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  1. Ugly

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    I had a Colonial IPA and a Balter Strong Ale last night. The Colonial is just the best. Everytime I go to the craft beer section of my local bottlo with a massive selection... i end up buying more Colonial.
  2. Ugly

    New turntable user - need preamp advice

    It depends on your cart. I've never heard either of the phono stages you listed. Something like this is an excellent entry level pre that will not be embarrassed down the track even if you upgrade the table and cart. They also come up for sale second hand at under $200 https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/schiit-audio-mani-phono-stage
  3. Tiny little screws. Make sure you pre drill the holes or you may split the timber.
  4. I probably wouldn't worry about a purpose made solution like that. I'm sure you could jury rig some sort of bracket or hook to stop the panel falling over.
  5. My room is 2.5m x 2.5m so I don't need anything bigger [emoji3]. LS50 driven by a beefy ME 550mkII hicap. With the room treatment this system sounds awesome.
  6. I always listen at my desk.
  7. I can't imagine there would be too many teens today that would listen to classical. I imagine those that do, have an appreciation as they also play a 'classical' instrument. I could be wrong. Maybe it's a temperament thing. I.e certain temperaments are biologically drawn to the beauty and/or order of the music.
  8. You bought Beethoven as a teenager? I was too busy headbanging in my teens. Did you play an instrument? What made you interested in classical music at a young age?
  9. I play mine fairly regularly because it sounds so good.
  10. Some nice finds there. What's the Denon pressing like? I found a similar vintage Denon at the tip last year and it sounds excellent.
  11. This is the cross piece that hold it in place at the rear.
  12. The polymax won't fall out the front as the moulding holds it in place. It is roughly 25mm. I used two 50mm sheets of polymax with a brace across the back to hold it in place (as in the picture). Depending on the size of your traps you may need to add more bracing to the rear.
  13. I used this one (or something very similar) The only reason I thought it nessesary was that the pine was so thin I could only use very small screws. I figured this would give it just a little more strength.
  14. Ugly

    SOLD: FS: REGA Planar 3 Turntable

    Brilliant entry to vinyl at that price