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  1. Crazy price. I have not seen cheaper. 2 years ago you would have had a full inbox within 5 minutes.
  2. Here's one I really like. Its even available on vinyl! https://supergiantgames.bandcamp.com/album/bastion-original-soundtrack
  3. I'm not a huge fan of the genre but I sometimes catch ABC Classic FM playing video game scores on a Friday at 3pm. Funnily enough my teenage kids quite enjoy it for study time. Its almost like it tricks them into listening to classical. Not a bad thing!
  4. Mine arrived today...... But it's a Christmas present so....
  5. Ugly

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Back in 75, all I could do was drool. [emoji39]
  6. Fair enough. I'm going to try and hit them up too. Pricks charging for postage when that's supposed to be the big selling point of prime membership Amazon have now refunded my postage on this item. You just have to ask via chat. Twas easy.
  7. Fair enough. I'm going to try and hit them up too. Pricks charging for postage when that's supposed to be the big selling point of prime membership
  8. Haha I ended up cancelling my order for the 2lp set and ordered the 4lp set from Amazon. I'm also a prime member but paid the $14 postage. How did you get them to waive it?
  9. Item: RG213 DIY speaker cables 3.8 metres x 2 (bare connection no plugs) Location: Glenbrook NSW Price: $35 plus postage Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: I made up a set of these a couple of years ago. See the below post for more detail My configuration changed and I needed longer cables so I thought someone might want to give these a try. Payment Method: Bank deposit or paypal (add 4% for paypal unless paying as gift.)
  10. I've just ordered the 2LP set. Had a listen to the remix on spotify...different but good
  11. Discrepancy records have it for $10 cheaper on their ebay store 😃
  12. Ugly

    Blues Currently Spinning

    New release from Larkin Poe just arrived today. I particularly like their Skip James cover of Hard time killing floors blues.
  13. excellent. That makes it much easier. Thanks
  14. Thanks guys. I won't go the whole hog with green glue and double gyprock ( I have opted for double glazed windows). I really just want a decent insulation bat that gives me a reasonable compromise on thermal and sound. For example, I could use earthwool for its R value but are it's accoustic properties any good?
  15. I'm interested in this subject atm. I'm adding a family room to my house I want the: 1. Good thermal insulation which seems straightforward (buy highest R value that ceiling/wall cavity will accomodate?) 2. Decent sound insulation to avoid annoying neighbours. (I don't play super loud music but am conscious that this new room is right next to their bedrooms). To be clear, I'm not trying to soundproof, just reduce noise leakage. Is their a product that does both? I'm struggling to compare products on their thermal and accoustic performance. Your help is appreciated.