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  1. Have 2 glasses of wine and you would not worry too much about looking and more listening. In time, you would not worry about it at all. If it bug you too much. Just go to bunning and get a spraycan, spray it the color you want, easy fix.
  2. batou

    Removing marks of equipment

    Try Holi Spit: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://everydaybiochemistry.wordpress.com/2015/03/08/holy-spit/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwjApvflkc7fAhXIE7wKHT2EACUQFjAKegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw15iNbwyLngrCWW_iVLYmDv&ampcf=1 If this doesnt work you may need the ultimate meguire super polish
  3. batou

    Presentation of items for sale

    everybody have different standard of presentability. It is very hard suit everybody taste. Best for me is to step back and judge less on others. If i don't like the pic, and dont wish to buy because of that. I just need to keep it to myself. I dont have to 'white-anting' the ads on the classified. If we go holiday to third world cities like bali or thailand or africa. And the cleanliness is below par compare to our first world cities. Are we going to whiteanting every shops and foodcourt that you visit? No, we just keep it to ourselves. We dont have judge others because we are so called 'better' than them on the surface.
  4. batou

    Presentation of items for sale

    We all like to judge others on the surface. i too like neat presentation with nice back staging. but i have come to learned over the years when visiting sellers home, you come to learned their life/work/marriage/family/financial/mental health circumstances. When looking at pictures, I started to emphatise more than judge others situation now. a messy background infact reflect a seller desperation to sell (usually against their own will), you will find bargain instead.
  5. you just havent come across the usual suspect here 😊
  6. i tried to resell a component here from an unsold ads 3 years back. i got a 'pm sent' posted on my listing therefore hindering other people interest in the ads. its ok if that guy is serious, but he is not! he went googling the night before my same ads 3 years back and found description 'slight noise on left channel which has been fixed (costed me $200 to fix it.). but due to the that olds ads this bloke changed his mind and walked off. therefore i agree that old listing not just can cause problem,but a privacy issue as well. i had a house break-in before and since then i am a little wary of stranger walking inside my home. hiding the price of the ads. hell, i would even hide the description if i had too. too many prying eye.
  7. thats why i always go to hifi show with schiity system therefore i always go home happy thinking my system is better. 😃
  8. sack the wife and the dream system is complete. noise factor reduce by 99%
  9. batou

    Advise needed - Scam??

    alot of times is just miscommunication. seller dont trust buyer, vice versa. thats why i normally prefer paypal to cover both party.
  10. batou

    FS: Dynaudio Audience 42

    yes, hate those little finger. always has to push all those expensive stuff in the house!
  11. batou

    End Game?