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  1. StereoNET Kii Three Review

    These look amazing. That’s great being able to connect digital sources to the remote rather than the speakers themselves
  2. Blade Runner 2049

    Yeah the actual volume of the system didn’t help with the experience either.
  3. Blade Runner 2049

    I actually haven’t seen the original but I have to agree with some of this. Saw it at IMAX and thought it was awful. Seriously amazing soundtrack though and obviously visually great. But literally that’s it! Ryan Gosling was so irritating to watch and it dragged out way too long. I normally love Sci-fi but I didn’t think this was good cinema.
  4. A 'downgrade' to KEF LS50w???

    I've had 3 pairs of high end speakers over the last few years or so and the Kefs sound way better to my ears. I ran Antipodes DX with all 3 of them as well and some pretty great DAC's( not as high end as Meitner though). The Kef's were very frustrating to use until recent updates and the main one being Roon. So now they are seriously awesome to use. I guess it all comes down to person taste and ideally you'd want a pair of Kef's to audition in your room before selling the system.
  5. MQA on non-MQA DAC

    Is your App up to date? It’s pretty straight forward to find on the Mac app.
  6. Should have got the white ones, they might have been more bedroom friendly! Unbelievable speaker for the money. With Spotify Connect and Roon now working, it makes them an even better purchase. GLWTS
  7. Auralic Aries Mini burn in

    I used an Intona USB isolator with mine and it made a nice improvement.
  8. Well over the past 2 weeks both Roon and Spotify Connect have been added to the Kef LS50! I had previously used the Auralic Mini as Roon end point. Whilst it worked fine and sounded OK, streaming Tidal on the Kef app definitely sounded better. The Kef app has been painful to use but the new firmware/App update considerably improved playback. Now that the Kef's have Roon end point, the sound quality is even better than both streaming methods I was using previously. Roon recommends using the Kef's ethernet connection but I'm running wireless and it works perfectly.
  9. drop outs

    Think it was just my internet playing up and not liking this particular site for some reason. Works fine now after I rebooted the modem.
  10. drop outs

    I’m not sure but I’ll test it out. I get the same message when I connect to the wifi on my phone and try open the page.
  11. drop outs

    @Marc those are the Safari and Chrome screen shots when I enter the web address.
  12. drop outs

    works fine when I use the hotspot on my phone though.
  13. drop outs

  14. drop outs

    @Marc G’day, I can’t seem to even access the site at all on my Mac anymore. Won’t open the page with Chrome and Safari. I tried the flush DNS thing but hasn’t helped. Any ideas?