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  1. GIESELER Groß DAC Review

    I've had the DS back in my system for a week now and it does sound good but why do I think I'm missing something ? I suppose I will eventually forget how good the Grob was.
  2. Blade Runner 2049

    Saw Bladerunner 2049. If you haven't seen the original Bladerunner do your self a favour and see it first. The first Bladerunner sets the scene for 2049. Yes it is a great stand alone movie but seeing the first just adds so much more.
  3. What Do You Look For In A Car ?

    What engine did your Outback have? I'm getting a 3.6r soon. Not boring from my experience.. The 2.5 engine would be a bit boring.
  4. Subaru Levorg MY18

    I watched a lot of You tube reviews on Subaru. The reviewers all start off by saying they are not fans of cvts. They are all surprised at the end just how good the Subaru cvts is. Obviously Subaru have put a lot of work in there cvt development. I think I might miss the double clutch in the Skoda but only rarely. At 100kph to 110kph changing from d6 to d5 was seemless.How will the cvt compare? Time will tell.
  5. Subaru Levorg MY18

    Usually after driving someone else's car and then returning to the Skoda I feel more comfortable. After driving the Outback for 30 minutes it took 3 days to get used to the Skoda. It really surprised me. We are in Stereonet therefore has anyone upgraded the sound system ? I am considering changing speakers and amp.
  6. Subaru Levorg MY18

    When you buy a Volkswagen, Audi and Merc are you buying quality ?I am afraid not, just pretty looks and brand snobbery. I'm replacing my Skoda Superb v6 with Outback 3.6r, not as pretty but It should last along time. It even has a full size spare. No regrets. Ps I would have bought a Levorg but I need more boot space.
  7. GIESELER Groß DAC Review

    I have now had the opportunity to try out Clays new Grob dac. My system comprises Antipodes music server, Curious USB cable, PS Audio Direct Stream dac, Icon Audio tube amps, Aesthetix Calypso preamp and Sonus Faber Amati Homage speakers. I have a Intona galvanic isolator and Singxer USB converter added. So how did the Grob compete with Direct Stream ? For a fair comparison I took the Intona and Singxer out of the system, ie USB direct. My first impression was an increase in detail. I heard this increase in detail with the Direct Stream only when I installed the Singxer, but with the Grob this was just USB. In some cases an increase in detail there is a cost: a sterile sound that will quickly become fatiguing. With the Grob this was not the case. Time to play my test music. 1. Leonard Cohen: Did the Grob give LC his deep gravel and textured tones. Yes 2. Classical orchestra: The Grob gave a presence I was not expecting. 3. Big band jazz. James Morrisons band sounded big, powerful with a tight bass. 4. Cassandra Wilson: Although I am a fan of Cassandra Wilson I rarely listen to more than two tracks in a row. Can be a bit tiring. With the Grob I had to tell myself to move onto something else for my limited listening time. 5. Piano: Close my eyes and the piano is in the room. No need to say any more. So, would I be happy to have a Grob in place of the Direct Stream. Yes. I now tried the Intona in the sytem. The benefits the Intona gave to the Direct Stream were similar to the Grob. A slight increase in sound weight. This is not necessary but it is what I am used to. The Singxer in the system using Coaxial connection did not improve the sound as much as when connected to the Direct Stream. This could possibly be that the Grob USB input is superior to the Direct Stream.( just a theory) So how did the Grob compare to the Direct Stream? In most cases I would say both Dacs would be equal but the Grob just sounds more natural, almost addictive. Considering the reasonable price and high sound quality of the Grob this is a true bargain. Congratulations Clay
  8. I have an early Antiopodes server. It was originally set up to compress CDs when ripping. Once I discovered this I used dp poweramp to uncompress my ripped files. In most files there was improvement. I understand later Antipodes servers don't compress. I now use db poweramp to rip all my CDs. Ipeng likes to have cover art to sort albums. Vortexbox does most cover art but have copied some art to the files. Took me a while to get my head around this.
  9. I have an early model Antipodes server that is designed to play music from its internal hard drive controlled by the IPad with Ipeng, no streaming. think your model is the same. Best to check with Antipodes
  10. To who ever buys this fantastic sub. Get the SVS feet. Makes a big difference for little money.
  11. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    As a DS owner I will certainly be interested to hear these comparisons. I have always believed that Clay will produce a DAC that will beat them all.
  12. One advantage of the Oppo is the USB in. When my music server was absent I used the Oppo with a hard drive to play all my music running into my preamp. This did sound better than playing CDs.I controlled the Oppo with the Oppo remote on my pad. Not as good as Ipeng but it did work.
  13. Please note the OP is considering buying a Oppo 205 which is better than my 103. The only reason I mentioned the Oppo.
  14. Yes along as you are willing to pay $3000 plus. Therefore this comparison is irrelevant as the OP is not looking at that level.
  15. I believe buying a CD player is a backward step. I think the Rotel intergrated has a USB DAC input, correct? You cannot beat the sound quality of computer audio with a CD player unless you spend a lot. I have an Oppo 103 and although is a very good bluray player it can't compete with my music server (Antipodes). I heard a laptop recently into a good system and it sounded very good. Functionality: You can rip all your CDs onto the computer and control manually or wirelessly with phone or pad from your chair. Would I use a CD player if it sounded as good as my server, never.