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  1. Not a bad discount for effectively new speakers - I think the combined retail on these is north of $20k...and no dac or amps required.
  2. Yep these are great value and seem to get better every year (and the Chianti). Plus the screw cap adds some confidence.
  3. Love salt and pepper chips but they are hard to find.
  4. Yep agree with this - except I have beans/lentils occasionally - but they are high in carbs. I ITF 16/8 most of the time. Focused on reducing carbs, watching portion size and some moderate activity and went from 78 to 70 kg in 3 months. Had a body scan and I had actually lost a little too much fat and muscle now so slowly adding muscle. Wine 4 nights a week (250ml) does no damage (in fact oftern the wine nights I lose weight). Big dinners are bad the next day but if you monitor regularly you know when to cut back for a bit. The body seem to like certain weights so it can get stuck
  5. Agreed. I paired my D7s with a Line Magnetic amp and it was lovely.
  6. I have two. 1 that I bought new has a wall wart power supply (with a usb input), the other just usb - it is a refurbed unit too - originally from the US but works fine.
  7. Further information: This is one of those "I never thought I would sell it" ads but it is true (I always keep my boxes but in this case I never thought I would need it so I don't have the box). I bought this new in 2015 and have changed everything else in my system multiple times but never considered selling this unit. It is so user friendly, convenient and fool proof. Such a joy to use compared to all the mucking around I was doing with different types of server arrangements. And the sound is excellent too. Some reviews: https://www.whathifi.com/au/sony/hap-z1es/review
  8. I waited too long for the demo 20s and they were sold. So as Decky kindly suggested I might need to up the price point for the Stand 6s. I still need black or silver (if they came in silver) so open to offers
  9. Thanks. I should have added I did not want white. I have edited the ad now. To answer your question, $249 was the clearance price for them late last year from Addicted to Audio. I have seen the US ones but also UK ones selling for 125 pounds recently. That and some conversations with some people who have sold their stands with the speakers recently led me to the price. Stands also seem to depreciate pretty quickly. Happy to negotiate a little but as I already have stands I was just hoping to see what was possible for an upgrade without too much $.
  10. Item: Stand 6 or 20 Price Range: Something reasonable. I am inBrisbane. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: In black or silver please. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. I think these things are the fastest selling items on Stereonet. Gotta be quick.
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