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  1. Stolen Audio Gear

    just hope the thief is not into audio, he would try and sell it for cash. i would check gumtree and cash converter. i come across a seller selling stolen goods (suspicion?) once from gumtree. he was selling a marantz cd player for 50 buck and he doesnt even know how to hook up the cd player. was a rundown house.
  2. Not sure what balance power supply means. but i got a 2000 watt 240v to 220v tortech isolation step down transformer. bought it mainly because some of my gear is rated 220v while in my area could go up yo 250v. i find it improved thr sound a bit better too. but mainly i usedit because i dont my gear to overheat.
  3. Heavy metal is bad after all.

    who says? i find listening to heavy metal when doing workout give more energy hence more reps.
  4. Heavy metal is bad after all.

    that patient gonna wake up in Hell.
  5. Audio myths and misconceptions

    i m done with the magic peebles. i am using SHAKTI Stone Now! works great!
  6. Audio myths and misconceptions

    yes, i think its called 'measuring tape'. good for measuring but sound awful.
  7. Audio myths and misconceptions

    silver for 16/kg you bough it at the quarry mate. dont see the boss, see the bloke that carry thr shovel. cash only please
  8. FS: Tannoy Canterbury SE

    Heard that once, beautiful sound...
  9. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Ha..Ha.. you almost caught me there. Fortunately i am a Chess Genius i am always 2 step ahead. i did say 'Most of us', i did Not say ' All of us'.
  10. Audio myths and misconceptions

    i think being Audiophools is not about chasing Fact. its about chasing Dreams. none of the 'audiophile articles' are ever factual, i dont think. Would have join a 'science group' if i wanted fact... Facts: is we all have spend too much $$$ just to satisfy our 'itch' to try new toys.
  11. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Yet most of us still look at 6moon for reference...
  12. Audio myths and misconceptions

    less pollution from the eletricity or from the missus/children? for me, the 'background noise' from the missus and children is 10x worse than the electricity grid. thats why i listen at 10 pm at night.
  13. Audio myths and misconceptions

    tried and tested. works on my system. gain is subtle but noticable. can hear 'blacker background'.
  14. Audio myths and misconceptions

    . that is textbook english. you will find most of the textbook in uni speak like that, especially if you study science or engineering. it takes knowledge to understands the sentences.