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  1. I also don't like the idea of the artist missing out on income but I think scale is the biggest issue. whole harddrive vs one album Having said this, some of my favourite artists have been discovered via a CD lent to me. In nearly all of these cases, it has resulted in me buying multiple albums that I otherwise would not have. I like to own what I love and remunerate the artist for their work. Many of my friends are however not so picky and would simply enjoy the pirated/ ripped CD with no subsequent purchase. It is these friends that want to avoid lending music to. I would be less concerned if the artist is a mega star like say a U2 or Radiohead (both of whom have allowed free downloads of their work because they can afford to) I feel torn on this issue.
  2. My real favourite however is this copy on vinyl. Pity it's a bit noisy.
  3. Found another version of the Chopin variations that I prefer more.
  4. SACD for $1 at the local op shop yesterday. Beautifully recorded.
  5. Show your motorcycle ride

    The comments under the video crack me up. "The biker is lucky he got out of there before the last dude finished winding up his super punch!"
  6. Mt Irvine/Mt Wilson - Katoomba

    Nice part of the world Mt Wilson. I was up there last year but don't remember anything unusual about the road. Spectacular colours in autumn.
  7. Sorry. I clearly can't follow instructions [emoji14]
  8. I didn't realise anybody still played Wow. I used to love it but it would have to be close to 10 years ago.
  9. Vinyl Ripping

    Good to know. I assumed that the onboard would struggle
  10. Vinyl Ripping

    I'm assuming you're using a sound card as opposed to onboard audio?
  11. Vinyl Ripping

    Direct from Schiit USA
  12. Vinyl Ripping

    I was going to ask the same. It'd be about $320 AUD landed
  13. Connecting atypical banana plugs

    I think that the hollow bit is so you can piggyback another set of banana plugs. I could be wrong