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  1. Singxer SU6 (via i2s), plus other cleaning up of upstream signal, has resulted in substantial improvement in sound quality from my Spring 2 KTE. SU6 gives the sound considerably more refinement, and interestingly, despite it having supercapacitors, I have found the power supply for SU6 still makes a difference, as some others have reported.
  2. Well said. I recently had an item lost in the US. Tracking for delivery from seller to Shopmate warehouse said delivered. Aus Post said they haven’t received it at the warehouse. There is now a shipping update on Shopmate website under FAQ stating there is an issue with their warehouse address and many items are not reaching them because they are being delivered to wrong addresses. Perhaps not their fault, but doesn’t make for a reliable service.
  3. Just looking at your pictures brings back great memories from when I owned a pair of these. Great speakers for the price. I would buy these for my son if you were in Melbourne. GLWTS.
  4. I have been interested in Kimber Kable speaker cables advertised on other local sites and supposedly new and available for pick up in Melbourne. Having noticed warnings on the Kimber website and also jdaudio about fakes, stating that virtually any new Kimber Kable not being sold by an authorised agent is fake, I sent two of the sellers a message asking for further information about the original of the cables. No response received in several week, which gives you the answer.
  5. The May is a higher end DAC than the Spring 2 and retails for about twice the price. The Spring 2 is current model at its price point.
  6. Superb DAC that doesn’t come up very often on SNA. It has been described as sounding sublime in this forum, and having heard it in two systems myself, I have to agree. GLWTS.
  7. Great price for a DAC that has excellent transparency, air and soundstage among other qualities. This shouldn’t last long.
  8. Further information: Factory terminated with spades on one end and bananas on the other. Reviews of Silver Oval and more recent Big Silver Oval: http://stereotimes.com/cables050800a.shtml https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/analysis-plus-silver-oval-2-speaker-cable/ http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/analysis-plus-big-silver-oval-speaker-cable-tas-215/ http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/analysis+3/bigsilver.html Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Further information: For the money, you'd be hard pressed to beat these Grover Huffman cables. They excel at midrange tone and lose nothing in bass or treble extension against cables costing much more. Plenty of reviews online, including on the Steve Hoffman forum. Bare wires at endings as shown in photos. Length 2.8 metres. Add $20 for shipping within Australia. http://www.groverhuffman.com/speakercables Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. It can be a challenge getting this metallic beast to rest peacefully on an ER, when multiple stiff Ethernet cables don’t want the ER to play game and sit flat. Perhaps some audiophile grade tie downs?
  11. I haven’t tried 3, and with 5 I have found improvement over 2 to be more than slight when using Elecom as the cheap cable and Tp-link FMC upstream. The OM adds refinement and smoothness that complements DCBL-CAT7 very nicely in my system. Otherwise your summary is similar to my observations. Agree that linear power supplies, power conditioners all influence things. I tried a couple of different power supplies on ER and OM and it made a clear difference. More generally, what works will as usual be system dependant, as you know, with differences between systems and set-ups in where the noise is coming from, the ability of endpoints and DACs to deal with the noise, and a whole pile of moderating factors such as power supplies on ER, OM, and overall balance of rest of system and room in terms of harshness, resolution, refinement, imaging and soundstage and so on. I suspect that the average difference in sound quality between one of the above isolation set-ups and another across many people’s systems would be way less than the variability. And that’s not even getting in to differences in sound preferences between listeners. I’m starting to wonder whether I should have spent more to ensure downstream components are more resilient to save spending all the $ and complications on upstream prevention. But not ready to simplify yet! I have found the ER and OM to have some complementary benefits in my system and it’s not just a question of the extent to which the OM is a substitute for what ER does, or vice versa. Certainly there is overlap in what they should be achieving from a technical point of view, with both providing some commonality in isolation provided, but there are also technical differences and I’m interested in what qualitative differences in sound they make. I suspect if I was to acquire two ERs, I would still get some benefit from adding the OM, or at least adding fibre between them as @Snoopy8 has suggested.
  12. I recently had an ER on loan and substituted it for my Netgear GS-105. I ran the network cable from the router into A-side as well as a Wireworld Starlight Cat8 from the NUC. SOTM DCBL-CAT7 out of B-side to my streamer. Sound quality improved noticeably in soundstage, focus of imaging etc. I then replaced the Wireworld from NUC to A-side with Wireworld from NUC to a Sonore Optical Module (OM) and then fibre into the SFP port on A-side of ER. Both SFPs are the TP-link model that comes standard with the OM and can be purchased on the Sonore website. Sound quality again took a noticeable step forward, with instruments sounding more natural and coherently positioned, and soundstage further improving. The magnitude of this improvement was not small relative to that of adding the ER, and may have even been of a similar increment.
  13. They do produce a different sound in my system, which is not unexpected given their different construction- the 500 is a high quality switching mode supply and the 1000 is straight linear. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to isolate the difference in powering the NUC as whichever one is not on the NUC has to go on my streamer! (SOTM’s SMS-200 Ultra). Based on other comparisons though, the 500 seems a bit more dynamic but has a little more of a digital edge than the 1000. I bought the 500 on SNA and the 1000 from Crux Audio in Australia.
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