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  1. I think these things are the fastest selling items on Stereonet. Gotta be quick.
  2. So tempted to open one now (or maybe one of my Lamellas 😃).
  3. I found with the original D7 depended on the Amp.
  4. Further information: Great powered speakers. I set up a home office during Covid but I work in tech support and am always on the phone so these don't get turned on. Originally a $2k speaker but I think you can get them on runout sale for $1500 so I have priced these to sell. Only 4 months old. https://www.dynaudio.com/discontinued-models/excite/x14a https://www.audiostream.com/content/dynaudio-excite-x14a-0 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Further information: Thought I would setup a home office during Covid but as I work in Tech Support and am always on the phone, I never get to turn it on. So time to put the money to use elsewhere. Hand Built, Pure Class A ,High Power Headphone, Dac and Pre Amp, Made in Australia with Tank like Build Quality. As new. Only 2 months old, half retail price and with 5 year warranty. The obligatory review - https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/burson-audio-conductor-virtuoso-2-headphone-dac-preamp/ Have the original box and remote. Measurements Input impedance: 35 KOhms Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 – 56Khz THD: <0.003% Input impedance: >8K Ohm Output impedance (Headphone Amp): 3 Ohm Output impedance (Pre Out / DAC Out): 1 Ohm / 25 Ohm Inputs: 2 x RCA line level input Outputs: 1 x RCA Pre Amp, 1 x Headphone Jack Impedance/Power/Signal to Noise Ratio/Separation 16 Ohm 8.2W 92db 99 % 32 Ohm 4W 95db 99 % 100 Ohm 1.46W 94db 99 % 150 Ohm 1W 94db 99 % 300 Ohm 0.5W 95db 99.5% DAC Spec Channel Separation: 142 dB @ 1KHz, 135 dB @ 20KHz THD+N: 0.0005% @ 1KHz, 0dBFS COAX & Toslink / SPDIF : 24 bits / 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192KHz USB Spec Desktop OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 Mac OSX Desktop OS: iOS* , Android (require OTG support) PCM Support: PCM ? 384kHz @ 16, 24 or 32bits Native DSD: Native DSD 64 / 128 / 256 DSD over PCM: DoP64 / DoP128 / DoP256 Asynchronous Isochronous Package Content 1 x Conductor V2+ Headphone amp / Pre-Amp / USB DAC 1 x Remote Control 1 x RCA Cable 1 x Power Cable General Weight: app. 7 kg Dimensions: 265mm x 255mm x 80mm Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Hi Murray. Yes I played with Tidal and Roon over the last couple of months but I find Spotify easiest to use and if I want to listen to HD tracks I use my Sony connected via USB to the Dynaudio Connect. Spotify is fine for all but the most attentive listening and I am enjoying finding new music. So easy with active speakers. I don't like too much bass so I tend to avoid it. The 600 XDs have more bass than my previous speakers and I find they play what is there and play it well. They are keepers for me. I think the thing with these speakers is they just play so accurately, without embellishment anywhere, that it can sound boring. Takes a bit of getting used to after the brightness of my Spendors. Now that I am used to it I find them a great lifestyle choice and a great bargain. I did the firmware upgrade myself. Very easy. Enjoy.
  7. The stands look great! I did exactly the same thing and love my 600 XDs but it is important to note that these speakers will fill a good size room and I think will still be under (the transferable) warranty.
  8. I have always had a soft spot for Champagne - my wallet less so. I took a chance on the lucky dip that is Vinomofo and can safely say this is easily the best Champagne I have had - and by a long way. I have always felt Grower Champagnes are where the value is (and where I would prefer to spend my money). Fine mousse, developed but fresh nose and palate. Bubbles dissipate quickly but it still tastes beautiful. Great anniversary wine - if I could only stop drinking it - or I will be awake at 2 and regretting it
  9. Looks to be in beautiful condition. If I had not gone active this would have made a great system with the Harbeths or Dynaudio Special 40s currently in the classifieds!
  10. Never had a bad wine from Fraser.
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