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  1. Hi. Has anyone used these. Specs looks good https://robertsonaudiocables.com.au/products/pure-silver-unbalanced-rca-interconnect-cables-black cheers
  2. Interested in this. OP: did you know if the current P5 on the market is different from this i.e any software or hardware upgrades? Also how are you the price? Cheers,
  3. Wondering if any members have tried the new EVO DAC 100 from PrimaLuna? What interests me is that there seems to be a reclocker on board this DAC and was interested if anyone compared this with Mutec-MC3? If results are similar, then it DAC100 would be a better fit since it removes need for another component in chain. thoughts?
  4. Hi Just curious if you had any impressions of Prima Luna Dac 100 you wanted to share? ta.
  5. thanks MattyW, yeah kind of stretched between a dedicated streamer/dac or Macmini + PimaLuna Dac 100. I personally think Mac option would be more flexible and expandable however dedicated chassis will be easier to use and less maitainance over all I'm reading mixed reviews - some folks seem to like OS+Dac option and others seem to complain about noise from USB case/power supply etc. Still researching...
  6. Hiya. Looking for advice on a dac/streamer/preamp. To be fed to Goldenear Reference powered by Primaluna evo300. Looking to spend max 5k. Cheers
  7. yeah they do seem to have non angled ones as well which i think are good for side channel at listening level but they seem slightly lower than 7000 ones.
  8. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone has setup dolby 7.2.4 setup using Goldenear Invisa 7000 in ceiling speakers? These have a nice design in the sense that the cones are angled towards listening position, however i think that different placement would require a different angle to the listener and not sure if these speakers allow you to change the angle of cone? Any one running them as surrounds as well? i.e. SL SR SBL SBR as that's how i plan do use them - sorrounds + ATMOS ceiling channel Cheers,
  9. thanks for the reply. I have been looking to audition reference but due to current situations have not had an opportunity. My questions are: 1. Given the mid/high range are driven from an external amp and sub is internal - is the audio balanced properly? 2. How does it do for movies? 3. Is 75 watts per channel of tube sufficient to drive these? Cheers,
  10. Hello, just wondering if there are any owners of Goldenear Reference or OneR in this group - would love to hear their feedback from them on these speakers. thanks very much,
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