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  1. Great speakers. If the Connect box becomes an orphan I might be interested
  2. That Willowlake is a bargain (if you like you Pinot on the feminine side).
  3. It would have been interesting to see how your tastes had changed since deciding to cellar these and what you would cellar today.
  4. I would say the numbers are not changing much. You do get to see a decent amount of quality Mataro in S.A. - usually blended but sometimes straight. Teusner, Hewitson, Duval, Aphelion, Tonic, D'Arenberg, Adelina, etc. Sangiovese seems mostly to come from the King Valley, some Beechworth (Castagna) and maybe Coriole. I don't know much about Barbera in Aust - possibly King Valley again. Tempranillo seems popular in the Granite Belt area.
  5. The McClay Rd Shiraz used to be good too - cut price Giaconda. My local Dans does not stock this but then again we are in Qld
  6. Just a six pack - this is better than last year.
  7. I could not wait. Beautiful, fragrant, fruit forward but not flabby - nice integrated tannin. Smooth (as much as I hate that word).
  8. I have had one of the Isle - and put the rest away for a long sleep ....very serious stuff.
  9. I am tempted to open one of my Little Wines - but feel free to do so first and let us know
  10. The Hitachi must be bullet proof - my dad had one 40 + years ago
  11. 7 was fine - probably because it was derivative (and a long time coming). 8 was almost criminally bad - enough to turn me off 9 (or maybe 8 was designed to jettison the old folk anyway). I grew up with 4, 5 and 6, suffered through the childish 1, 2 and 3 (and I could sort of forgive George as i knew he had not grown as a story teller) but 8 just seemed to take everything that I held dear and stamp on it like stubbing out a cigarette butt. Rather share my kids' interest in the Marvel Universe now.
  12. Can't imagine the Mt Pleasant is anywhere near ready yet - no wonder it tasted better on nights 2 and 3. Where did you buy it?
  13. Another Alon fan here. I have had the Pettites and the Alon 2 and both were great - the 2s especially.
  14. Beautiful wine (as are the rest of the range).
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