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  1. Still for sale. Preference to local buyer initially. Sorry I should have mentioned that in the add.
  2. I have used the mm only. It was ok but not great. Not sure about the MC though
  3. Item: Paradigm Cinema Trio LCR Location: Glenbrook NSW (10 mins from Penrith) Price: $100 plus postage if required, Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Changed the rumpus setup and so this is no longer being used Payment Method: Cash (or Paypal as family/friends), Extra Info: I bought this a few years ago as the TV sound was really ordinary and I didn’t have room either side for tradition speakers. This LCR fit the bill nicely. It’s a hell of a lot better than the TV built in speakers. I have the original box and packaging for shipping purposes if required although preference will be given to local pickup as I struggle to get the PO. See https://www.paradigm.com/products-archived/model=cinema-trio/page=specs +
  4. Item: Parasound Halo Integrated Location: Glenbrook NSW Price: $2,500 Item Condition: presents as new (a little over a year old) Reason for selling: I prefer my ME 550 II Payment Method: Cash on pickup preferred Extra Info: This amp is in absolutely brilliant condition and is a monster of an integrated. I purchased from SNA earlier this year and it virtually new. I love it but I love my ME more (there can be only one). Buckets of power (160w into 8 ohm). A gazillion input and output options. Built in dac and phono card. It does it all. I have the original inner box and packaging but not the outer box. Priced to sell. Be quick. For more info: https://www.parasound.com/hint.php ++
  5. Now that's an album I haven't listened to in a long time! I used to love these guys
  6. Yes you did Pete! Awesome silly.
  7. Ugly

    WOW Classic

    I played back in the day ( very addictive) but have been away for 10 years. My eldest son got me playing again about 3 months ago. The current expansions were massively dumbed down and made it easy to get full epics without raiding. The looking for group tool that operates across servers, kills the community vibe. I've been back on classic for the last couple of weeks and really enjoying it. Nostalgia is part of it although the early days of discovery and newness can not be recaptured. I've found a guild made up of middle age men with kids, many of whom log on later in the evening once kids are in bed. It's far more social and chilled. I like it....I guess I'll see if it holds my attention
  8. Has anyone else returned to Azeroth?
  9. I already have one. Did you mean someone else?
  10. Great little machines. Noisy but cleans really well.
  11. Welcome mate. Glad to have you here and look forward to your contribution
  12. I just heard that Alice Sara Ott was diagnosed with MS earlier this year. She is such a talented pianist. It must be devastating for her.
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