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  1. Not sure if I should withdraw the sale and keep the item for the following reasons: 1. A platter for cake making 2. An item that may appear on the What Were They Thinking list 3. To irritate my wife so much, she rediscovers her bags If it has brought out a chuckle, good! On a serious note, I am open to offers. Even from the hernia sufferers. I assume that's what lowballing means.
  2. I've concluded the reverse psychology sales tactic does not work. Ha! We all need a chuckle now.
  3. Was my son's when he enjoyed vinyl. Wife misunderstood when I said he likes phono so out goes item. Have listed a number of everyday, run of the mill toys. Nothing to scream about. Will be donating 10 per cent of sale to SNA. Item sitting under the N50.
  4. Used it when I was bi-amping but has been serving as a book end for two years. Comes with balanced cables finished with Neutriks.
  5. Bought this to work on a project but lost interest soon after. Never used, like my brain.
  6. Took item out of the box, went nah. Put it back in box. To be honest with you I wouldn't be selling stuff I love. I have no idea how it sounds.
  7. Tried listening to music via laptop hooked up to my DAC. Not my thing I guess. By the way, what's Facebook? PS comes with USB cable that looks good and yes, looks good.
  8. Cannot recall why I got this. But it's yours if you like muddled, apparently mid-range friendly sound.
  9. Bought the platterless turntable from Italy when they were first launched. Disliked it immediately. Without the platter, the tonearm moves like I do after a few drinks. Then the speed switch, connected using CAT cable to the table, stopped working for 45RPM. I seem to recall it's a switching sequence I had to execute but I cannot remember how to do it. To compound matters, the belt appears a little loose though it does pick up to 33 1/3. Selling it because it has been sitting in a box for two years now. Table, belts and speed control now sold by a company in Europe cal
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