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  1. Thanks both. Bought it from my projectorlamps.com.au for $260 roughly...any issues with this supplier? thanks again will get it looked at. regards mark
  2. Hi All, My DLA- X55R stopped working last night however I was due for a lamp change. On the front of the unit, the Left and Right LED lights were constantly Red while the centre of the three middle light flashes continuously orange. I checked the owners manual and then online and I suspect the Ballast may be shot however have purchased a genuine lamp online last night in the hope this is the easy fix. Has anyone had their Ballast repaired and can recommend someone in Melbourne? Not skilled enough to do it myself and happy to pay a qualified technician. Thanks in advance..
  3. Oh happy days haha Rich from Oztheatre set me up with a 130" scope screen and it arrived today. Comparing it to the screen technics it is much better quality and heaps easier to mount. The cinemasnap screen material was heaps easier to place into the frame and my thumbs are reminding me now however the screen fabric is brilliant. Evo I think haha. 130" scope is much better, easier on the eyes and still fine for Gaming . I now have to investigate how to get the jvc x55r to project a scope picture but I'm in no rush. Anyone considering a screen technics or oztheatre screen , all I can say is Rich from Oztheatre was brilliant and spent almost too much time helping me out. The velvet material is spot on. I mounted the screen easily myself and it was ridiculously simple to mount it on the wall. The screen itself is much thicker than the screen technics and this can test your patience when you secure it to the frame. But after a few swear words and a beer it was done. Here's some quick picks of Xbox one on the screen... Awesome picture I think..cheers http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o654/Triumph71/image.jpg2_zpssldrnjcl.jpg http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o654/Triumph71/image.jpg1_zpsiphq9xba.jpg
  4. O.K guys It's been 2 days and I haven't heard from the gumtree buyer so its up for sale again. $800 firm packed and ready to be collected from Gisborne Vic, 3437....for postage quotes the large box is 3.15 X 17cm X18cm and the smaller box is 1.9m X 17cm X 18cm combined weight 25 kg. The screen is 4 weeks old and comes with everything needed including purchase receipt / warranty RRP $2000 Thanks ...gumtree advert link below http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/gisborne/miscellaneous-goods/projector-screen-130-16-9-screen-technics-cinemasnap-flocked/1082679596
  5. Yeah cheers Cheers Bradeye, yeah saw them Thanks again
  6. I already did shags, will most likely do it again and again and again ...such is the addiction haha
  7. Hi Guys, Once the 16:9 goes I have to move quickly on an Oztheatre screen thanks to a Rich helping out before he moves premises. Does anyone have one of his screens to view or know of a retailer in Melb that have them on display. I'm free tues 28th toThursday 30th next week. I'm checking out a screen technics 130" scope today thanks to sub250 Cheers Mark
  8. Cheers, Phonix are the wall mounted surrounds ..cheers
  9. Hi Goat, someone put a deposit on it last night., If the sale falls through there's another forum member who wanted to buy it so to be fair I'll give him second refusal and then will let you know. At this stage I'm sorry mate, it's sold ( I can't believe how there was nothing for 3 weeks then a mad rush... )
  10. Sorry bellyup, literally just got a deposit at 10.10p.m... Mate give Rob a call from the Big Picture People Knox city, I think screen technics are in Sydney and might save you on freight. Mention you are a DTV forum member...
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