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  1. pops9745

    currently drinking

    Beautiful wine (as are the rest of the range).
  2. pops9745

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    My dad had a Hitachi receiver so when it came to buy my first system I went for a Hitachi mini system. Then when CD players were available I got a Sony like the one below (could not believe how much better it was at the time :))
  3. pops9745

    Great Opening Tracks

    Down to the waterline - Dire Straits
  4. pops9745

    Great Opening Tracks

    Welcome to Earth -A Sailors Guide to Earth (Sturgill Simpson) Welcome to the jungle - Appetite for Destruction (Gunners) Strangers when we meet - Especially for you (Smithereens) In the air tonight - Face Value (Phil Collins) Funeral for a friend - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton) Orleans Stomp - Honeymoon is over (Cruel Sea) Your Lies - I am Shelby Lynne Infected - Infected (The The) Black Dog - Led Zep 4 Folsom Prison Blues
  5. pops9745

    Great Opening Tracks

    Maybe I should have suggested a thread about what tracks should have been the opening tracks - ie where an artist missed an opportunity to make a great first impression!
  6. Was just listening to Sledgehammer and thought Peter Gabriel should have opened "So" with that song as a first track. I guess albums mattered back then and the opening track set the tone so was thinking of the great opening tracks. You used to get the record (or cassette - or a bunch of them from the record club) and open it up and put it on and ....... that first track either got you or not. Remember Hells Bells! Pink Floyd (or maybe it was Roger Waters) seemed to understand the importance of an introduction (and a conclusion) and I always loved the opening lines for Animals and DSOTM but in terms of songs I can think of tracks such as Is This It from The Strokes debut or The Concept from Teenage Fanclub. I am sure there are plenty of others that made you sit up and take notice.....
  7. pops9745

    Your favourite cover versions?

    Fine Young Cannibals
  8. Hi Peter, I have the 200XD without a connect box and not had any issues apart from the "slave" speakers not going into standby (stays on) sometimes and occasionally having to tell them which input I am using. I have connected to them via digital and analog cables and run them wirelessly (ie not connected to each other with a cable).
  9. pops9745

    The Bandit has fired his last arrow

    When I was a teenager he was the epitomy of cool. Even in dud movies. Watched Cannonball Run a dozen times (as much for the cars as anything). It is inevitable that your childhood heroes start dying off (or ducking off back down some alley with some roly-poly little bat-faced girl). Sad day. I guess Clint goes next. Read a story where he and Clint got fired from Gunsmoke and Rawhide on the same day. Burt for bad acting and Clint for having a skinny neck (!). Burt sees Clint in the car park and says "I don't know what you are going to do but I am off to get acting lessons"
  10. pops9745

    currently drinking

    So, how is it? I have a few but been waiting.
  11. FWIW I have had luck selling the more left of centre stuff on Audiogon. These Amps are light and easy to ship (and I am guessing not hard to convert to 110) so it might be worth your while.
  12. pops9745

    Kef LS50 Wireless Question

    Yes the idea of wireless is good but still lots of wires But a lot less gear and a lot less temptation to change. And so easy to use. I actually listen to Spotify now.
  13. pops9745

    Kef LS50 Wireless Question

    Hi Dan, yes via SPDIF. At present they are linked wirelessly - don't have a long enough SPDIF cable to join them. Yes did the update before I started. I heard it takes them up to the same as the new 20 XD level ....very happy with them. Love drums through dynaudio monitors. The bass is excellent, soundstage very good and I could go on but all good!