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  1. Edit; unfortunately I'm not a WA owner. These are a work of art
  2. Well I kept the RCA's and sold the Sylvania's first
  3. Not a western acoustic owner but have owned both rca/sylvania 6sn7gtb IMO Sylvania - silky smooth RCA - raw with bite
  4. On behalf of the seller to the cackling hens "Get TF outta my house"
  5. Sorry, I missed Petes post by 2 mins Well this is my "normal" lol, as I explained off the bat
  6. @andyr My subs not passive but active, just signal into plate amps mate
  7. @Irek Seems legit idea as I have to lean over to adjust subs vol when 300B amps are at play. Hold on I would need 2 of them + they're rca, but go for it and if you can get SYS on used market or direct from Schiit USA as A2A have no Schiit in stock and their prices have doubled, I have been after a Loki
  8. @pete_mac Thanks mate and your concerns are worthy but all good at my end ie: my amps are not bridged, tube amps like very high impedance and at sub input the bananas are spaced and rigid but could use some shrink wrap
  9. Xmas greetings all Of course there are many ways to skin a sub and my dual sub setup combats 2 things 1 - Ease of changing amps over between 300B mono blocks and SS in the rack 2 - No need to buy more wire as some configs employ hence the ease in point 1 The above points spring from my preference of the power amps speaker level sound signatures Below 40 +/- Hz bass seems tight/rhythmic and crossover set to 60Hz with tiny bit of volume to blend and not to hear I attached a pic below of setup and I can't pass the buck as its my layman ide
  10. Another option is from GR Research they have a few OB options in kit form
  11. How to link a fellow member to a item up for sale?
  12. Great product and price Some pay the mega bucks for similar that do the same
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