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  1. I have a similar setup. Apple tv into Oppo HDMI input. Sony 85in tv. The only audio video sync adjustment is in the TV settings A/V sync . Mine is set to Auto and it's fine. Hope this helps.
  2. Based on my observation the Paul Pang switch does something different compared to the Aqvox. Do more switches of different design provide improvement ,only experiment will determine if this is the case Will be interesting to hear on any results. Will the more expensive switches do more?
  3. Both switches are grounded. Not sure if this improves things but I sleep better at night.
  4. I have previously mentioned that I have Aqvox standard Ethernet switch in my system. The improvement in sound quality over a normal switch, although, not imense, was enough for me not to regret getting the Aqvox. Improved depth of sound comes to mind. I recently installed a double Paul Pang switch in my system based on good reports. The Paul Pang switch drastically improved detail. Everything sounded cleaner without sounding sterile. It was suggested to me that I should try connecting my Aqvox switch to the Paul Pang switch. I didn't think doing this would do anything. Was I wrong. The Aqvox gives the Paul Pang switch that depth in sound without loosing any detail. This was a big surprise to me. The Aqvox is powered by an external linear power supply. Is this now relevant. I do not know. My conclusion to this is,although normal cheap switches will work, they can be a bottleneck to the sound coming from the server/ streamer.
  5. Sold pending payment.
  6. Further information: QNAP TS 251+ Nas Quad core 2.0GHz CPU with 4GB Ram. Two Western Red Nas 4TB HDD. Only used for a short time then lived in a cupboard. Bought a music server with large capacity Comes with remote, power supply and ethernet cable. RRP $848. Purchase 22nd July 2018 Has large music collection on one drive which can be deleted upon request. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. After looking at the switch list I wonder if there is a limit to what switches can do. Looking at some of the expensive switches you would expect dramatic improvements.
  8. I replaced my Netgear switch with a standard Aqvox switch ($800). Improvement is the same as upgrading any component. Well worth the change. The Aqvox has been compared to standard switches in my system and another hiend system with the same results The Aqvox does not however negate the benefits of using high quality Ethernet cables. Once I installed Audio quest diamond Ethernet cables into the Aqvox the sound was complete.
  9. I have done quite a few changes in amps, preamps and dac. Hopefully I have come to the end. Each change makes me realise how good my Sonus Faber's are and they are nearly 20 years old. I am curious however if it's worth getting Super tweeters. (Townshend) My Amatis being the original model is a bit laid back in the tweeter department.
  10. Just curious. What amps do you guys use? I have original Amati Homage and a Pass Labs XA 30.8 amp. The Amatis really work well with the high current Class A amp. @RobV
  11. I have most of the Forcione albums. They are all of the best artistry, production and sound quality.
  12. It appears that you are looking at a different album. No grape vine Acoustic Revenge_ Heartbeat last track 9
  13. Send me $100 and I'll see if we can get you in. The favourite track is: Antonio Forcione - Heartbeat from the album Acoustic Revenge
  14. Item:Townshend Super Tweeters Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  15. Hi Gazza I have the same Gen 1 Antipodes music server as I have said earlier. I watched a YouTube by Steve Guttenberg who was interviewing a guy who was doing a number of tweaks to his Cambridge cd player. Nothing drastic but he did say the biggest improvement he got was after he applied Dynamat to the interior of the player. The Dynamat is usually used in cars to deaden door skins which I have done to my car with good results. This got we wondering if applying Dynamat to the interior of my server would improve things. Yes I am a tweaker, some things work and some don't. I bought the equivalent sheeting from Jaycar, Response Sound Deadener, and put some on the lid, sides and base. Cost $30 Results seem to be that any edgeyness has gone. I can't do an a/b comparison but for $30 I think it's worth doing. I doubt this would work on later model Antipodes servers as the cases appear to be of a more solid construction. My server has HDD, not SD. It's possible that there would be no improvement with SD (no moving parts) ?
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