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  1. I went on Sunday in Melbourne and thought it was incredible. Brain Damage/Eclipse was epic! One of best gigs I’ve ever been to.
  2. Gieseler Product Power Supplies

    Indeed, I was surprised of the weight of these things! Thought there must be a good reason for such a hefty transformer. Great work as always Clay!
  3. Denafrips Ares

    Pretty sure there's lots of talk on Computer audiophile as well...
  4. There's a post in the WTB section for one.
  5. Will A DAC help

    I’d go for this DAC if I was spending that sort of money. Read lots of great things about it. https://www.denafrips.com/ares
  6. Will A DAC help

    A dedicated DAC will certainly give you better audio quality, especially if you have really good speakers.
  7. Absolutely will have my eye on the classifieds when the time comes.
  8. Another Tidal question

    You just have to make sure you’ve got Hifi selected in the streaming section on the app is all. What you’re downloading onto your device are seperate things obviously.
  9. Looks like the Yamaha has Airplay so you can just use that in the Tidal app. Airplay is limited in quality though. I’d go for a AURALiC Aries Mini or Bluesound node 2 but they cost a fair bit more.
  10. Another Tidal question

    You can select on the app if you want to stream in HiFi or low quality. Same options are there for downloads.
  11. PDX Dac (a quick thank you)

    Couldn’t agree more! Clay is really great to deal with and a fine gentleman indeed. I’ve also been very impressed with his DAC’s.
  12. I'm feeding the iPhone into my Kef LS50 wireless today and it sounds excellent! So you could just take laptop, iPhone and apple adapter then plug into any DAC. So good.