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  1. Thanks Al and my apologies. Will learn up and amend.
  2. I have a pair of the Pro9 TL Chris roger designs which I built with my father and cousin in the mid 70's. Still going well although I had to get some repairs done on the midranges roll-surrounds. I have put them up for sale but they are an awesome speaker.
  3. My apologies to Davysn and thanks to Wiilco for edits.
  4. Item: Chris Rogers Design Pro 9 TL speakers with Kef B139's Peerless self enclosed midranges, son audax tweeters Location: Brisbane Price: $500 Item Condition: My Father and I put them together 40 years ago but still quite good condition and still sounds good Reason for selling: Not using as much and would like an enthusiast to enjoy them into the future Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Have original Chris Rogers DIY designs found from Hi Fi mag on net but should be easily searched
  5. Hi, hoping to sell my transmission line speakers of 40 years vintage. Still going well, great sound.
  6. Hi, from Brisbane. Just joined. Have been reading topics for years, so thought I would join. Also have an amplifier and transmission line speakers I may need to sell, so I might use the classifieds at some stage.
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