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  1. Brilliant example where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I've bought each of their solo efforts but they are just not the same. These two just created magic together. (I put the record on but had to switch to cd because of the sh#t pressing)
  2. You are of course correct. Too many broken eggs is scrambling my mind
  3. I thought Mr Egg was back and has already posted in this thread
  4. I've had this sitting on my shelf for a year or so but had never played it. Wow. It is such a fantastic performance. Highly recommended!
  5. Moving on to two of my all time favourite pieces. Piano concertos by....Schumann and Grieg
  6. I remember having something similar once. It turned out to be a loose connection. Turn everything off and unplug all connectors
  7. Yes understood. I was saying that if distortion exists on CD then there is a problem somewhere else in the chain. As someone else suggested, you may just be imagining it i.e. it was always there but now you are a little paranoid. I've certainly felt that at times particularly after adding new (especially DIY) gear to the chain.
  8. Also, cartridge setup can help alleviate certain distortion eg. IGD while using the TT however obviously does not effect the sound of French horns on your CD.
  9. Protractor is a tool used to align the cartridge properly. I'm guessing your TT came 'factory setup'? even so, it is generally worthwhile checking it has been done properly using aforementioned protractor and a set of digital scales to measure the tracking force. A protractor can be downloaded and printed on paper and the scales will cost you about $10 on ebay.
  10. Haha great intro. Welcome aboard 😃
  11. Not sure where I got this from. Very quaint and intimate. Recorded in Japan , pressed in France?
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