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  1. FLAC is lossess, it can be uncompressed or compressed. Even if it's uncompressed it's not as though your streamer has to 'do nothing' to the music en route to a transport. Most modern transports (the bits that go USB>I2S or similar) are 32-bit PCM. So it's got to pad everything to 32 bits, which takes a little computational effort. And it is a little, but it can be perceptible. Easy enough to test on a Linux rig.
  2. WiFi is directionally poor for two reasons: It is a significant source of EMI. Having a radio inside your streamer materially affects its operation, and WiFi is not usually a constant bandwidth or constant latency medium. WiFi is as good as the connection can be at a given time, and the connection is constantly negotiated. Mitigating factors can include other WiFi networks, other devices on the same network, environmental conditions, etc. I'd personally rip the wireless module out of the streamer, though I have no experience with the G1 and cannot guarantee you that
  3. You've taken some quotes in a very specific context and make some sweeping and incorrect assessments on how others work and think. For instance - didnt state anything regarding your support for subjective testing or otherwise. You seem to assume I have, and that I'm incorrect accordingly. You've too many assumptions.
  4. Doubtful. And there's likely more engineering/research in yours. That you run this as a hobby only is a crying shame.
  5. Both do. @Grant Slack an overly simplistic and very incorrect view. Not least without subjective interpretations of performance we'd not have an industry.
  6. Generating your own kernel - possible, easy when you know how Changing optimisations within that kernel - not trivial
  7. I use aplay for critical listening though if you wanted to be a full anorak you'd use mpd - that'll take 1 process. If you're game - because Roon is frankly very convenient though not the last word in playback - I'd setup a boot menu that lets you go either way. Should work; or you it's free, I owe you one. PM me when you want to drop by and collect. It's a Rakon unit, stratum 3E spec. You'll want to build a nice PSU for it. HiFiDIY and their ilk have kits. Check how many crystals you have - on the 4th gen boards a dedicated Ethernet port typically has it's own 25
  8. This was an IKEA Torsby 6-seat table originally. I wanted a large coffee table and so I milled down the legs to 48cm and made a large coffee table out of it. It works rather well. I've disassembled it and so the only photo I have of the whole thing is vekiwm giwever you'll find more about the original item here (this is not my specific item but an identical unit pre mods) - https://www.ebay.com.au/i/233775542167 These ran over $300 new. The glass is in great condition. Post-reno it's a little big for us now. It is currently disassembled, you'll want a ring
  9. Attaboy @frednork, this is what we like to see. FWIW with others my script is a little different in that I use different players and I call the Ethernet and and player tasks explicitly, and limit them to one CPU core each. What works and sounds best will depend on your CPU, whether you enable hyperthreading or not, and your OS build. In the event you've got a motherboard with a 25MHz main crystal and you want to try an OCXO, I have a few good ones kicking around - get in touch and if you can be stuffed building a power supply for them, I'll give you one free. Make sur
  10. Memory lane is best, mate. Those were great days. JB wasn't a surprise though I remember up to ~2003 I'd be working car sound on Friday through Sunday and it was amazing fun. The store I worked at was off a highway, so the foot traffic was real, if you were stopping off the highway to get in you were likely to buy something. It was a great job for a uni student, commissions were decent, you couldn't be a p***k in selling crap or customers would hunt you down, do a great job and they'd come back with friends. I remember p*****g off my manager by getting two Kicker Solo Baric's into
  11. @HelloYellowVolvo this got me smiling from a mate - https://oldschoolcaraudio.com.au/product/cerwin-vega-stroker-15in-subwoofer/ Yes, you can get original refurb'd Strokers! Now all I need is an original Soundstream Tarantula to go with it, wind back 20 years, get another non-family car... but we've all grown up now I noted with some sadness recently that JB HiFi has exited car sound. I used to work there 20 or so years ago...
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