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  1. Item: GROOVETRACER® COUNTERWEIGHT – CUSTOM MADE FOR ZU/DENON DL-103 (165 GRAMS) Location: Byron Bay, NSW Price: $229 (with free postage to metro areas within Australia) Item Condition: As new (excellent condition, with box and installation instructions) Reason for selling: No longer need (have changed cartridge) Payment Method: Pickup (Cash, PayPal), Delivery (PayPal) Extra Info: As new, excellent condition. Well looked after. Comes with box, Allen key and installation instructions. New price: AU $329 (including AU $40 International postage) This Groovetracer® counterweight is a higher mass version of the universal model counterweight manufactured by Groovetracer for Rega tonearms. It is a custom version made for ZU Audio to balance the Zu-DL-103 model line of cartridges. Its total mass is 165 grams. The main body is CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and the weights are machined from non-magnetic stainless steel. The weights are damped internally and the body is decoupled from the endstub by a Delrin bushing and secured to the end stub with a No-Mar set screw. A precision machined stainless steel endstub is also included with the counterweight assembly to ensure a precise fit, however it is not mandatory to change the stock end stub if it provides a good fit with the Groovetracer counterweight. Black anodize colour. — REVIEWS From Positive Feedback online review, Issue 45. Written by Ed Kobesky: "Music showed greater general finesse, with more micro detail throughout the spectrum. Bass tightened up significantly, and though I didn't note any additional depth, what was present was definitely more nuanced. " From ToneAudio online review, Issue 3. Written by Jeff Dorgay: "Here’s what makes the Groovetracer products the best: attention to detail and precision tolerances."
  2. Hey guys, just bumping this thread for any names/businesses/specialists that can help with turntable cartridge set up in the Byron Bay area... Eg. The Murwillumbah or Lismore contacts mentioned above, if they're able to attend to more of a high-end job. Otherwise will be open to Gold Coast or Brisbane if need be. Cheers.
  3. Fantastic Daro. I do know a way that we could arrange that.
  4. Great to hear chilli6565. Yes, they are a beautiful amplifier. Whoever purchases will feel the same way I'm sure.
  5. Item: Rega Brio-R amplifier Location: Sandringham, VIC Price: $800 (RRP $1250) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup – Cash, PayPal (+3%) Extra Info: "The Rega Brio-R is an immensely musical amplifier that doesn't cost silly money." – What Hi-Fi The English Hi Fi Magazine "What Hi-Fi" awarded the Brio-R best amplifier in it's price category and gave it a 5 out of 5 star rating in it's review. It described the Brio-R as "agile, musical, and rhythmic......start listening and it's the music itself that grabs your attention, rather than any particular virtue. And that of course, is exactly the way it should be." This is a fantastic little amplifier. Purchased new from Melbourne Hi-Fi. It has a beautiful warm musical sound. Sad to see her go, but I have upgraded, so it is now up for sale for somebody else to gain enjoyment from. Stereophonic overview of Rega Brio-R amplifier: The award-winning Rega Brio-R amplifier certainly betrays it's compact size with a large performance of exceptional music reproduction for it's price category. It certainly belies it's power output of 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 73 watts per channel into 4 ohms, with an ability to more than competently drive most speakers. Due to it's substantial toroidal transformer, generous power supply components, a rugged output stage the Rega Brio-R justifies it's multi award-winning status. It also has an excellent phono stage with the use of film capacitors at all critical positions within the phono amplifier. It comes housed in a custom cast aluminium half width case. Pictures:
  6. Yes, could have been the support potentially. Although did have a 30mm wooden board underneath it, on shelving unit. And also tried it on coffee table and direct on floor with no discernible difference in sound. The pre-amp was an ASR Mini-Basis, and amp a Rega Brio-R (which isn't bright at all through phono stage [not being used here with pre-amp obv] and other inputs [which I use for streaming music through a DAC]). It still seems quite bizarre. I really wanted to love it – and tried so many things. I think the ZYX is known to be on the brighter/cleaner/analytical side, but that said, when it was tried on the other turntable, the overall sound was much less bright than on the Kuzma, which implies there was something else the culprit. So seems like the tonearm and potentially support may have been the main contributing points. Would be very interested to hear it with a Stogi arm, but already spent a bit of time with them trying various things with no luck. When auditioned on the Pure Music Group system (albeit using $35,000 speakers and other high end equipment) it sounded very good to my ears, so we put it down to potentially being the system components not working the best together as a whole. And may look to do a full upgrade of the system down the track when ready.
  7. Thanks for your responses guys. Actually tried the Kuzma Stabi S at home, courtesy of Pure Music Group. It looks amazingly beautiful, and have read many a good thing about it, but unfortunately it was too bright in my system. We tried many a thing to overcome this – including $2,500 cables and $6,000 amps – but unfortunately it was still too bright. It did have a Jelco arm and ZYX cartridge, which I think may have been a contributing factor. The crazy thing is, my current Grundig PS 1020 and streaming music through DAC sounds beautiful with my system (with an overall warmth which sounds amazing with the vocals of Bing, etc). So for the time being, I've put my turntable upgrade on hold. It seems the best bet, through Pure Music Group, would be to upgrade all components (speakers, amp, turntable, pre-amp, cables) at once – to ensure they all work well together. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Does anyone know if the Jelco arms can exhibit brightness?
  8. Hi guys, Any thoughts, opinions or recommendations between the Kuzma Stabi S and Avid Ingenium? I like listening to vocals (Nat King Cole, Diana Krall), jazz, soul, acoustic. Current setup is KEF R300's with Rega Brio-R amp. Love to hear your responses and experiences. Thanks, Luke
  9. Love the Stabi S. Also considering the Avid Ingenium. Aesthetics also important to me in addition to SQ. Any reason you didn't like the Ingenium? Is the Stabi S considered that much better? Have taken the Ingenium for a test drive with a Denon 103 R and loved it. Am interested to hear the Stabi S and how it compares. Love to hear any further thoughts between the two. FYI, I love to listen to a lot of vocals (Nat King Cole, Diana Krall), jazz, soul, funk, acoustic. And currently have KEF R300's and a Rega Brio-R.
  10. poiu, this one's for you. Will Mikey Eat It? Dill Pickle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCqmLhoYPJ0 Along with some other random dill pickle goodness for all to enjoy.
  11. Was going to say I must check out the brand, but appears, according to Grumpy, it may have been replaced.
  12. It's come to my attention that it's actually Polskie Ogorki that I've been consuming.
  13. Hey guys, New member from Melbourne here. Have been getting back into the appreciation of music the last year or so. Have recently picked up - and thoroughly enjoying - my KEF R300's and Rega Brio R. Next on the list is a Rega RP3 and headphones. Currently have it down to the HD650's and Mad Dogs at the moment (prefer a pure, warm sound, rather than bright). Took a visit to the guys at Addicted to Audio last week. They seem to really know their stuff - and have an amazing range of top quality equipment! Anyway, look forward to seeing and interacting with you on the forums. May need your assistance/thoughts on: - Headphone amp (for portable and home use with RP3) - Portable music player (my iPhone is maxxed out and think I'd prefer a standalone device) - DAC Luke
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