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  1. For watching music DVD's I have this model pre to a John Lindsey Hood copy 30W power amp also chi-fi, solid combo and no hum issues either. GLWTS
  2. Venture beyond the eBay horizon http://www.gstube.com/catalog/?key=ecc83&submit=Find Have purchased the Cossor BVA and Telefunken (smooth plate) Mullard listed at reasonable price ← subjective Or could try NEC 12AX7A and better price http://www.nostubestore.com/2014/12/nec-cei-12ax7a-japan.html
  3. Thanks Barry for the enquiry and thank you @xlr8or for lending a helping hand I don't know your amp? Voltage regulated amps like single ended "like mine" is not compatible as the regulation goes down due to more heater draw like Kirk pointed Push Pull amps "my previous" switch a/b current so they are fine and a very dynamic tube Hope this helps or contact amplifier manufacturer Payment is still pending because of the weekend
  4. Bladerunner 2049 to me was superior and I love the original, but I am a stick in the mud
  5. Further information: Purchased NOS/NIB with gold pin, copper rods, long ladder plates, ruggedised 10,000 hr lifespan Has incredible audio imaging quality and lowest noise 12AU7 type available Both test very strong and balanced between triodes on my basic Accurate Instruments tube tester Approximately 40 hrs use Postage included in price Photos:
  6. Synergy is key lundahl or not, tube amps love high impedance spks
  7. I had mine built by the Aust dealer RFWaves We spoke about upgrades and 4 x silver gold oil mundorf caps will improve SQ... transformers not so much, his words not mine
  8. Further information: Drop in replacement for 12ax7 with lower gain 12ax7 have gain of 100 where 5751 gain is 70 Mid to late 60's Measurement shown on box ends Used approx 2hrs Generic boxes Postage included in price Photos:
  9. Further information: Genuine Telefunken Germany ecc83 pair, ribbed plate, O getter with diamond mark moulded bases (fisher branded) Both measure strong and closely balanced between triodes on my basic Accurate Instruments tube tester Date codes HK,LM Postage included in price Photos:
  10. Thank you Kirk for the solid added info as always. Good catch on decade code too, now corrected
  11. White and two, thanks @Marc
  12. Further information: Purchased NOS/NIB matched quad from GSTube Russia Extra life version </= 5000 hrs Used on EL34 amps with some bias + Has nice vintage tone top to bottom and blue hue as shown last web picture Approximately 20 hrs use Same year 1977 Post include in price Photos:
  13. Further information: Sold the EL34 amps recently Purchased sealed NIB from Langrex UK CV450 Military Spec out of the Mullard, Blackburn Great Britain factory Has nice Mullard mid-range tone Same etched code B6J2, 1966 year Approximately 30hrs use 4 x EL34 adaptors Post is included in price Photos:
  14. Further information: Sold the EL34 Amps recently Purchased NOS from Amplified Parts with their Apex tube matching Tonally head and shoulders above any re-issue 30-40 hrs max use Same year 2011 Post included in price Photos:
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