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  1. Thanks for the extra info CTW, I should have put all those in as I assumed this unit needs no introduction, it comes with the original Dirac Lite, it was doing a fine job with room correction so there was no need for a full version, which is an extra $99, the licence is not transferable but I can subsidize the fee for the new buyer, it can correct each sub separately , ie, FL/FR, RL/RR or both at the front or back, I was running 3 subs with it, 2x Paradigm sub12 at the front from sub-L and a Seaton Submersive at the rear (sub-R) behind the seats and it filled in all the "blackhole" in the room completely, as you mentioned above the unit is up-gradable with modular boards for 4K HDMI output and Atmos/DTS-X in the near future.
  2. Item: Emotiva XMC-1 Location: Lansvale, NSW Price: $1,800 Item Condition: Excellent - like new Reason for selling: upgraded to Atmos Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this directly from Emotiva USA about 4 yrs ago, still has around 3 yrs warranty left, spent all its life in a dedicated dark theatre room, I'm moving to an Atmos capable machine so letting this one go, comes with all original accessories and box. Pictures:
  3. Item: Oppo-93AU Location: Lansvale, NSW Price: $250 + post Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have this as a back up player in a dedicated HT room mainly for iso streaming from a NAS, it spent most of its life inside a dark theatre room, it played less than 10 BDs, so laser head should be very good, it still has the last firmware that is iso capable, been sitting idle with power off for nearly 2 years so its time to let it go, comes with all original accessories but no not the box, local pick or I'll box it up nicely for courier. Pictures:
  4. Man, if only you are in Sydney... I'm looking to downsize my screen in the lounge room for the kids and move the projector a bit closer to the screen to get a better brightness as it is used in a no light controlled area next to the kitchen, so anything from 90 to 100" is what I'm looking for.
  5. Got my XMC back today from the States, had to pay shipping both ways, just like new again, had to do some setting and reload my Dirac measurement previously as everything was factory reset, they replaced the ECC board, seems to be a common problem with the corrupt data, return shipping cost was 40% more and sending to the States, even though same courier was used (UPS).
  6. Yeah you are right, our ears response to loudness not in a linear way, I did a course on that 20 years ago but can't remember most of it (alcohol kills your brain cells).
  7. Yes that's right, I forgot, the XMC is made in the States where as the AMPs are Chinese.
  8. CEC loopback failed, means it locks up at the end of the boot sequence just like yours, the way you describe on Emo forum.
  9. That much I know, I meant if the room is too small you won't need to crank up that much for loudness, say I only use 80% of my amp max headroom during those demanding scenes but I will not have clipping at 80% right? so to get an amp with double the power then wouldn't I just use 40% of the amp capacity to get the same loudness? it will be cleaner yes but also wasting power on efficiency?
  10. Can you check the cooling fan on the Epson to see if it runs at lower speed when feeding it through the laptop as a source? its a long shot but as you said it seems to run fine from other sources from your Marantz.
  11. XPR-5... 400W/ch into 8 Ohms, not many surround speakers can handle that much power, you will have to have really a big room to use all that power.
  12. UPS express just picked up the faulty XMC, will miss those LFE for a few weeks , I'm too lazy to bring the spare Yammy A3020 in from the Lounge for temp replacement.
  13. I had to cut 3dB to the LFE channel as it was giving me a headache with non stop rumbling!
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