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  1. Hi the bass traps were reserved by someone else this morning I'm afraid. Are you still interested in just the panels for $200? If the bass trap sale falls through I'll give you first refusal on those of course. Let me know anyway and I'll mark them as sold pending. Cheers
  2. Item: 4x Rockwool Acoustic Panels + 3x Superchunk Bass Traps Location: Coburg North, VIC Price: Panels $200 for all 4, Bass Traps $50 each for the bigger two, $40 for the smaller one. $300 the lot. Item Condition: These are DIY panels but I would strongly argue out perform most panels I have used in studios etc having a sound engineering background. The panels contain Rockwool acoustic batts and the bass traps are filled with higher density insulation. They have lightweight wooden frames and are covered in calico at present. They have the odd mark here and there on them for storage. You could easily cover them with fabric of your choice to suit your room though if required. Dimensions are as follows: Panels: 600 x 1198 x 70mm Small bass trap: 400 x 400 x 790mm Large bass traps: 400 x 400 x 997mm . More than happy to demonstrate their efficacy in my Hi-Fi room to genuine buyers. Reason for selling: No longer record at home. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  3. For fear of dining out continually on my one song like Bob Geldof, I’ll just say that I’ve had what I consider to be great success with the Morel 10” Titanium series woofer in a sealed box (40l) paired with my 505s. Crossover is currently at 700Hz and they are flat to 25Hz thanks to a low shelf boost. Being rated at 600w they can handle some significant help here! Woofers are upwards firing with the panels centrally mounted over their axis. I plan to make smaller boxes at some stage for increased WAF. That being said, currently weighing in at 5 times the weight of my 2 year old is not without its OHS advantages! What state are you in, SS?
  4. Hi Rob, These are very similar to the ones I built using the 505 panels. They sound amazing. My panels are centrally mounted over the axis of the woofer though as I was advised that it’s best to have equal pressure from the woofer on both sides of the panel. I’m using 10" Morel drivers with mine which are great but you lose the lovely compact look of yours. Love your veneer too. Did you buy pre-veneered MDF?
  5. Hahaha OK - walked straight into that one! 🤣
  6. Normally you! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Price dropped to $390 as I need them gawn!
  8. Item: ER Audio 505 Electrostatic Mini Panels Location: Coburg, VIC Price: $390 with donations to SNA and ER Audio who have been a wealth of knowledge and support over the past two years. Reason for selling: Upgraded to newer model of 505 Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup Item condition description: I’ve had these panels for about two years now and they have been brilliant. The only reason I’m selling is because I now also have the newer version of the 505 panel making these surplus to requirements. The panels have just been refurbished with new diaphragms, the stators re-coated with PCB Epoxy, screws replaced with nylon screws as per the latest model, and the edging strip has been replaced. The panels have some minor scuffs and marks on them but these are only visible up close. Functionally they’re as new and they are in good and very presentable condition. I’d recommend grill cloths anyway given these things are dust magnets! The acoustic resonance of both panels is extremely close as is their sensitivity. The panels come with the power supply boards which also include the step up audio transformers but do not include the required 12v DC adapters. These should be available direct from ER Audio but are just regulated 12vdc 1A supplies with 2.1mm plugs. There are slots for a crossover capacitor and inductor on each board. These are not included but are available from ER Audio if required. I run mine with an active crossover instead using miniDSP and highly recommend this! If you are in Melbourne you are welcome to come and hear the newer model in action. The sound is very close to the older model for sale, especially given my chosen crossover point. Panels are now $770 new, so grab yourself a bargain!
  9. Hi Grantn, it’s all a learning curve and I’ve been proven wrong or educated on matters more times than I care to mention on this forum! I guess that’s what I love about all of this; questioning yourself, getting results that don’t match expectation, making significant improvements through newfound knowledge.
  10. I'm using linear phase FIR crossover filters on both ends so I'd be surprised if this was the case.
  11. Yeah, and as the acoustic centres of my two driver are essentially aligned I presumed the woofer would be the more latent of the drivers, and as such started by applying delays to the panels but yielded no results. It was only when I started delaying the woofers that I started to yield improvements. That’s why I suspect the cause of the delay is electrical and not mechanical or acoustic.
  12. The interesting thing here is that my delay of 0.64ms equates to 220mm which is quite close to what you arrived at despite us using very designs to one another. 250mm is a 0.73ms delay.
  13. @Subsonic This is a really interesting design! Did you make the cabinets? I've been meaning to get back to you re QRDs. I used QRDude - http://www.subwoofer-builder.com/qrdude.htm for the plans to build mine. Inspired by the principals of the LXmini regarding a design which allows speakers to be closer than optimal to the back wall I currently have them placed behind my 505s and it made the world of difference. The imaging is unbelievable on them. Something which has always bothered me is that the woofers sounded better inverted, but for no obvious reason given they essentially share the same physical axis as the panels, so I didn't feel it was a physical time alignment issue. When I changed to different woofers I had the same issue, and also when I changed to different versions of the 505. After some head scratching and experimentation I realised that the phase issue I had resolved (sort of) by inverting the woofers was properly resolved by instead delaying the woofers 0.64ms rather than inverting them. All of a sudden the response around the crossover point is much flatter because presumably it time aligned all frequencies rather than just some as per inverting the woofers. My best guess is that this latency is introduced by the transformer circuit of the 505s. Anyway, if you're using a miniDSP give it a whirl. It made an audible difference to me and fixed some strange imaging anomalies.
  14. At 95dB I'd start learning Auslan if I were you, Nige! Above about 80-85dB the refelctions in my 3.5m x 5m room become insufferable. I'm also pretty sure that the industry has an informal agreement that mastering is done at 75dB, the reason being we are all subject to the Fletcher Munson curve. The argument goes that listening should be done at around the same volume to minimise the effects of the loudness curve.
  15. Hi Rob, I previously used SB Acoustics 10” drivers that came highly recommended. They were about $200 each so might have a $150 8” option.