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  1. 40 years ago I had $6k of Hifi stolen. Wharfedales, Linn Sondek, dynavector ruby etc etc......... Claimed the lot on insurance. 5 years later went to visit an old ‘friend’ , only to find it all in his living room. I was not impressed to say the least. When confronted he said ‘ I thought you knew’ WTF I said. He then described a conversation we had where he asked how I would feel if the stuff was ever stolen. I replied along the lines of ‘it’s all insured and I bought it all wholesale, so I’d just get a better system with th insurance money. Apparently that was permission enough for him to knock off my prized possession. He is dead now.......and no, it wasn’t me :-)
  2. Hi Jon I’m a true kicker really. I’d love to give them a go but I’d have to move the Isobariks, Linn Aktiv Crossover on before i could commit. A nice thought though. Where can I read about your amps? Cheers Mark
  3. My room has the volume...open plan maybe 8x10m but is an apartment and listening area is at one end. Currently have set of triamped Linn Isobariks but these sit hard up against the wall. I’m wondering if I had 521s on a Castored platform I could roll them out for serious listening. How many amp channels do these need?
  4. These need some space behind them don’t they? I’d love to go this direction but from what I understand placement is critical....yes?
  5. I thought I’d ask the forum the following. I have a friend building a very flash new home. They want music in every room, controlled by smart device, plus a high end system]n the lounge room. They have looked at a rack based amp system with cable running all over the house. There must be a better way. Suggestions? Cheers Mark
  6. Hi . These certainly have no issue with volume . My room is similar. The last owner had them in a room similar to yours. See the pics. Yes they would run direct from the Yamaha pre. I'm really not enjoying this. I'd like to keep them.
  7. Sounds to me like you need a pair of Nakamichi/Whise Electrostatic speakers.
  8. Come on guys.........you know you want them. They are 150cm high for those that asked.
  9. I wish mine did. They are exceptional and for the money I can’t think of anything better.
  10. Item: Whise HA-1500 (Nakamichi Dragon) active hybrid electrostatic speakers Location: Newstead- Brisbane CBD Price: $3500 Item Condition:Very Good Reason for selling: Wife won't live with them Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these of Winno here on SNA just before Xmas. I want wax lyrical about how good they are because.........................they are just beautiful. However the asthetics don't please my wife and they just have to go. I am driving them direct with my NAD M51 streaming tidal and Deezer through a Bluesound Node2 and it seems a match made in heaven. They are such an open. correct sounding speaker and they dont have a tiny sweetspot. The images below are borrowed from Winnos advert in December. The last pic is in my living room. That's a 55" TV for reference I didnt find them difficult to setup. The high mid sub controls on the rear made matching to my room a breeze. I'm hoping someone in Brisbane will jump on these as shipping would be another whole story, but not impossible. They need a good home. Beautiful speakers. Read Winno's advert and this link Cheers Fish (not happy Jan) Pictures:
  11. Hi guys, I grabbed a pair of Whise HD1500 (Nakamichi) Electrostatics recently advertised on SNA. I auditioned, and decided pretty quickly. Anyway....my wife loves the sound, buts hates the looks. They truly are a beautiful speaker in sound and build. The best I've owned. Just gorgeous. So....i guess I'll wait and see how things evolve. I can always go back to the Linn Isobariks, but somehow I think I'll regret it. M
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