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  1. It's official now - Nando to sh*t where he eats in the same colours for a second time now. I hope the engine's underpowered next year, if Kimi leaves the sport could use some ol-skool Euro radio sarcasm/hostility.
  2. This is solid advice - we all missed it That'll push things lower but won't change the room dynamic... if anything new issues (there will be lower freq response tho) Wouldn't say that - there's quite a few with a solid rep. Could sell my D10's for what I paid for them tomorrow. Schiit's got a brand but the Modi, whilst not being quite schiit, wouldn't suggest it's a pick of 'em. The winner is the cheapest one going second hand
  3. Hi all I've a nephew of sorts who is young, attracted to shiny things and about to get his first car. I've been asked to concoct a stereo to go in a GD Impreza RS because 20+ years ago I used to do this for a part time job. He is sufficiently attracted to shiny things that he's not about to inherit anything subwoofer-shaped from my parts bin. Priorities at the moment are getting a head unit in there discreetly that gets CarPlay running, a reversing camera (bloody hell kids these days have it easy) and it sounding nice. Has anybody used MiniDSP in car, in particular a C-DSP 6x8? Keen to give him a project to keep him away from a doof doof sorry cops I didn't hear you over my doof doof experience.
  4. Double shot! In I2S it'll go 192kHz NOS (I've at least had it so). Sounds great given good material. Either the Audial board or iancanada set will do either. The Audial board will do it at half the oscillator speed. I have had two reference-grade reclockers built by an excellent member of this forum using both these solutions, and my DAC is back with it's builder to test both and implement which sounds better (the builder is also known here). Shout outs to @zenelectro and @rawl99. As a paying customer I'd going to be 'very effing annoyed' (technical term) if the (much cheaper and inherently less available) Audial solution sounds better!
  5. NOS and connected PCM/simultaneous - https://www.audialonline.com/blog/another-story-about-tda1541a-384-khz/ The people referenced here are all SNA members
  6. Lovely to see this renaissance in TDA1541A's. My two aren't going anywhere. Currently getting upgraded to 384kHz.
  7. Oh dude I've fallen on that sword Edit - no, you did awesome, cheapest on HiFiShark is around A$1200 landed with the LPS. From Poland. USD$1800 otherwise. You did awesome.
  8. You did exceptionally well though I'd be reluctant to impart your good fortune on everyone else - an Offramp 5 with turbo clock, Hynes reg and SPDIF is USD$2399 new. That's over $3500 landed. If you find someone wanting to take a $3k/86% hit for you, great - and stranger things have happened in the SNA classifieds - but those sales'd be rare Singxer good for the money, though would argue a current gen Offramp is a different league. $600+ you can build something pretty good, $1200-1600 you can build reference grade solutions. The other nice thing about SNA is the prevalence of people that can/will build/sell solutions.
  9. Memories! Bana used to have a shop and an office around the corner from a former workplace in Port Melbourne. He rebuilt it! We walked past once and there she was on a lift with Eric chatting away, Lambo parked not too far away... ...he's not done too badly for a bloke formerly presenting Great Ders of History
  10. I've got two in a sandwich. One day I'm going to crack out my accelerometer and measure these things... they're awesome.
  11. There's some memories. A mate got one for a first car over 20 years ago... and still has it at his parents' place. Started life with a 302 Cleve that we deleted for a 351, AOD trans, and then because we were all idiot engineering uni students, we decided to inject the thing and add two turbos. With 500rwhp pretty much everywhere we were very rapidly reminded that these neither handle nor brake too well Many summers later it's respectable in all departments, and though my mate has lived interstate for 15+ years now his mother takes it out every six months for a shopping run. Hilarious. He'll never sell it.
  12. Anytime. For $200 or so more you could get someone here to knock something up with a custom LPS - there's arguably better kit out there now
  13. @ChilledStrings these were quite expensive new, I never had luck getting one for $400 or so. I do have a modified Amanero in a box complete with LPS that will output I2S if that works for you.
  14. I'd listen to Lando's radio all day long. You could have an F1 telecast for me that's just Lando and Kimi's radios. It'd be hilarious. If there's a silver lining for Albon - he's stood his ground. Many drivers would have backed out of it just 'cause it's top dog in the silver-now-black car. He went for it and would have stuck it if not for a mistake from Lewis. He needs to - he's not as fast as the other guy in the same car yet, he can't just be a wallflower. They won't be lamenting their driver at RBR. Given the rate at which Marko seems to eat his young, this is a good thing.
  15. An unusual number of mech failures, it's impressive how closely tuned cars are to known thermals. Seb... one more race like this and he'll be lucky to last the season. Meh pace and an incredibly amateur attempt at passing. Hopefully for Ferrari he finds his mojo. For a dude that might be losing his seat next season Bottas drove super. Feel very sorry for Albon. Twice now! Long run pace on the McLaren was excellent. Lando pulled out the lap of his life... purple on his last two sectors. Incredible effort. Unusual race, great race.
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