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  1. Re adjust price for individual sales as per request.
  2. Item: 6x 4k UHD Movies ($8 - 4K Movies) Location: Geelong, Victoria Price: $8 each + $6.50 postage. Item Condition: Used, excellent condition Reason for selling: watched them a few times now and now its time to let someone else enjoy them. Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: Can post tomorrow of someone jumps on them other than that not much to say about them. Please see photo for movies being sold. Xmen Apocalypse The Mummy Suicide Squad The Revenant Alien Covenant Dunkirk
  3. Item: HONEY BADGER AMPLIFIER PCBS + EXTRA PCBS (Pcbs being sold are - Honey Badger Left & Right channel, Diyaudio Universal PSU, Speaker Protection, Softstart, Mezmerise Pre Amp.) Location: Melbourne Price: $150 Item Condition: UNUSED Reason for selling: NO TIME FOR THE build Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These boards were purchased from Diyaudio at the start of the year. They are unused in perfect condition. These are all the boards you need to make a very good amplifier for a fraction of the price. Pcbs being sold are - Honey Badger Left & Right channel, Diyaudio Universal PSU, Speaker Protection, Softstart, Mezmerise Pre Amp. Photos:
  4. My V6 Vivid Singles arrived today and I installed them in my diy amp. I have a headphone amp I'm building at the moment but that runs a dual opamp on a single 8dip socket. Just wondering if I try the classic or not. I do love the Vivid v6 after a 3 hour session tonight, and supposedly they only get better with time. [emoji3]
  5. The power supplies are actually 36v @ 28amp each. Digikey sells them new for $684 AUD! Might have to revise my listing when I get home I think and strip the Power Supplies out.
  6. Price drop to $220. Can be used as a power supply or if stripped the cases can be useful for something else. [emoji3]
  7. Do these speaker retail for $11,000 for each speaker???
  8. Originally were used for operating solenoids. My plan is to use them with Class D amplifier boards for amplification of 13 speakers for Dolby Atmos. I actually have 12 of these units but only require 7 of them. With the dual power supplies and filter caps it's quiet a beefy rig. The steel enclosure is solid and well built.
  9. Item: AMTEX Power Supply AC/DC 30VDC 55Amps - Rack Mounted Location: Geelong/Melbourne Price: $220 Item Condition: In good working condition with some external scratches. Reason for selling: Not needed anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash etc Extra Info: I have 4 of these power supplies sale. The power supplies are custom made by Amtex. The case is very solid and is only rack mountable, there is no feet for bench use but could easily be added. I opened one unit up and inside are two high quality robust switching power supplies linked together. However when I was trying to determine the individual units capabilities there was no markings to indicate a model or output volts amps etc on their own other than basic terminal markings. Please see pictures for more info. Overall the sealed units specs are - Input: 86-264 VAC Output: 30 VDC @ 55Amps Power: 2000 Watts Pictures & Video: [/url]
  10. Not really, had to sort out some electrical parts I needed and been busy. Being thursday I have basically conceded the next time I jump on it will be this weekend. I went and seen Adam at AdamBits and we discussed my needs for bits. I can't wait to get the cnc up and going!
  11. Lol I made some enemies online with my Xbox account when playing NBA2k19 lol. Probably one of them or as you said someone jealous or being mischievous haha. All good it always works it way out. The YT algorithm sees past that it's more the views, retention time and comments. I have to do a few of these videos in a row to get my channel active again so YT knows I'm serious and self promotes me in people's feeds then I drop the full videos and proper content after that. It's all about having traction for when the proper content drops. Also I'm seeing what people say about the videos so I can improve. In the past I've done a lot of videos about projectors and home theater so it's a slight transition to DIY Speaker builds and Amplifiers. My main demographic that views my channel is male 25 to 45 and spread between Australia, USA and UK. I have a an Instagram account as well with more content but it's a slow build there with only 470 followers lol.
  12. So far it's been a straight forward build. I searched hi and low and nothing can do what it can for the price. At one stage I was going to custom build one but it's too hard. Ben at 3DTek is great, was on the phone in video chat last night for an hour discussing the Heavy Mill. Good knowledge and Support.
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