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  1. Item: Ifi IDAC Micro Location: Brisbane Price: $150 plus shipping Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I forgot I had this but was cleaning out an office cupboard and found it. It is the first version so no DSD but in perfect condition.I am including the Wireworld Ultraviolet usb cable for free. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Oppo 105D with the addition of the Aria Server Kit (see below) Location: Brisbane Price: $1000 Item Condition: Very good - excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased the Oppo new about 5 years ago from Aussie Hi Fi. I subsequently added the Aria Kit which essentially turns the Oppo into an Aria Music Server on top of all the other Swiss Knife abilities it possesses. It consists of a mSata disk for its OS and App, supports up to 32bits - 384 Khz and DSD music files and is UPnP/DLNA compatible. It is controlled via the Ipad and appears to be a JRiver skin. I installed the kit with instructions from Aria (which with them being Italian was an interesting experience), plugged in my hard drive and away I went. It is a fantastic upgrade to an already great product, although it should be as it was $1500 just for the kit. I believe you can also rip cds with it using dbpoweramp but I have never tried that. The Oppo is in great condition, has generally just sat on the shelf and streamed. Physical media has not been priority so would not have used it more than 50 times physically. The only thing the truly OCD will notice is when I installed the Aria they provide a new rear plate and I did not do a perfect job with the screws for the hard drive usb connection so it is tiny bit loose - has never been an issue because once i plugged the hard drive in to it I never used it again. I am finding that with my sons getting interested in music now we tend to just stream Spotify to my Hegel and share our music that way so the Oppo is not being used - so better to go to someone who would find this unique combination useful It is hard to know how to price it so I looked at recent Oppo 105 sales and just added a couple of hundred for the Aria which I think is a good deal - hopefully low enough to deter lowball offers. I have the box, manual, remote, etc as well as the manual for the Aria Kit and the diagnostic cable for the Aria Kit in case it is ever needed.. Info on the Aria Kit is here - http://oppo-club.ru/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/aria_Kit_for_OPPO_105.pdf Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. So I thought I would actually create a resolution this year to be in better health (I am generally but want to step it up a bit). I quickly changed it to a 3 month resolution to hedge my bets. Overall it was to stop drinking and eat to a plan. Without getting into details there has been one curious side effect. I am not missing drinking (used to drink the lion's share of a bottle or two over a week) and I would normally have a glass (or two) of wine when listening to music. Now that I am not drinking I don't feel like listening. So the two habits had become codependent A bit like snacking and watching TV. I guess the answer is to attach a new habit to the music listening - like listening to the music for example (might hear things I did not with a glass of red in the system).
  4. Would you recommend opening this now or waiting longer (I have a few in storage and thinking they might be too young)?
  5. Great speakers. If the Connect box becomes an orphan I might be interested
  6. That Willowlake is a bargain (if you like you Pinot on the feminine side).
  7. It would have been interesting to see how your tastes had changed since deciding to cellar these and what you would cellar today.
  8. I would say the numbers are not changing much. You do get to see a decent amount of quality Mataro in S.A. - usually blended but sometimes straight. Teusner, Hewitson, Duval, Aphelion, Tonic, D'Arenberg, Adelina, etc. Sangiovese seems mostly to come from the King Valley, some Beechworth (Castagna) and maybe Coriole. I don't know much about Barbera in Aust - possibly King Valley again. Tempranillo seems popular in the Granite Belt area.
  9. The McClay Rd Shiraz used to be good too - cut price Giaconda. My local Dans does not stock this but then again we are in Qld
  10. Just a six pack - this is better than last year.
  11. I could not wait. Beautiful, fragrant, fruit forward but not flabby - nice integrated tannin. Smooth (as much as I hate that word).
  12. I have had one of the Isle - and put the rest away for a long sleep ....very serious stuff.
  13. I am tempted to open one of my Little Wines - but feel free to do so first and let us know
  14. The Hitachi must be bullet proof - my dad had one 40 + years ago
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