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  1. Thanks bro for the plug. At the moment I'm waiting on a pair of new sensors to arrive for my CNC. I have one outstanding order still to finish for a SNA member as soon as the parts arrive. Hoping they come today! I have flat packed to a person in NSW and they paid for the courier and I just boxed it and labeled it.
  2. Let me know if you need my help. I could always do only the more complex panels with holes in them and send them up. That would leave tou to cut sides and top etc.. perhaps?
  3. I've seen cnc waved guides and plan to do them. I haven't seen them on DIYA yet but haven't looked. Will do thanks.
  4. No problem. I know if I had this option a few years back I would have jumped on it too. The 1300m2 cutting area help me make all sorts of speakers and doing it from home helps keep the costs down for everyone.
  5. Hi fellow members, I have a CNC Router that can machine up to 1280mm x 1280mm x 110mm. Can machine MDF, Plywood, Hardwoods and Aluminum. I can also model your designs from simple sketches. Can do Bookshelf Speakers, Floor Standing Speakers, Surround Speakers, Subwoofers and Bluetooth Desktop speakers. Other possibilities are Speaker terminals plates from Aluminium and Amplifier front and back panels. Also I can machine items for your room. I'm located in Geelong, Victoria.
  6. Re adjust price for individual sales as per request.
  7. Item: 6x 4k UHD Movies ($8 - 4K Movies) Location: Geelong, Victoria Price: $8 each + $6.50 postage. Item Condition: Used, excellent condition Reason for selling: watched them a few times now and now its time to let someone else enjoy them. Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: Can post tomorrow of someone jumps on them other than that not much to say about them. Please see photo for movies being sold. Xmen Apocalypse The Mummy Suicide Squad The Revenant Alien Covenant Dunkirk
  8. Item: HONEY BADGER AMPLIFIER PCBS + EXTRA PCBS (Pcbs being sold are - Honey Badger Left & Right channel, Diyaudio Universal PSU, Speaker Protection, Softstart, Mezmerise Pre Amp.) Location: Melbourne Price: $150 Item Condition: UNUSED Reason for selling: NO TIME FOR THE build Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These boards were purchased from Diyaudio at the start of the year. They are unused in perfect condition. These are all the boards you need to make a very good amplifier for a fraction of the price. Pcbs being sold are - Honey Badger Left & Right channel, Diyaudio Universal PSU, Speaker Protection, Softstart, Mezmerise Pre Amp. Photos:
  9. My V6 Vivid Singles arrived today and I installed them in my diy amp. I have a headphone amp I'm building at the moment but that runs a dual opamp on a single 8dip socket. Just wondering if I try the classic or not. I do love the Vivid v6 after a 3 hour session tonight, and supposedly they only get better with time. [emoji3]
  10. The power supplies are actually 36v @ 28amp each. Digikey sells them new for $684 AUD! Might have to revise my listing when I get home I think and strip the Power Supplies out.
  11. Price drop to $220. Can be used as a power supply or if stripped the cases can be useful for something else. [emoji3]
  12. Do these speaker retail for $11,000 for each speaker???
  13. Originally were used for operating solenoids. My plan is to use them with Class D amplifier boards for amplification of 13 speakers for Dolby Atmos. I actually have 12 of these units but only require 7 of them. With the dual power supplies and filter caps it's quiet a beefy rig. The steel enclosure is solid and well built.
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