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  1. Nice work! The link you had to Planetech SFPs is correct. Part number MGB-TLX(V2). I don’t believe you need an attenuator. I haven’t had any issues without one. Did you suss any more about differences between the versions of the OM?
  2. Of course they may ‘look good’ in photos, but what you see in ad photos is not always what you get. Good to hear you weren’t burnt too badly on the Kimbers.
  3. Good stuff re psus. I am using the fibre cable below from fs.com who ship locally and seem to offer very good service. I've read reports of fibre brand and quality making a difference to sound quality, but haven't researched this yet. However, I gather it is less critical than the choice of SFP, associated media converter device and psu. The bend insensitive one below seemed to be the better of the two compatible offerings from fs.com, but I don't really know if it would make a difference over the other fs offering. Both are cheap anyway. LC-LC UPC OS2 Single Mode BIF Fib
  4. I initially tried to source them locally from businesses that import from Planetech but this was unsuccessful. I ended up buying directly from Planetech and using Shopmate to ship to me in Australia. Dont forget you will need a psu for the OM. A good quality linear one made a difference in my system. So the overall cost of this upgrade can add up. You will need to use a fibre cable to suit the Planetech SFP which is not compatible with fibre sold by Sonore for the TP-Link SFP. But otherwise, to answer your earlier question, yes it is that simple. I am using optical t
  5. I am running these Planetech SFPs in both my Edgerouter to OM and OM to Etherregen A-side paths. I found them to produce a less closed in sound than the Tp-Link SFPs I originally purchased from Sonore, consistent with what I had read about others’ experiences. It would be interesting to compare the Planettech SFPs with the audiophile ones @dbastin is using.
  6. I’m being picky, but ideally he would have also taken the photos at a lower ISO than 1000, for less grain, and a smaller aperture than F3.2 such as F8 where that lens tends to be sharpest! But that would require a longer shutter speed which would be ok on his tripod unless the pause creates some minor movement of the screen image.
  7. I’d take it to JLS in Doncaster. I used to have a PM660 and loved it. Such a great amp with plenty of current.
  8. 77” sounds like way to go if budget allows. I sit 3.5m from 65” Sony 4K. When I bought it I thought I would never need larger...but of course down the track a bit and I am now considering upgrading to a 75”.
  9. Sold pending payment. Thanks to those expressing interest.
  10. Further information: Features Provides galvanic isolation to the USB bus Compliant to USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480 MBit/s) Backwards compatible to Full Speed and Low Speed Isolation withstands up to 2.5kVRMS Advanced ESD protection (15kV IEC Air-gap Discharge) Works out of the box, no drivers needed Transparent to host and device: wide compatibility to all operating systems, embedded systems and devices Works also with hubs and extenders Supports all USB-specific transfers and modes No additional round-trip latency Powere
  11. Thanks for suggestions @dbastin. I will give that approach a try. I have FTTC and separate NBN box and TP-link VR1600v router as provided by internet provider. I haven’t dared to try replacing TP-link yet as can’t afford much down time with 3 people using internet for work and study, and me not really knowing what I am doing, ... but you have prompted me to give it a try! I will check other thread as well, including for how to handle wireless. I do most of my listening from files which are on SSD plugged into NUC, and at one point I did try Edgerouter downstream of NUC and thought I migh
  12. I have been running a dual OM into ER set up. One OM is connected upstream to NUC via WW Silver Starlight 7 and feeds straight into SFP on ER. The other OM is connected to ER via a SOTM DCBL-CAT7 and connected upstream to SFP within Edgerouter X-SFP operating as switch into router supplied by NBN provider. Then B-side ER to streamer via a second DCBL-CAT7. This set up seems to work nicely.
  13. Good question. I haven’t opened it to check, as I am selling it ‘as new’ and felt I should leave sticker on the side intact. My understanding from Teradak is that it should have a potentiometer that provides +/- 5-10% of its specified voltage as range of adjustment.
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