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  1. Evening folks, finally got around to posting a pic of my workshop system - Kenwood AVR. Rotel CD spinner and a couple of Whatmough 2 way Magnums. With the weather having been warmer over the last few weekends, the system is finally getting a run while going about the usual chores within the shed. Cheers, James
  2. Oozes character and style and with the combo of gear you have, a great sound l'm sure. "All things must pass" - one of my favourite tracks from George. Thanks for the pics! James
  3. Mate, many more knowledgeable members on here than myself, but from what I seem to have absorbed in understanding room setup - I would be chasing room furnishing touches to improve things. Are the windows that you mention fitted with any treatments - blinds/curtains? If things a sparse on this point, I would be considering getting some good and thick curtains that cover as much of the window to the floor as possible. This in itself should help some ways with first reflections. Potentially not cheap, but if the missus is handy with a sewing machine....! What else do you have in the way of furnishings besides the rug and sofa? Could a couple of book cases be added (with books!) into the room without any dramas? Is your sitting position with the lounge up against the back wall or part way into the room? I sat in a lounge against a back wall at Carlton Audio Visual and the difference a sound diffusing panel placed behind my sitting position to demonstrate the difference of having it placed there was substantial. The speakers became that much more clearer. If the budget can stretch - perhaps some additional rugs if you've got large areas of uncovered floor between the sofa and speakers? If you're happy with your speakers enough to pause about the idea of replacing them, then consider what you can change in the room compared to the cost of alternative ones! Cheers, James
  4. I have to get out more. The last time I recall hearing an un-amplified music session was with a Taiko - Japanese drumming - presentation. The holy grail of audio in the home where the recorded music achieves the same level of sound quality, resonance, accuracy and "there"-ness" of the live performance is something I don't think I will ever hear at home. Would I love such a system - absolutely!! But in some ways - until I start attending live orchestral events - in my case its more "ignorance is bliss" - I honestly don't know what I'm missing. And perhaps in some ways, that's a good thing because otherwise it could indeed be something that would drive me nuts as well! But since I wouldn't know an overblown mid-range to a smeared transient, once again ignorance is bliss. Lucky for me though, I'm at a place where I am really happy with my sound system as it is - to my uneducated ears, it passes the "sounds great from another room" test with flying colours. Cheers, James
  5. Working from home for the next five weeks and so the stereo system is getting the boot put in good and proper! With no neighbours within 400 metres, no chance of any complaints either.l must have been babying the P33's 'cos it sounds like the bass drivers have finally found full voice after many, many months. Cheers, James
  6. Great looking setup there Tony! I confess that while I am yet to hear any Luxman gear, I am quite taken with the design of their kit. One day I promise myself that I will organise a home demo of their M900-u/M700-u along with your Luxman model SACD player. Any chance you could put together a bit of a write-up of your tasty new kit when your able to eventually tear yourself away from the sweet spot? Cheers, James
  7. Thanks for sharing your system and thoughts/experience Hugh. I've often wondered if people in this immersive hobby find themselves with "it" - the near perfect blend of gear that brings everything together and leaves you with the music that sounds right for you. Glad to read you have reached that place! I also like your choice of album art - especially Roxy Music Avalon - love that album! Cheers! James
  8. Mate, just caught your Youtube post of your system playing Kiss. Listening through crappy earbuds and the bass is still punching hard! Love it - congrats on a killer system.
  9. G'day Martin, I was in the fortunate situation to be able to budget a chunk of money from an asset sale towards my current hifi setup. A couple of decisions I made in working out how much was to go towards what involved: I was not planning on going down either the vinyl or digital music server path - so I was sticking with CD's. I wanted synergy with the electronic components that I would be purchasing - Pre, power amp (SS) and CD player - so if possible sticking with the same manufacturer. This meant that when it came to the decision to buy, I would have confidence in the components working together well for the sound I wanted plus it helped with negotiating a better price from the store. Interconnects - Trying not to buy too heavily into the marketing hype that goes with these components, I opted for kit that was middle of the road in terms of price & perceived performance/value. I bought interconnects on special and on average probably paid no more than a couple hundred dollars a pair. Speakers. These took the lions share of the budget and being floorstanders had to have WAF as well as giving me the sound I was looking for. So I guess I followed the common line of thinking that says the largest percentage of total cost goes to speakers, then components then interconnects. If I could have spent more I would have certainly liked to have gone up a couple of notches with the quality/capability of the electronic components but as it is - pretty happy with what I have so far. Cheers, James
  10. G'day Nick, something also to be aware of with PVR/HDDs. Not sure if the other manufacturers follow the same model, but tv shows recorded on a Sony device will only play on their machines. When the Sony PVR at home starts to get full, I save stuff to a portable drive. Which means that if my current Sony PVR poops itself I will need to buy another machine from Sony or effectively not be able to playback the recorded stuff on the portable drive! Cheers, James
  11. @@Darren69 - thanks mate. I may not end up back on a bike but I've got a lot of very fond memories - better to have ridden than not at all I reckon!
  12. Morning all! I took up motorcycles back in '86. It was love at first ride and some of my best times were spent in the saddle. I started out on a DR 250 before moving up to my first road bike - Kawasaki GPZ600R. Lovely bike at the time for riding the twisties and negotiating the many roundabouts in Canberra. Great bike for also getting my riding sorted out along with a couple of the Stay Upright courses of the day. Then it was onto 1000cc with Mr Honda's offerings of the time - CBR1000's. One of the best rides I had was on this bike riding from Atherton QLD to Port Douglas down a range (name escapes me). The road surface was billiard table smooth with heaps and heaps of 45Km/h signposted corners. Buckets of fun! After the first of my two kids, I regretfully sold the CBR until 2005 when the bug and finances came together to allow me to purchase a mint 2001 VFR800 - the model with the gear driven cams. The bike came with a nice sounding exhaust that made the V4 engine sound like a small block Chev motor. So much fun to ride! The best experiences on this bike were the ride with my best mate to Phillip Island from Canberra via the coast in 2007 to watch Casey Stoner blitz the field. The other experience was two days of riding with my girl in Spring through the Snowy Mountains. Glorious weather, light or little traffic and not a cop to be seen! Sadly that VFR is gone courtesy of a twit with little understanding of the road rules. The damage done to me has, coupled with two hips that need replacing, left me unable to ride. The upside was getting into HiFi! Anyhoo - the good stuff - pictures! Safe riding and Merry Xmas! James
  13. Oh poo! I got excited there for a moment because I thought the OP was referring to a pair of speakers my brother had back in 1980ish. Picture a pair of concrete pipes approximately 15 inches in diameter and standing about 5'5" tall. There were three tweeters mounted on the top with the midrange on the inside firing upwards. The woofer was downward firing as the base of the concrete was slotted and raised on a wood base. With a black foam 'hat' to cover the tweeters the whole thing looked like a giant cigarette. Heavy buggers too. James
  14. Hi Victor, I'm running the RCD 1570 and RC 1570 Pre with the 1582 MkII for a pair of large 3 way floorstanders (Whatmough P33s). I find the 1582 has a good grip on the speakers - great sound quality across the dynamic range. If you can, I suggest getting a Rotel dealer to allow you to audition the 1582 at home and use the pre-outs from your RA 1570 to hook up the 1582. Better yet, if the dealer will also allow you to audition a RC 1570 you can at least make a comparison between it and your RA 1570. Let us know how you get on. Cheers, James
  15. G'day Felix, As both my AVR and stereo amp sit on top of the tv unit to ensure plenty of cool air, the downside has been dust. And because l have a slow combustion wood heater nearby there is always a gradual layer of fine ash. Pain in the bum cleaning wise but an extra worry with all those exposed parts under the vents of the gear. My good lady knows that my sound system is precious to me so she made 'onesies'for both the amp and avr after a visit to the fabric store. The covers obviously come off when the gears in use. Just the occasional microfibre cloth wipe down after that. Both Pre and CDP get the microfibre treatment as well. Cheers, James
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