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  1. <<pulls out the scanner>> Was going through them for the MIchael Stahl and Paul Cockburn articles...
  2. Fairly confident I can insulate and build an active cooling setup drawing air from inside the house (reckon I could even source air from under the house, which is quite nice) - it's where to exhaust it nicely to have some buoyancy in the system enough to have a marginal passive capability should power (or the active system) fail. Have done some good thermal chamber builds previously, insulation should be OK. Would be nice to not have to run dektite on the roof but... argh. Methinks I'm going to try the long argument to keep the kit in the house first up.
  3. I've lost the battle for space in this latest renovation and need to put my switchgear up in the attic. Which it does not like. Therefore I'm designing a fully-insulated small room for a server rack with closed loop ventilation. Hopefully it's free heating.
  4. Hi all Have discovered a pile of older Wheels mags from the 90's through early 2000's. Wondering if anyone wanted them Cheers
  5. Chanh and co did/do a lot of work on hardware recipes. It doesn't have to be terrible. Ian Jin (iancanada) does a great line of product for DIYers, could be something similar.
  6. Meh, I still think that guy should have commercialised a bit... @Chanh are you listening ? Not suggesting that it'll make you rich or that you should quit your day job, just that there's a good amount of revenue out there to be had and if the audiophile world can do with a dose of anything it's genuine effort... come on mate, if Taiko can sell one of their machines there's (more than) market space for anything of yours. I'd think there would be many happy to pay reasonable amounts for good tech. Particularly those of us in Victoria - $10 says you can start a business and ship product in this faster than it takes us to fly to WA without special permission
  7. To be fair the original suggestion was to prepare @dbastin to know what to ask a consultant. Not for consultation over a forum.
  8. Don't be fictional - is this your home? Do you have any wired devices outside the home (IP cameras etc)? How big is the house and what's the construction? Do you need wireless outdoor? If so what's the property like for size? Don't rush into solution mode just yet.
  9. Really depends what you're trying to achieve. If you just want a device to act as a last leg just for audio there's really nothing they need to do, but you can have them configure anything from VLANs to VPN, QoS and WiFi very capably. They will get a *lot* done in an hour, so look at it as a whole-of-house thing rather than anything else. Why don't you start with what you want your network to be configured like, let's get that discussion going and take it from there? They'll ultimately generate a configuration that, within limits, you can take from router to router so all will be well. Duxtel would say you're on your own with physical mods. Though any competent electrical tech could do that stuff - so could a DAC builder. My guys are all east coast, not sure who you'd go to in Perth though I imagine an answer if any may lie with @Chanh and friends.
  10. Many Mikrotik resellers down here run a very good and robust consultancy. I use Duxtel, they're excellent to deal with. Your issue is going to be knowing what to ask, but this forum can go a long ways to that. Absolutely - it's almost always done via remote access.
  11. One fibre run Failing that, a fibre run into conversion (hopefully with a good switch) and a very short lead to your device Failing that, a copper run, fibre isolator and a very short lead to your device In all applicable cases the short lead is UTP 6a. Any router with per-port hardware resources is going to be best for timing Next a router with a lot of CPU enough to run more than capably For signal quality the enterprise-grade stuff is better dev'd VLAN, subnetting, QoS etc all need to be supported Large MTU is good though needs to be treated very carefully as this isn't automagically a win and is often lesser Ubiquiti and Mikrotik are not where I"d go below, preferably the latter as getting exactly what you want out of one is $150/hr with a professional. $150+the cost of a decent 'tik is less than what a lot of you spend on a cable. That there's motion and a kinetic sensitivity is base physics, that designs need to be sufficiently robust to function adequately either way is a given. No one should have to void their warranty and crack something open for next best. See what I wrote earlier for hotrodding. Half right - that's not a router, sure, but it's the same paradigm - and a more elegant solution.
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