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  1. Excellent amp. I love mine
  2. +1 Bill's cables helped with hum in my system
  3. Ugly


    Haha... That's the one!
  4. Ugly


    There you go @Grove . You couldn't hope for a better response nor from a more reliable source. @pete_mac knows his stuff! I saw part of the mentioned collection a few years ago. Impressive is an understatement. It has its own room!.... a wall of shelves filled with Sansuis.
  5. You may be right. All I know is that the platter is scraping on the pulley protection rod which is reasonably fixed. The rod cant be lowered further unless the pulley is also lowered. The odds that both the rod and pulley have overtime become higher is slim. It seems more likely that the platter springs have sagged or the tightening nuts have slipped. I could be (and often am) wrong. Don't tell my wife. According to her, I am always right and I don't want to disappoint ? Thanks. I will give this a go on the weekend. You're right, I will need to adjust the arm and cart. ? I confess to not being great with this aspect. I've watched a video or two and have changed cheaper carts on cheaper decks but I don't feel very confident at all.
  6. I tend to agree that its a tightening of the springs required to raise the platter. Is it a simple enough job for a novice?
  7. I thought about turning the protection rod but it only clears the top of the pulley by about 1 mm. If I lower it any more I think it would render it useless
  8. I moved the TT out a little to look for the screws to take the bottom cover off and decided that I wasn't ready to tackle it tonight. I slid the TT back into place and thought I'd try it one last time. Waddya know it works! The protection rod is still very close so I will need to sort it soon. Does anyone know any techs either in the Blue Mountains or greater west?
  9. Thanks for the info all. I will have a look at it tonight
  10. Thanks @Eggcup The Daft . The base is definitely level so I suspect the suspension is the issue. I have no idea how to rectify this though.
  11. Hi All, I recently purchased this beautiful TT from another member and it has caused me to buy more vinyl than ever before! ?. This is potentially a problem in itself but not the problem for which I need your help?. Keeping reading..... I played a 45 last night for the first time on this deck and it was way too slow. I took the platter off and noticed that the belt wasn't moving all the way up the pulley. Luckily the seller provided me with a spare belt which I swapped and voila it worked!.....but....now the platter scrapes on the pully protection rod on both 45's and 33's. Help!!! how do I fix it? Here is a photo for reference. On a realted note, whilst playing around with the belt last night, I noticed that the pully seems to vibrate even when in the off position i.e. the motor is always on?
  12. I run the LS50s on a desktop in room a little smaller than yours. For music I never use the sub. I do however use it for movies and games. I found the LS50s really benefit from better amplification. I'm currently using an ME550 II hicap and it really makes them sing. The problem is, for your stated budget, you'd need to buy both an amp and stand alone DAC which would mean second hand to get the gains youre after.
  13. When you say you use it with a desktop computer, is it mainly for music or is it games and movies?
  14. Ugly

    Bang for Buck Integrated for PMC

    Beautiful. Best looking series of sansui in my books.
  15. Ugly

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    I received two records from Amazon Australia last week and they were in their 'frustration free' packaging. Maybe you have to order in small lots?