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  1. The i2s seems favoured by many in the forums so interesting to hear your experience. The different inputs on Holo have different implications for what is doing the clocking, if I understand correctly, with i2s being driven more from Singxer than with USB which is driven by Holo. The Spring 2 has improved USB over Spring 1 but the i2s is also improved. Have you tried a USB isolator like intone? Seems to be used a bit with Holo and Singxer set up. I haven’t tried it.
  2. I have been running the SOTM CAT7 into the streamer for a couple of years now, so that hasn’t changed. That made a big difference when I introduced it over Blue Jeans. As far as cables are concerned, what has changed with introduction of fibre is that instead of the SOTM cable going straight from streamer into switch, it goes into the OM and another cable has to be introduced between the 220L and switch. Unfortunately, I don’t have a second SOTM DCBL-CAT7 to use there in order to provide a cleaner comparison of fibre in and out. I have tried a few cables including Wireworld Silver Starlight, Blue Jeans, Supra CAT8 and Elecom in that position. The sound is smoother than the without fibre set up in all cases except probably Blue Jeans in that position but various other changes occur depending on the cable. All a bit confusing really. I’m currently using Elecom in the upstream position which seems to produce an even more silky smooth sound in my system. But doing this reduces spatial cues and soundstage compared to SOTM cable alone, which SOTM cable is great for. So it can be a bit tricky running a clean comparison of fibre in versus out when you don’t have two of your preferred cable for that run. For a cleaner comparison, but still subject to additional psu influences, I compared single Elecom from switch to streamer, with fibre book-ended by two Elecoms. In that case I prefer the sound with the fibre in. But I prefer it more with SOTM cable at streamer end. I haven’t really done any testing with the power supplies. Am using the SPS-1000 on OM and Gieseler triple voltage on 220L.
  3. We used i2s input from a Singxer SU-6. I didn’t notice any difference on separation etc.
  4. Yep I’m using Sonore fibre cable, and both OM and TP-Link MC220L have same TP-Link SFP that is supplied with OM and listed here: https://www.sonore.us/opticalModule.html I tried the OM into Etherregen set-up when a friend lent me his Etherregen for an afternoon but I couldn’t get it working with the SFP from my 220L inserted into Etherregen. I raised this with Alex at Uptone. He confirmed that the OM into A-side of Etherregen set up should work and suggested I try the following SFP that they use: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U77VPX2 I havent managed to try this yet, but very interested to hear how you go..
  5. I’m running fibre with a TP-Link MC220L upstream and Sonore Optical Module (OM) downstream which is powered by a borrowed SOTM SPS-1000. Adding this into my system with SOTM CAT7 from OM to streamer is giving a noticeably smoother sound, seemingly less digital. Not feeling something is missing as a result, but interested to hear what it is that you think might be missing, if you can put your finger onto it. I’m interested in dropping the TP-Link MC220L out and just feeding OM into A-side of Etherregen via fibre and SOTM CAT7 from B-side into streamer. That way, the fibre is just running between two quality components designed ground up, both with input by Swenson. Still power supply to consider obviously.
  6. I took my Spring 2 KTE over to a friend’s place and compared to his original Spring KTE version. We didn’t do an extensive comparo, but it was quickly apparent to both of us that the Spring 2 had the nicer sound. The main difference we heard was in the vocals, with the Spring producing more natural vocals. Not a dramatic difference but easily heard on his Magicos.
  7. Can’t believe these haven’t sold yet. I had a pair and loved them until I got the bug to go up a few price points. From memory, they used to sell for around a grand so this is indeed great value.
  8. I used to have this combination and it provided a sound quality with a huge soundstage, excellent transparency, air and bass authority among other attributes. Excellent value for money. GLWTS.
  9. RussB


    Welcome Geoff!! I have found SNA to be a great resource for learning, both as a passive observer / reader and interactively. You have come to the right place!
  10. Great speakers. I used to have these and they were great. Absolute bargain basement price. GLWTS
  11. Thanks. An example of what I was thinking of is listening to music such as Dire Straits with a strong emphasis on closely miked guitar. A highly resolving system will provide considerable detail in the guitar that might be harder on the ears that a more smeared or less detailed sound. Probably less likely to be an issue in a darker system.
  12. And good music with a crap recording .... which seems to cause fatigue due to poor, and in some cases ‘hot’ tonal balance, if not also other reasons.. And what about fatigue due to high levels of detail. What is the reason this can cause fatigue?
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