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  1. I would say the numbers are not changing much. You do get to see a decent amount of quality Mataro in S.A. - usually blended but sometimes straight. Teusner, Hewitson, Duval, Aphelion, Tonic, D'Arenberg, Adelina, etc. Sangiovese seems mostly to come from the King Valley, some Beechworth (Castagna) and maybe Coriole. I don't know much about Barbera in Aust - possibly King Valley again. Tempranillo seems popular in the Granite Belt area.
  2. The McClay Rd Shiraz used to be good too - cut price Giaconda. My local Dans does not stock this but then again we are in Qld
  3. Just a six pack - this is better than last year.
  4. I could not wait. Beautiful, fragrant, fruit forward but not flabby - nice integrated tannin. Smooth (as much as I hate that word).
  5. I have had one of the Isle - and put the rest away for a long sleep ....very serious stuff.
  6. I am tempted to open one of my Little Wines - but feel free to do so first and let us know
  7. The Hitachi must be bullet proof - my dad had one 40 + years ago
  8. 7 was fine - probably because it was derivative (and a long time coming). 8 was almost criminally bad - enough to turn me off 9 (or maybe 8 was designed to jettison the old folk anyway). I grew up with 4, 5 and 6, suffered through the childish 1, 2 and 3 (and I could sort of forgive George as i knew he had not grown as a story teller) but 8 just seemed to take everything that I held dear and stamp on it like stubbing out a cigarette butt. Rather share my kids' interest in the Marvel Universe now.
  9. Can't imagine the Mt Pleasant is anywhere near ready yet - no wonder it tasted better on nights 2 and 3. Where did you buy it?
  10. Another Alon fan here. I have had the Pettites and the Alon 2 and both were great - the 2s especially.
  11. Beautiful wine (as are the rest of the range).
  12. My dad had a Hitachi receiver so when it came to buy my first system I went for a Hitachi mini system. Then when CD players were available I got a Sony like the one below (could not believe how much better it was at the time :))
  13. Down to the waterline - Dire Straits
  14. Welcome to Earth -A Sailors Guide to Earth (Sturgill Simpson) Welcome to the jungle - Appetite for Destruction (Gunners) Strangers when we meet - Especially for you (Smithereens) In the air tonight - Face Value (Phil Collins) Funeral for a friend - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton) Orleans Stomp - Honeymoon is over (Cruel Sea) Your Lies - I am Shelby Lynne Infected - Infected (The The) Black Dog - Led Zep 4 Folsom Prison Blues
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