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  1. Finally found after a history making clean-up (1984 vintage), also another old cleaning aid.
  2. I've still got a can of that somewhere, probably got a bit of silicone in it to stop the 'crackles and pops' .
  3. I will take this please, and yes ...great pics. Message me with the details . I have a son in Nth Balwyn who can pick up if that suits. Cheers Mark
  4. Nearly , its a brass wood screw ground down leaving the small slot to screw it in , the coarse thread end was left and anchors inside the headshell.
  5. It looks and smells like cedar, was a couple of very old table legs that a friend gave me to turn some wood plane handles . It was so light that some copper plate was required to balance the tone arm . No staining , just a couple of coats of clear satin polyurethane
  6. Made from scratch, just a tonearm fitting "araldited" into place
  7. Got busy with the Dremel after seeing them on eBay, quite happy with the result although it needed a bit of ballast to bring the tonearm to balance.
  8. Fantastic speakers ; GLWTS ; I promise myself never to let my 401b's ever leave ( unless I go deaf )
  9. I have a JVC JL-A1 that always sounded NQR after a new sourced belt seemed to slow it down ( most noticeable on the 33 ) , well it was too tight and straining the motor : not that I am recommending buying a tighter belt
  10. Brings back memories of the one I sold (to keep the peace) a few years back , mine had a Grace F-9L , damn damn damn
  11. I would think that both being of Japanese origin and similar vintage that their quality would be alike. The old Technics gear looks ok.
  12. Damn , I've got that one too ! Great old T/T as well, great motor - just all manual including at the end of the record, you can often fluke a decent cartridge on this vintage as well. Another good T/T which I have is the JVC JL-A1 - Belt Drive , Semi Auto and they don't cost an arm/ leg. Happy hunting.
  13. Hi, I have one of these, actually the best $50 I've spent at a garage sale . Made by CEC so its a quality Japanese item. Good steady speed with strobe and separate adjustment for both speeds and even a couple of holes to put extra headshells in. Auto return as well ; probably very underrated because of the Sanyo tag but I would recommend it. Mark
  14. Na wrong , let's do it in point form : 1. I didn't get cordless gear ; I scored a few bits. 2. I didn't get it from a dumpster; I bought them from a recycled centre. 3. I never said any cord had been cut off . 4. I never said any recycle people had any intervention whatsoever. 4. The photo depicts a cordless turntable , as per the title of the topic. Amen
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