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  1. I have a pair of these. I have found with a lot of trial and error that they sound best with high powered tube amps. My amps are Icon audio which has the option of triode and ultralinear. I have found the triode sounds best as these speakers can handle the extra bass being a 3.5 design. Mine are an end game.
  2. I have installed SVS Subwoofer Isolation System which are a soft rubber feet. They reduce floor vibration which results in tighter bass. $120 for 4. Well worth it.
  3. Will investigate. To potential buyers: This is the preamp that convinced PS Audio that a good preamp is the way to go. They subseqentially ditched the mantra ' the best preamp is no preamp'
  4. I'd buy it but I already have one. Those upgrades sound interesting!
  5. Just curious. What are those things on the tubes? Vibration control?
  6. This is a great preamp. I have one. Its the preamp that convinced PS Audio that a good preamp does improve things.
  7. I have always thought the Direct Stream is a good DAC. The Volta is just at another level.
  8. Yes, this has been a surprise to me. I don't know why Ethernet cables should or should not have any influence on sound quality but It has proven to be the same as any interconnect. I have a cheap Ethernet cable connected to my TV and get a perfect picture so obviously something different is going on with audio. I will be interested to hear your findings when you try Johns Audioquest Diamonds. I have them on loan from John @Assisi until mine arrive, possibly one week. Aqvox provide a 30 day money back deal if you are not happy with their products. I kept my switch.
  9. My system did include a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC, Aesthetic Calypso preamp and a first generation Antipodes music server. I now have a Grandinote Volta DAC/server/streamer which replaces the Direct Stream and the Antipodes. The Volta is on a completely different level of sound quality.I am still very happy with my Calypso. How the Volta compares to the Pandora and Bricasti I don't know.
  10. I have recently entered the audio Ethernet cable world following my purchase of a Grandinote Volta Dac/Server/Streamer. Although the Volta works fine with an external USB hard drive I decided to connect a Nas via Ethernet. Not knowing if there are any differences between Ethernet cables and based on the usual disbelievers opinions, I was reluctant to purchase so called hiend cables if no gain can be achieved. My first step was to try a standard Cat 6 cable. Sound quality was terrible in the mid range.If this is what Ethernet gets you good bye Nas. I was fortunate to have Assissi (John) visit me for the Lenehan GTC and luckily, he bought along his Audioquest Diamond and I think Cinnamon Ethernet cables for me to try. The Diamond cables are fantastic. The Cinnamon are good but no match for the Diamond. John was surprised. So, different Ethernet cables can make a big difference but there is a price to be paid for that difference.Needless to say I have ordered a pair of the more expensive Diamonds. I also tried the Aqvox base level Ethernet cable which again did not come close to the Diamond. Aqvox also do a hiend Ethernet cable which may egual the Diamonds. I have also purchased a Aqvox upgraded switch which is a rebuilt D link switch box. Next step, try a better power supply to the Aqvox switch. Aqvox say their SMPS is tuned to the switch. I have read that others have experienced improvements with a better supply. My Aqvox switch is the standard version approx $550. They do a SE version which is double the price of the standard. Hard to believe it could be that much better but I have been wrong before.
  11. In the past when I want to get an obscure CD I would go to Amazon US. Amazon US will now not send merchandise to Australia. Amazon AU don't do CD. I will now need to track down the small local (including NZ) CD suppliers. Do streaming services have everything : Not yet so I'm told. Do download services have everything : No
  12. Most of the women in the team had emotional problems. The first all male team were all killed so the women didn't do any worse.
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