with cd quality. I'm guessing the difference with cd and flac would be even smaller. I will check out the link thank you
  12. I find it quite fascinating all the different options and possibilities. Especially with the advancement of technology.
  13. I know I have answered a few questions regarding my system and budget etc. This post was supposed to be more an open question. Although I am definitely taking it all on board. So I will pose another question would a flac file at 24 bit 192kz played through a cheap blueray/DVD player sound better or worse than a cd on a hi end player. Has anyone tried this. ?
  14. I dont currently own any sacd. And I have never heard them. I have always loved music but only really started getting into hifi / audiophile grade equipment in the last few years. Before that i was a dj when i was younger and i owned a large PA system which i sold to buy something more suited to my current lifestyle.
  15. At this point I'm not overly serious in getting a high end cd player but I do want something that is going to work well in my system. To have a guess I would say I have around 100 or so cds. And the budget is open for now depends what I find.
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