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  1. Really like the design of these 👍
  2. Can you sign up for Qobuz in Australia now?
  3. Worth it if you can afford a Nucleus and an iPad. I run mine just on a laptop and use an iMac or phone as remote. Not ideal but it's ok until I get the server + iPad in the house.
  4. My Topping DX7s sounds better than DAC's I've owned that are 4 times the price.
  5. Yeah there's no physical buttons on the Sony xm3's, so I was always skipping tracks instead of adjusting the volume. Plus they would get too hot quickly outside of winter. Really hope Bose have a new model come out with better SQ.
  6. Bose Soundsport Free are the best I've used. Pretty good sound and very comfortable. They don't sit inside the ear canal like the ones mentioned above but you get a few different tip wings/ear tips. So you get wind noise with these types of ear tips that aren't inserted all the way into the ear but I'd personally rather have comfort.
  7. There's a member using the CX + EX combo in the Antipodes thread if you scroll down in this section of the forum. Honestly you can't go wrong with their servers, I've owned 2 of them in the past. They are awesome. You get the best support possible from them too.
  8. Yes it was skipping to the next track a few times last night playing Tidal through Roon on my MacBook.
  9. ELAC Navis ARB 51 and Dali Callisto C maybe? John Darko compares the 3 of them in his ELAC video. Plus there's a seperate review for the Dali on his YouTube channel.
  10. Yes I'm surprised that there can be any improvement over the DX as a source. I guess it depends on how good the rest of your system is as to whether you'd hear a difference or not. I owned the DX from new and never heard any improvement in SQ over time. It's a music server...
  11. I couldn't stand the touch controls on the Sony MX3's and they get too hot for me. They are ok in Winter but I couldn't wear them for long in the warmer months. Sound quality is great with the Sony's though! Jabra have a new ANC headphone coming out that might be worth a look.
  12. Looks epic! Can't wait. Have liked all the newer movies except Phantom Menace and Attack of the clones.
  13. If you search PMC amp in topics you will find quite a few threads on here.
  14. Great! I didn't realise it can be configured for 2 USB outputs for audio. I used to have the Antipodes DX and regret selling it. Can't stand using my laptop for Roon, so I'm going get the Nucleus eventually. Definitely getting an iPad for control though, so much better than using my phone or laptop.
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