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  1. Further information: Highly regarded streamer that provided a substantial improvement in sound quality over the cheaper sMS-200 in my system. It is Roon ready, does Spotify, airplay, HQ Player, Squeezelite, connect a NAS or HDD. This is latest Neo model, and is 9v version but can easily be changed to 12v version by repositioning a clearly marked jumper inside the unit. Pls note it doesn’t come with a power supply. Postage via Aus Post is included in the price. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you mus
  2. Get as many quotes as you can would be my advice. I imported a kayak that I bought on Craigslist in the US a while back. Quotes from freight forwarders including packing varied between AUS $1200 and $4500. I went with the cheapest quote and it was fine. I will see if I can find the name.
  3. A few years ago on a Friday I ordered some bookshelf speakers from a UK store, and they arrived on the Monday. I couldn’t believe it. I contacted the seller to give him positive feedback on his courier and he said he was also surprised delivery was so quick and that the speakers must surely have “only just caught the plane”.
  4. Welcome! Don’t mind a bit of reggae myself and hope to pick up a few tips from you!
  5. I have found similar with TP-link FMC’s. Sound becomes a bit soft and lacking in dynamics and attack. Locally sourced ksm converters were an improvement and Sonore Optical Module better again. I haven’t noticed loss of dynamics with a dual OM ->ER set up, but can’t say I have set about testing for this either. I’d be interested to know what you have tried that has lead you to box the optical.
  6. Nice work! The link you had to Planetech SFPs is correct. Part number MGB-TLX(V2). I don’t believe you need an attenuator. I haven’t had any issues without one. Did you suss any more about differences between the versions of the OM?
  7. Of course they may ‘look good’ in photos, but what you see in ad photos is not always what you get. Good to hear you weren’t burnt too badly on the Kimbers.
  8. Good stuff re psus. I am using the fibre cable below from fs.com who ship locally and seem to offer very good service. I've read reports of fibre brand and quality making a difference to sound quality, but haven't researched this yet. However, I gather it is less critical than the choice of SFP, associated media converter device and psu. The bend insensitive one below seemed to be the better of the two compatible offerings from fs.com, but I don't really know if it would make a difference over the other fs offering. Both are cheap anyway. LC-LC UPC OS2 Single Mode BIF Fib
  9. I initially tried to source them locally from businesses that import from Planetech but this was unsuccessful. I ended up buying directly from Planetech and using Shopmate to ship to me in Australia. Dont forget you will need a psu for the OM. A good quality linear one made a difference in my system. So the overall cost of this upgrade can add up. You will need to use a fibre cable to suit the Planetech SFP which is not compatible with fibre sold by Sonore for the TP-Link SFP. But otherwise, to answer your earlier question, yes it is that simple. I am using optical t
  10. I am running these Planetech SFPs in both my Edgerouter to OM and OM to Etherregen A-side paths. I found them to produce a less closed in sound than the Tp-Link SFPs I originally purchased from Sonore, consistent with what I had read about others’ experiences. It would be interesting to compare the Planettech SFPs with the audiophile ones @dbastin is using.
  11. I’m being picky, but ideally he would have also taken the photos at a lower ISO than 1000, for less grain, and a smaller aperture than F3.2 such as F8 where that lens tends to be sharpest! But that would require a longer shutter speed which would be ok on his tripod unless the pause creates some minor movement of the screen image.
  12. I’d take it to JLS in Doncaster. I used to have a PM660 and loved it. Such a great amp with plenty of current.
  13. 77” sounds like way to go if budget allows. I sit 3.5m from 65” Sony 4K. When I bought it I thought I would never need larger...but of course down the track a bit and I am now considering upgrading to a 75”.
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