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  1. Wowwww...awesomeee.....just have a look from far away...
  2. princetiger

    SOLD: FS: Dynaudio Focus 160 Speakers

    Hi there If its still available ill come and pick it up.pls let know Regards
  3. Really sweet. This s perfect time for me.......
  4. princetiger

    SOLD: NAD m51 DAC

    The price s awesome.....
  5. i ll buy w/o thinking but if u were in Syd.....bad luck
  6. I wish ur living in syd......so sad......
  7. princetiger

    SOLD: NAD M51 DAC 7 months old $770

    give it to me....
  8. no...pls sell it to me. i need it......
  9. princetiger

    Great day to every1

    cheers all, )
  10. princetiger

    Great day to every1

    HI all. Im just Newbie and know nothing about audio . hope getting help. thanks and cheer for today because new super star coming.....