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  1. Further information: True military tubes with the Rhombus marking BN 1957 year NOS NIB opened never used Price is for 1 lot of 4 tubes These are from the Foton plant Tashkent, Uzbekistan Can post anywhere in Australia $10 1 lot Photos:
  2. Further information: Has been in storage for awhile, tested and working as should Excellent condition, no marks/ scratches anywhere Key Features A sensor situated atop the subwoofer cabinet perceives close proximity movement and illuminates the top-mounted controls allowing operation in a dim room. The new PowerCubes can achieve lower bass extension (about 10 Hz lower), with a wide 85 dB dynamic range. The sealed box design provides faster and more intensive bass response than the bass-reflex structure of the original. The low pass filter slope is adjustable from 30 Hz to 150 Hz. The upper bass roll-off slope is steeper hence produces purer bass. Ample input and output connections are provided for versatility. General Specifications Brand Wharfedale Speaker Type Active/Powered Subwoofer Enclosure type Sealed Frequency Response 30 Hz - 120 Hz Power 450 Watts Woofer Bass Driver Size (mm) 250 mm Item Sold As Single Subwoofer Size 10" Crossover Frequency 30 Hz - 150 Hz Phase Control 0 - 180° (switch) Dimension Product Dimension (H×W×D) 382 x 352 x 305 mm Product Weight 11.4 Kg
  3. If its not a true balanced circuit just use rca
  4. Buy with supreme confidence from Bill and great speakers also GLWTS
  5. Personally never had a prob with tube shipping restriction Just retard GSP shipping consignment monkeys
  6. This was pre-covid but both times when sellers was using GSP on eBarf my tubes ended up at AustPost Guildford NSW where the PayPal transaction clearly states address Guildford WA, so heres me chasing up parcels WTF Maybe your tubes suffered the same fate?? I had tracking at least but still to happen twice is total BS and this was pre-covid GSP is a head case in my experience and yours too by the looks of it 2 Mazda ECC82 + 2 Tesla 6299 from a Russian website on the way fingers crossed
  7. Off and on, currently off I think you may have been a past customer name and location rings a bell
  8. Mine are the CV181-T natural sound black bottles not 50 year, have them for so long I forgot
  9. Mine are the CV181-T natural sound black treasure, sellers in China will sometimes state grades in their pricing even premium for what its worth? Aliexpress has a wide variety I took a punt and went premium of eBay a few years ago, they came in a high end box lol
  10. New will set you back 200 inc post on a slow boat from China, I have a quad of Shuguang black treasures There are cheaper black treasures but maybe dealing with B grade
  11. Again, so you think the lead wires are welded to the base pins in a octal tube? because thats what my original comment is directed around (sigh)
  12. So you think the lead wires are welded to the base pins in a octal tube?
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