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  1. Thanks for that. I found a Danish site where these speakers got a mention as A100 and also ITT9090 (I think). Not much else apart from that they need BIG amps to drive them, this seems to be the case with most Scan-dyna speakers including the more common A25. But still no real specs. Cheers Nikki
  2. Thanks Peter A little more on these scan-dyna speakers. The cabinets measure 450 x 300 x 750 The two woofers are 10 inch and the mid range is 61/2 inches with the 2 tweeters and vents.. they do seem to be from the Scan-dyna/Dynaco family and when I saw the A40 had 2 10 inch woofers I thought this is it but no ! They seem to be orphans but such a nice speaker there must be so info somewhere
  3. Hello all I am looking for any information on these scan-dyna speakers which I have just been given. The previous owner knows nothing, apparently he was given them also. I can't seem to find any info on the net for these, the only vintage scan-dynas I can find are A20, A25 which these certainly aren't. There is nothing written on them about working watts or what ohms they are, the only way I could identify them was the scan-dyna badge on the grill. They sound excellent and the cabinets are things of beauty. At present. I am them on using a Sansui A-330 receiver which s
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