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  1. @davewantsmoore When I read " If I record the same signal with 44.1 and 705.6ks/s .... " I assumed you were talking about recording. I see a lot of people are spending a lot of time and money on digital reconstruction ( including a lot of CPU cycles ) where the main aim is to reconstruct the original signal from a digital file. Maybe naivety, I wonder if the there was as much effort spent on the recording end then it may make the playback end simpler / easier / cheaper. Which is in part why I was interested in the off line processing. That is, do the work once and reap the benefit many times.
  2. In theory .... there is no reason a higher than 44.1k sampling rate would be better ... as long as your signal magically and instantaneously starts at 20 Hz and magically stops 22050 Hz and and there is zero signal out side of this range (as conveniently all signals do in the mind of the Phillips corporation).
  3. When reading the extensive HeadFi thread, their observations tend to cluster in a few areas and line up with my observations. The review that you shared seemed to be similar as well. Early in the thread when the product had only recently been released most people had only heard the M-Scaler at trade shows. They tended to 'listen to' the M-Scaler looking for 'blacker blacks' or listening for 'things I have not heard before'. Given the high price, they expected 100x improvement. There at this point in the thread there are lots of discussions on the technology, the price, the competition and Rob Watts which is polar. He is either a genius or a snake oil salesman. Midway through the thread more owners share their experiences. I notice that the tenancy is that more people are listening to the music rather than the equipment. Under pressure from others a lot struggle to explain what the M-Scaler is doing. A lot say it is subtle most say that the music seems more natural or more 'live' and agree when they remove it things don't sound right. Some source material (usually 44.1) sounds more improved than other material. A few have removed the M-Scaler and things don't sound right but struggle to explain exactly why. The most positive sign is that most are spending more time than ever listening to the music. The last part of the thread I read there is a lot of discussion of source material. There is lots of observations that CD / 44.1 material can get a big lift. Users did report that HiRes tracks did get a lift but with not much enthusiasm. Like it was a by-product not a value proposition. A lot of users report going back through their 44.1 library and really enjoying it. Often there will be a track from an artist will capture their attention. For me it was Eric Clapton's Unplugged Album, but I have found in songs from St Germain, The Waifs to Owl Eyes. There was some discussion around why some 44.1 tracks sound much better, while others don't. A lot of people found a better hit rate with older tracks from the 1970's right back to the 1940's. The feeling was that a lot of this was due to less processing and interference in the recording process. A have a number of HiRes tracks and the ones that sound better to me (e.g 2L) I feel is due to the attention to detail in the recording process rather than the bit rate. I have not seen anyone praise the lift or the 'feeling of being there' that the M_Scaler gave to Electronic Dance Music or RAP. To answer your question. Owners report that the MScaler lifts all boats, but the lift varies. The value is that the music is more listenable and 44.1 can really shine which is a nice surprise to many, to the point where people lose interest in HiRes. Bad recordings ( 44.1 / 96 /HiRes) are always bad recordings and the Mscaler will do nothing here.
  4. To me the mscaler is a bit like Tesla motors. There is tons written about Tesla motors. A lot of negativity is sponsored by competitors and short sellers (stock price, cash flow, no innovation, production woes). A lot of over the top stuff comes from fanboys. Car discussions end up in debates about Elon Musk. But for people who actually have driven say the Model S their experiences are similar. Mostly they find the Model S really quick and fun to drive ( Ludicrous mode is well ...Ludicrous). The car puts a smile peoples faces. I am glad Tesla and Musk are shaking up the industry. I hope that another manufacturer can reproduce the Model S experience at scale, and for a much lower price. @Ittaku if you want to produce a 'msclaer killer', that is, something that makes music more enjoyable including redbook, has USB out and will work with any DAC (including my R2R) and ease of use, then I believe there is a big market out there. Better still, a better-than-mscaler program that I can run over my files and treat them once and a ultra lightweight player. Rather than paying a Teraflop calculation tax every time I play a song like I do at the moment.
  5. @davewantsmoore What is the brand and model number of this processor ?
  6. S So a cable that is thousands of km long is not real time ?
  7. @bhobba Nothing to be sorry for. You did say that your setup was broken and I assumed you had heard the mscaler before it broke. Sorry to hear about your broken Femur. I damaged my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) playing backyard Soccer one Christmas holidays just as we were to leave for a vacation. It was hugely disruptive but I can't even to start to imagine having a broken Femur with a year recovery time.
  8. I think it is a good idea to start another thread (or two) where the technology, people, processes, alternatives can be discussed. I have enjoyed the few mscaler impressions that have been shared here. There are a number of Blu2 owners who could share their experience(s). @bhobba you have a mscaler. Can you share you impressions ?
  9. @agisthos Over the years I have used a number of products / tweaks. Currently I use Audivarna which has up-scaling. On the Audivarna forum I do not see people go on about the benefits 2M taps or being negative about other vendors products. I have used SoX and iZotope set to various tap lengths right up to 2 millions taps and I have done real world comparisons between computer upscaling and the mscaler and the results are absolutely not the same. I would be interested in a mscaler + mojo / Qutest / TT / DAVE shoot out.
  10. Larry Page and Sergey Brin published their work on search and no other company has come close to Google. So there appears to be something more needed than the base principles. Do what ? My understanding is not one actually knows exactly what he is doing. You certainly can do a lot of things in CPU and Software, but other some functions can be better done in other devices / hardware. Why do you think Intel bought Altera for $16.7 Billion, they seemed to know something about CPU.
  11. Thanks @Sime V2 for your impressions. You may have single handedly pushed the Duran Duran's RIO album up the charts a few spots this week. When I heard the Blu2, I have had trouble explaining it apart from 'more live'. The closest analogy I can think of is I saw a demo of a 4K TV with HDR on and off. It compared two 4K pictures (i.e same number of pixels) of a Sunflower. With the '4K Sunflower ' my brain looked and after a few micro-cycles it said "it's yellow sunflowers in a field ". With the '4k + HDR Sunflower' my brain instantly and without any effort and said "oh look ! a Sunflower ! oh we have seen tons of these before" my neighbour used to grow them. It was the the small things like more realistic colours, better transitions and better shading etc. The non HDR sunflow suddenly looked more orange and grubby and the leaves looked grey-green rather than plant green.
  12. Rob Watts has said that he wants a bit perfect source and nothing more e.g. no upscaling etc. I have not seen him address the off line batch up-scaling on a computer question.
  13. @Music2496 I should have said a DAC based on the ESS Sabre32 chip.
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