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  1. No mention of Aaron in the advert, but likely Aaron Quintet. If I didn’t have a lot of speakers I’d go and have a look. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/doncaster/speakers/quintet-speakers/1222752512
  2. I’ve been running a business selling collectibles sourced from op shops (not CDs or LPs) amongst other places for two decades. Near enough makes a living for two. By and large op shops should leave special pricing alone. They generally have no idea. In the area I do know in a professional way they almost never get it right. The silliest effort I’ve seen is putting items in a taped plastic bag with a note ‘selling for $62 on Ebay’. Unsurprisingly that op shop closed. And as you say, who pays money for bagpipes and Kamahl or nineteenth century religious tomes. The best sort of op shops have flat pricing, all shirts $2, all books $1. It means they get flow of stock which will bring customers to look more often. I know from talking to lots of volunteers they have way more stuff than they know what to do with, so move it on.
  3. Op shop CDs and LPs are a great way of learning about new music you might not have known about. I know several 50 cent places. Not much to lose. I’ve been playing a silly game for a while, particularly with classical music, looking for ‘great performances’ of music I know or know of. I’ll be the guy checking reviews on my phone. Found some great things and learned about musicians and conductors I didn’t know about.
  4. Firm use of a fingernail will generally open Op shop taped cd cases. I was busted several times buying CDs with no CD in the case or the wrong one. Now I want to see it first and not waste my time either buying the wrong thing or nothing. And wondering if I should drive a few days to get my money back.
  5. I have the baby of the group, the Tannoy Eaton. Luck to find them and I just love them. Very easy to listen to, nice than any of the too many other speakers I have. I don’t have any very special amps to drive them, a Cambridge 651A Azur and a couple of older Nakamichi ones. Eatons seem easy to drive. I can only imagine how good the bigger ones sound.
  6. I have an AV10 and an Amplifier 2. Love them both. Yours sounds like it is a much better thing. I guess it depends how much you love it. Mine cost just over $400 for the two, so I reckon not much value in spending a lot of money on them, and similar things come up for sale pretty regularly. Maybe if you can find a tech to identify the fault at lowish cost you could take it from there. There are some guides to techs in Oz here.
  7. Concrete Tannoy enclosures! https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/cranbourne-north/speakers/vintage-concrete-speaker-cabinets-/1217702431
  8. I found some Elega CR-2072C electret headphones at a market yesterday. From what I can glean on the net it seems they are late 1960s. They’re in remarkably good condition if that’s the case. However, I think I need a matching adapter. I have an old pair of Stax electrets so I guess it’s the same for Elega. Has anyone had anything to do with Elega?
  9. I would like it please. Can collect whenever it suits.
  10. The new and last series of Catastrophe is coming to ABC soon. In the meantime all three series of this terrific comedy are on iview, but only for a couple of weeks. A lot of SBS series are online for months, but the ABC seems to go in for short stays.
  11. Good to know. I saw other recent Gales that looked awful too. Good name gone bad.
  12. I saw some nice little Aaron speakers yesterday at a garage sale, but I have speakers galore. Still looking.
  13. I don’t honestly know about these. Gale speakers are not easy to find information on. Are they any good? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/point-lonsdale/speakers/vintage-gale-speakers/1200617084
  14. Great thread. I showed it to my wife because I loved the photos and the find story, and she told me she wants one and for me to find it. As if!
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