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  1. Mystery Speakers Unsure whether I should have begun a new topic but as those favouring old-school are likely to look here... I picked up some vintage bookshelf speakers the other day for very little. I am unable to get into them apart but they are quite heavy: 5.7kg; Veneered in a pale timber; apparently front ported two-way with an offset mid-range of approx. 140mm and a port and treble of about 75mm in the opposite corners. They are 385mmx270mmx250mm. Cable is of the very thin "door-bell" type ending in one case in a two pin plug. It looks like something, (possible metal tags; hangers?), have been removed from the rear leaving a 15mm hole and two screw holes. The only feature that may help identify the manufacturer are the badges affixed to the fabric covered grilles: a stylised 4000 or possible 40000. No luck searching the 'net. Does anyone have an idea as to what they are? It's only curiosity on my part as they have cleaned up well and look good now that they've been oiled: even passing the WAF! I was also after some ideas on how to get them apart as the grilles seem solidly fixed and removing the only two screws, (centrally located at the rear), seems to achieve nothing. I would like to change the cables. They seem a good match to the little Pioneer SA500a that has felt a bit neglected lately: fairly sensitive, (with too much volume for me and the room!) and suited to less bass heavy styles, particularly jazz and classical. I'm happy with the purchase, just curious as to their origin... Thanks.
  2. Here 'tis: and I need a lie down! (I gave up on fixing the image!!!) 'night all.
  3. Canberra: 5C degrees: what to do... Lucky enough to be at home, inside today... Just reached 5.1 degrees: -5 with windchill, apparently: wind gusts up to 70kph. What to do? *cleaned some vinyl; *made a good coffee; *now listening to "The best of Blue Note"! After the school run: kids swimming and TKD. Then later, relax with a dram of Aberlour A'bunadh: batch #46, so, (for me), with water... Life's Good!
  4. Browsing Tiny's Green Shed, (Waste Disposal, recycled goods), yesterday and found this. Quite hefty and wide. Apologies for the crappy phone pics. It's a "Neckermann Multisound 1060". Not much on the 'net but obviously German: apparently 60watts; DIN plugs and inputs for Magnet and 'Krystal' (assume phono); 4-band and lots of buttons. (Not sure if there was an input for the foot-spa!) Not my taste and zero WAF but had a certain unique charm. Did pick up a Yamaha CT-410 and Sony CDP-390 in good nick. Can't resist silver face Yamaha! Everything works on the CDP, (will play CD-R, don't know about -RW), 4x over-sampling and dual DACs. Not a patch on the build quality of the Onkyo Integra DX-7500, but it's spindle motor needs doing and it just looks silly canted over at 30 degrees... edited for pic resize
  5. Very nice Bat. Also, thanks for the advice today and the offer of a loaner while the CR1020 is "inoperative"... You're too hard on yourself: I find you a very handsome man!
  6. Thanks for the welcome. Yamaha CR1020; Akai AA1030; Nakamichi 482; Nakamichi 482Z; Sonab 85S; Onkyo DX7500 CDP through Celestion DL4's + a few bits and pieces. All in the kids toy-room... Sorry, thought I had replied earlier. Thanks for the heads up on a local tech: CR 1020 "died" recently and need to find someone not scared to look at it.
  7. Have old gear that needs a new lease on life: here to be educated!
  8. I agree. We have found the easiest option is to just switch the amp to 'night mode'. In fact, except for news programming, we tend to have it enabled most of the time now: might have to modify settings on the Harmony.
  9. Received this unit on Saturday but unable to play with it until Thursday due to work commitments. As stated in another thread, (http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=71458, "Topfield 5000pvrt Won't Respond to Commands"), this is to replace a Toppy 5k with which we have had no problems until it failed completely a week ago. Anyway, I'm hoping that our experience with the 2400 will be as untroubled, (). The point of this post was to answer a query regarding Harmony remote compatibility that I thought I'd read in this thread, (unable to locate so I may be mistaken. Checking compatibility on Logitech’s website, finally found the correct designation for the UK market satellite equivalent model: SRP-2100 I don't know if anyone wants to load that profile up and see about it's true compatibility.
  10. After corresponding with Sway and ascertaining that the power supply capacitors were all in spec we decided to either have it fixed, (front panel), or get in touch with the repairer and see if the part could be bought.... Anyway, 'Good Guys' have a "invoice + $1" sale this long-weekend. My sister in law was going to look at netbooks and, out of curiosity, I asked her to check the price on the 2400 Masterpiece. She called back a bit later to say $869, (down from $1049 apparently) but they were at Domain and could get it at $865. So we, (Minister of Finance and I...), discussed it and said- No! Too many competing claims on our finances. The sister in law rings back and says- she bought it! (Great sister-in-law!) Just in time too- "live" TV was driving us around the bend. We'll pay her back in a couple of weeks. So I'm at work tonight and out tomorrow with a "new toy" sitting at home ready to play with. Still planning on getting the 5000 looked at and sorted out though. I better do some research... Any tips from early adopters? (Have until next weekend to pick up the 5-year warranty, ($99). In light of the apparent lifetime of the 5000, (4-5 years), I'm tempted).
  11. Sorry to resurect old thread but... Sway, Can't PM you apparently, but checked your later posts and note that you have "upgraded" to HD Topfield, so I am guessing your problem with the 5000 was terminal? As of tonight we have the same problem you describe, having done nothing any different to usual. Unit IS 4-years old so maybe reached end of life? Has never had any TAPS or firmware upgrades. Have tried powering off and does not seem to change anything. Will leave off overnight and see what happens. If no good will try reset, I guess. Grateful anyone has a fix or suggestions? (Yes, I know, upgrade!!!- competing financial priorities ATM unfortunately!)
  12. Much better now that I'm using these settings, thanks Mello Yello. Have been working nights this week, so am yet to see the one 'problem' program I had before trying these settings. Not seeing 'A Current Affair' in all it's glory doesn't really worry me but when flicking channels last week I caught Ray looking like the make-up lady had been very heavy handed... Is this the case, as it is the only program I've noticed it on, or is this 'solarisation' or the 'clay face' affect so often referred to by plasma owners? Yet to put many DVD's through the new TV: latest 2-disk 5th Elementwas the best I have seen it. However, garbage in/ garbage out applies: the 'un-digitally enhanced' Minder disks, (I know, but i'm a child of the seventies- and it brings back happy memories... blah... blah... blah... ), look absolutely awful. No fault of the TV: just can see the picture for what it is- have being playing around with various settings on the Sony DVD in an attempt to soften the picture to make it more watchable. Will try the beautifully restored The Sweeney disks next, (UK purchase): hopefully won't be dissappointed... Thanks all for the help, have been watching this forum for a long time now and learned a lot, I think . Very happy with this purchase. Better get back to work. Keep pushing those prices down.
  13. "did you get that bundle by mentioning the deal on the toshiba website where with the older tv models you get the bonus hd set top box? strange you got it with the new model tv." At one HN store on the Friday, they had just put the STB offer sign back on top of the old model TV, (no one was really sure about the deal): I managed to talk the salesperson there down to $1400, (from $1499), straight away. Had to get permission to buy from 'the minister for war and finance', in the interim went to another store: sign had been put on the new model that day, (don't know if this was in error or not- didn't push the issue), sale price $1699, I think. Loaded the car 20 minutes later with TV, STB... and a free stand- $1389 . I didn't need the stand, but they insisted. Thanks for the settings and recommendations, mello yello, will try tonight. Keep bargaining Guys.
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