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  1. Light machine oil according to the manual. Someone on eBay lists copies of the manual occasionally and I think vinyl engine may even have a copy in the archives. I cannot find reference to the hollow spindle in some models but assume that is to allow oiling from above. I remove my platter to oil it but putting the belt on is a PITA. Your motor should be very quiet when overhauled, I revarnished mine and replaced the starting cap gave it a good polish and lube and it is almost entirely silent. Bad tyres on your idler or crappy o ring joint on your belt might make a noise.
  2. Thanks Zaph, very interesting. I wasn't aware so many improvements went into the later gear. They did well to resist the temptation of a new model name or number at every iteration. Not sure if such an old one especially sans remote volume warrants an upgrade but it is tempting.
  3. I was describing the ME preamp George, as you say a perfect match for an ME power amp. It is an opamp based pre with an Alps blue pot. Nothing exotic. Ive taken the top off a couple of preamps to show an ME 14 which is a good simple preamp and a better preamp with a stepped attenuator from Pass Labs. I know which I prefer.
  4. No George there was nothing wrong with the system. When brand new ME were never forward or rich by anyones description. That is not to say anything negative. Depends on what you are driving and what presentation you like. The pre was a simple Opamp with a decent Alps pot and plentiful power supply. Good bot not exotic. The power amps were detailed and powerful but too thin for me on some speakers. However one of the nicest systems I've had and ever heard from that era was an ME 850 driving Moss Electrostatics, super detailed and clean. But a 3150 Perraux with big Yamahas or IMF TLs did a much better job than an ME if you are chasing a big forward front row presentation. Horses for courses. The OP wants a big forward rich sound. ME didn't stand for Magic Enhanced it has its signature sound and thats a misfit for this request.
  5. To me someone seeking a front row, full and rich sounding system can do a lot better than an ME amp. I am amazed what these get relentlessly recommended for on this forum. I have had a few ME amps but would describe them as thin, delicate and detailed, sure some kick but not rich and warm nor front row.
  6. "There may be better turntables out there" as you say but certainly not for $20! I reckon well set up its many thousands that they compete with. Well done. Don't sell it keep tweaking it till your too old to hear it.
  7. I am considering recommissioning an old favourite amp of mine. The well known Adcom 555 mark 1. This amp is revered in the states as a value for money performer and has a strong following with a number of techs offering recaps and upgrades. I certainly wouldn't value it enough to send it stateside but if a local could do the job I would likely give it a shot. It has no problems at all only obviously ageing electrolytics, it still sounds excellent. I don't want it 'upgraded' but would entertain speaker protection being added. Anyone know of a candidate, preferably one who knows these old things?
  8. Audiofeline, you can fairly easily mount another arm but you have to weld a lug on the sub chassis. I have a plan to do this I just am looking for a donor. I have never seen one in the flesh but the non Silex Orpheus has no mounting lugs on the subchassis so could be used with new lugs mounted for the two arms (or more). These units are not normally as sought after for the reason that they don't have the lug so should be available cheaply and if you have to wet one lug on 2 is not going to be much more work or cost. The other thing about the non Silex is that it has simpler lines with the casting extending over the square of the plinth. Could look kind of clean and cool. However I love the groovy double oval look of the Silex. The only consideration is that the "9 O'clock" mounted arm will have the cart tracking over the motor. These motors are fairly grunty big things and probably spew EMR like Chernobyl so some carts might not like that. Post your progress.
  9. I wan't aware they did them. I assume the 2 pole spinning so fast might be a bit harder to keep quiet? My money will be confidently on the Silex. Mind you a rigidly mounted Byer in a heavy plinth can sound great. I have one in a plinth I made out of end grain wattyl chopping boards. It is very heavy, very dead and has the solid sort of bass you would expect. I love it with my Decca Cart. However the Silex has far cleaner mids and therefore imaging and detail. Comparing the same (V15iii Shure) cart (on SME 2-) across my 5 turntables the Silex does it the best. Thats not to say a different arm and cart may suit particular tables better (They are a tweaked Systemdek, 1019 Dual, 701 Dual, 12" Commonwealth and the Orpheus).
  10. Yep.... If the physics are well understood, incremental improvements can give outstanding results. Lots of screwdriver work and lots of rejects but its rewarding. You do see mistakes though and I have seen a Silex housed with full suspension on the platter but the tonearm rigidly mounted. Anyone who thinks that sounds good hasn't heard a tenth of that turntables potential.
  11. Hi Kttiong I machined up a new stem and made a plate to sit under the SME plate that I slotted to allow the SME movement. This is from about 5mm aluminium. However it is not essential to go to that trouble as you can swing the tonearm on its fulcrum to facilitate alignment and my problem was in fact getting it all close enough to the centre to give the correct alignment. Clearance to the outside of the casting of the TT is tight and I had to make the plate asymmetrical for it to work. I rubbed the unit back, painted it with several coats of two pack high fill primer to get it flat then a mid gloss auto 2pac. I then adhered the original transfers and built up coats of 2 pac clear, blocking back between coats until the transfers were covered flat. Looks pretty genuinely old but a bit classier than the hammer coat. I do like them in hammer coat too. I previously highly polished one which looked pretty cool. The plinth is a 3 legged base of river red gum with a 4 legged second layer on top, completely open. Your motor should be quiet enough for this to work. I had to revarnish, balance and install new bearings though to get my motor quiet. The spindle bearing in my case was very precise and not worn so I simply cleaned and polished it, replaced the ball and oiled it up and it is very quiet and stable. I replaced the belt with a new viton oring. A better belt might be better, I would not be surprised. These pics might show it better. It is a sweet table. I have played it for a few years and plan to upgrade the arm next. Looking for something suitable to mount my Decca Gold in. Should be lovely.
  12. I am listening to one now. I have owned and restored several exotic turntables and the Orpheus Silex is the ultimate under appreciated prize. I prefer it to my 12" Commonwealth which is in perfect condition and is also a wonderful TT, but contrary to many opinions is not in the league of the Orpheus Silex. The original unsuspended Orpheus is worthy of the cult status that Commonwealth Electronics enjoys and the Silex with its clever suspension takes it to a higher level. I have made mounts up for various arms including the currently mounted SME as shown in the picture. The arm needs to be suspended off the subchassis unless it is a non Silex model. Open it up with a skeleton plinth and replace the suspension with sorbothane pads and you will be delighted. It may be a little more lively and transparent sitting on compression springs but to do a good job they need to be longer than the original mechanism allows. I have also hung the subchassis by springs as Orpheus offered as an upgrade but couldn't get suitable spring rates. Worth every minute you put in to it.
  13. Item: Schiit Loki DSD DAC Location: NW Tas. Price: $150 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Bought multi format DAC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This unit is DSD only. Pictures:
  14. Item: Rega Fono MM Location: NW Tas Price: $150 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Works well, comes with power supply but no original box Pictures:
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