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  1. Fair enough. I take all reviews with a grain of salt. The sbaf guys tend to love their schiit and could be accused of fanboyism. However in context, they weren't nearly as enthusiastic about the Vidar as they are about Aegir. I'd love to try a pair of aegirs for myself.
  2. All good advice. I did play around with toe-in and height alot. I'm a bit anal and used a tape measure and masking tape on the desk experimenting with different positions. I found that when I listen I pushed the chair back and leaned back. In that position tweeters are ear level and the toe in gives the most focused soundstage and imaging. And yes I really like that passenger album. I have unfortunately been pretty disappointed with his last few releases, not due to his songs so much as the absolutely awful pressings. The last 4 records have all been pressed off centre!
  3. very positive feedback over at SBAF https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/schiit-aegir-power-amp-impressions.6953/ They do love their Schiit Mr Guttenberg also loves it
  4. Another vote for the LS50 wireless even though I haven't heard them 😋. I use the LS50 passives on my desktop and they are brilliant. My desk is very large at 2.5 metres x 1 metre deep. Things that I learned: - Definitely get them up off the desk on some stands. I made my own out of some spare timber. The aforementioned IsoAccoustics would be perfect. - They need some power to sound their best. Cost wise and space wise, the powered wireless version make so much sense - Treat the room if at all possible. If its a dedicated PC room, this may be easier. I used polymax in homemade panels to great effect. Good luck
  5. I washed my car once. I used an old bucket and sponge from the shed.
  6. Hi Mate, Interested. I've sent you a PM with some questions.
  7. Brilliant example where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I've bought each of their solo efforts but they are just not the same. These two just created magic together. (I put the record on but had to switch to cd because of the sh#t pressing)
  8. You are of course correct. Too many broken eggs is scrambling my mind
  9. I thought Mr Egg was back and has already posted in this thread
  10. I've had this sitting on my shelf for a year or so but had never played it. Wow. It is such a fantastic performance. Highly recommended!
  11. Moving on to two of my all time favourite pieces. Piano concertos by....Schumann and Grieg
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