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  1. I decided nothing . I presented facts and this thread to the Minister of War and Finance. On her directive we now have a Doorbird (the new 1080P Model). It's extraordinarily well built which given what it costs, you'd want it to be. Has a few novel features we will actually use (relay driver etc) and both it and the chime are PoE. I need to have a chime out the back of the house too which this will do, this contributed to the choice. Some other nice features abound too. Records straight to the NAS, no external servers involved. Haven't had a chance to test the app though I'm assuming it won't be as quick as Ring. Could install it WiFi but really wanted something hard-wired on all accounts. A bit tricky to get a line down where it needs to go, but doable. Just wish it didn't cost as much as it did, honestly. That took from other areas of Reno budget. But it's nice - well enginwered., And data stays private.
  2. Any unmanaged gigabit switch will do unless you need routing, PoE etc I'll be moving along a 16 port Netgear with 8 PoE ports if you need that, and a 24 port DLink - both L2 managed if you want something good, cheap and s/h.
  3. Item: 5-6m RCA pair, moderate quality Price Range: $20-60 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Need to wire a set of ceiling speakers.
  4. There's beauty and perfection in the coffee world - check out https://weberworkshops.com/ for inspiration!
  5. I'll have them shortly - about to travel to where it's stored. You'd be surprised what I might take for this one Marc - make me an offer!
  6. Puqpress automatic coffee tamper. https://www.puqpress.com/ We bought this new from Coffee Mio in Thornbury for my grandfather who had problems tamping given Parkinsons. He made less than 100 cups with it before aged care beckoned. It's in extremely good nick. Advertised on Gumtree for $1050 though I'll take less here on the proviso that a small donation to SNA is made. Make an offer, you might be surprised. Advantages? Tamping is extremely repeatable, very fast and requires next to no effort on your part. You'll never have another chance to get one of these so easily, and certainly not from a home environment. Not a bench space thief at 150x120x220 (DxWxH). Prefer not to ship though it's possible at 4kg + packaging.
  7. Further information: 1050mm high, 800mm wide ea, screw to wall studs https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/billy-bookcase-white-70351570/
  8. In all seriousness when I bought it I was explicitly seeking metal handles for the same reason - had a habit of seeking technical drawings in the then-workplace and coming away with remnants of a handle and often not my balance. Not cool. This unit's a bit of a beast, it's quite robust.
  9. Further information: Equally adept at holding capitalist or communist secrets. Complete with a sticker indicating it's 'Elite Built' though I've seen it's ilk elsewhere - take the 'elite' bit with a grain of salt though it's certainly 'built'. Quite tough. Has a lock for which I do not have the key. Shown here next to a free door for those so inclined.
  10. Further information: 1220x1800mm. Four holes at corners to secure it, can be held with plaster screws. Very much at home concept scheming your next garage project. Last employed by wife to passive-aggressively intone a to-do list whilst I'd attempt to enjoy a morning coffee. Was regrettably successful in this mission; it's freakin' big and hard to miss. Photos:
  11. Somewhere in Melbourne there's a 2kVA Delta UPS a customer bought that was not line interactive. Amazingly loud. He gave it to a guy that said 'I have a server room in my garage'. After the second guys wife nearly killed him over the noise, it was moved on again. If you can locate it and your wife will not kill you then there's probably a free Delta UPS out there in the ether
  12. Management card does this automatically - and pushes results.
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