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  1. Great speakers. I used to have a pair of Eclipses and only reason for selling was to move to higher price point within Osborn range. GLWTS
  2. Over the last couple of days I have had a Fein II on loan and managed to compare it to my Gross. The Fein II has a built in Gold Tune power supply so I just used the external power supply that came with it. The Gross was powered by one of Clay’s external Gold Tune Kraftwerks. The Fein II clearly provided the better sound quality in my system. The most obvious differences were that it was smoother, with less hard or harsh edges, and had better separation within the soundstage. The Fein II soundstage was less cluttered, most noticeably around the center of the stage on the tracks I was listening to. The soundstage was also a bit larger, including being deeper. Piano was more natural sounding and seemed to be tonally better balanced with longer decay. Bass was a little more authoritative. Overall, the Fein II resulted in a smoother, more enjoyable and more mesmerising listening experience. It produced a less digital and perhaps even more tube-like sound. @Snoopy8 also came by for a listen and seemed to be in general agreement. Another great product from Clay!
  3. Nice work Clive! That should pair very nicely with your CJ CT5.
  4. RussB


    Nice set up! Enjoy the forum.
  5. Congrats on your new system Snoopy8! It looks great and no doubt sounds great...and less psu’s to be constantly turning on and off!
  6. Welcome Jason. Now you can lurk around these forums as a member!
  7. Welcome to the forum boyT! Good to hear someone else has had children push their dust caps in!
  8. Item: Curious USB cable 0.8 metres Location: Melbourne Price: $270 pick up, $290 Express Post within Australia Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer need this length Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: As new condition, with box. Pictures:
  9. Item: Conrad Johnson CT5 pre-amplifier Price: $3100 Firm - Plus shipping if required Item Condition: Excellent Location: Melbourne Reason for Selling: No longer required Payment: Cash on pick up, PayPal, direct deposit Extra Info: Conrad Johnson is one of the most respected names in hi-end tube audio gear. This amplifier has a beautifully smooth sound. Check these reviews: https://www.stereophile.com/tubepreamps/706cj/index.html https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/review-conrad-johnson-ct5-tube-preamp The CT5 retailed for approx 12k. I purchased this last year on SNA here; It has had less than 100 hrs use in my possession and spent most of the time packed away. The tubes in the unit had about 600 hrs use when I bought it, so expect them to have had about 700 hrs use. Comes with remote control, manual and original box. It was sold to me without power cable so I am passing it on that way. Photos:
  10. Great combination and super price. These don’t come up very often. Won’t last long. GLWTS
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