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  1. Aloha some new meters arrived in the house since my last posting cheers and stay safe 🍿
  2. Luckily found this Sony TAE-8450 so I'm very happy with the performance in different configurations with several Poweramps from different manufacturers Its a keeper thats sure Cheers and stay safe
  3. Hi Pete You right my discription isn't correct this is very much a handmade amp using parts from the AU-9500 unfortunately dont have any schematics so it would be pretty difficult to repair if major problems show up well luckily till now the amp works without any issue anyway sooner or later will sell cause to many goodies in the cave In the moment traveling the V-Fet road with Yamaha B-3 in BTL Modus with very good results beside the Sansui BA-150,TAC-505 and Yamaha B-2 system this Combo sounds also very good in my ears and create abit the feeling my Soundjourney could have
  4. This is a very clear and powerful sounding unique Sansui AU-9500 Clone designed and handcrafted by a unknown Japanese Audiofreak There are few modification which improve the Soundstage from the regular AU-9500 remarkable with JBLs 🍻 Cheers Build like Tank Cage included
  5. Sansui Power Amp BA-150 and TAC -505 as a preamp is a wonderful matching Combo with JBLs sound and visual very strong just brilliant in my 👂 and eye's 50 years old Combo never seen a service hard to believe seems both unit's untouched Cheers stay safe 🍻
  6. Aloha Im into Toshiba 12AU7A, 12AX7, 12AT7 this are good Tubes too Happy Easter Day's Cheers 🥃.
  7. Aloha Elekit TU-8340 in action in EL34 configuration after replace the Bias Module sounds gorgeous later ill try KT88 setup Its a nice Amp with big funfactor and lot's of options Cheers 🍻
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