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  1. Hello again tri k...if its a mark 1 how old is this unit and are u the owner from new? Thanks Also would pick up from Brisbane be possible?I would be driving up.from Coffs Harbour NSW
  2. Hi tri k Where abouts are u exactly in Qld??
  3. Hi I was wondering how many years old the DD 15 is and rough idea of amount of use?? thanks
  4. Id like to take them if i can post to NSW
  5. Hi I was wondering how much use these headphones have had?
  6. Could i be next on line if buyer falls thru? Thanks
  7. Hi Ive been trying to get some info on this sub as I have revel main speakers..but thre arent many reviews . Can i ask how you ended up with a Revel subwoofer in Australia as they seem very rare here? thanks Pat
  8. please let me know if sale falls thru thanks
  9. Hi i wonder if u can tell whether can i use this cable to connect antipodes dx server to Bricasi M1 dac..The server is at a friends but from internet it seems to have an ethernet post but not USB male?? thanks Pat
  10. sorry cancel that I need 6 apparently!My apologies
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