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  1. RussB

    FS: Conrad Johnson CT5 Preamp

    Some more details on another recent CT5 purchaser’s experience, and my reasons for selling, here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/257090-an-upgrade-in-pre-amplification/?tab=comments#comment-4013616
  2. Interesting read thanks. Highlights the question of whether cables that are referred to as ‘warm’ are actually just neutral without being clinical or analytical, as opposed to being distinctively warm for example by accentuating the upper bass frequencies.
  3. I ended up with Van Den Hul “The Mountain” XLRs for my interconnects.
  4. RussB

    SOLD: FS: PHASURE Lush USB Cable 1.0m

    PM sent with intent to buy
  5. My system was a little on the bright side so I was particularly interested in brands of cable that are known to have a slightly mellower signature sound. Did a bit of research and came up with a shortlist of brands and then went about trying as many of those that I could, either by borrowing from retailers to test or buying on sna where I could resell with minimal loss if necessary. I bought the one I thought integrated best in my system and produced the best sound. But once the right balance is achieved, it is not necessarily the case that the optimal choice for a different cable would be the same brand. For example it might be more neutral.
  6. He only has time for working lunches with all these Kraftwerk orders coming through! I know, another dad joke...
  7. RussB

    FS: Conrad Johnson CT5 Preamp

    Still available!
  8. RussB

    An upgrade in pre-amplification

    Great stuff Big Dog RJ. Good to hear you are happy with the sound now you have the CT5 in place. Wow the CLX’s are impressive looking. I can see how the CJ gear would be a good match with them.
  9. One sold. The other pending payment.
  10. Item: Transparent Musiclink Plus RCA cables 1 metre. Two pairs available. Condition: Very good 8/10. Few minor marks consistent with use. Perfect working order. Reason for Selling: NLR Location: Melbourne Price: $220 per pair (RRP $849) plus postage Payment: Cash on pick up, PayPal, direct deposit http://www.transparentcable.com/products/show_product.php?recID=9&catID=1&perfID=3&modCAT=1
  11. RussB

    An upgrade in pre-amplification

    The pre-amplifier I am looking to keep is an Audio Research Ref 3. My decision to sell the CJ and keep the AR is based on system integration and personal music and listening preferences. The two amps are both of superb quality and broadly similar price point, but have a different sonic character, being at quite different positions on the dark-bright spectrum. The CT5 is a darker sounding amp and the Ref 3 is brighter, as you are probably aware. How bright (or dark) each sounds within one’s own system will depend on which other components, speakers, cables they are used with, the room etc. In my system, I found the CT5 to be beautifully smooth and have an incredible ability to ‘immerse me in the music’ in a way that is ‘not in my face’, to borrow the description one reviewer used which i think sums up my experience well. The timbres and musicality in my system are superb with the CJ, and music such as jazz can be incredibly relaxing, and mesmerizing. The AR is more prominent in the treble and is strong on presenting all of the micro-detail. It immerses me in the music in a livelier and more energising and front row kind of way. So my experience has been that the two amps are basically just different. I have diverse music interests and prefer the CJ for listening to some types of music, such as Jazz, and the Ref 3 for other types such as rock music. I listen to the latter more often so thats what ended up swaying me to keep the Ref 3. Both are great amps at broadly similar price points that well exceeded 10k when new in Australia. Have you received your CT5 yet? Cheers
  12. RussB

    An upgrade in pre-amplification

    Congrats on your purchase Big Dog RJ! The Conrad Johnson CT5 is certainly a great pre-amplifier. If anyone else is interested in this amplifier, I have one in classifieds; https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/255833-fs-conrad-johnson-ct5-preamp/?tab=comments#comment-4001349
  13. This is great news Clay. Great to see you are experimenting in this way and continually improving your products. Will PM you re requirements for my unit.
  14. I foolishly went into a JB store a few weeks ago and asked an attendant where the SACDs are. She replied that they stopped selling them a couple of years back at that store because no one was buying them. I guess that is understandable if they are not making any money out of them. And besides, most people would need components to play them at home