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  1. Ok so I posted in the streaming forum and got no responses,so trying here. I bought a Rotel T14 as I was pushed kicking and screaming into digital.Signed up for Tidal,just about everything I searched was available, great........then the F#@king thing started dropping out,about every 20 mins give or take it just goes dead and a message comes up on my phone..reconnecting etc,etc.Tidal told me to reinstall app,which I can't really do as it's part of the playfi app which I did uninstall/reinstall...no change.I have excellent internet connection,never any problems with anything connected in th
  2. I just recieved my 1093AQTL's from Adelaide Speakers,Love them.I spoke to many of the hifi dealers,tried to buy handmade local (Melbourne) ,tried to buy used (weird times there,like sellers not wanting to give phone numbers????) and got so sick of the whole process which wasn't helped by the covid thing I sat down one night and read every post in this thread,decided a couple of the main protaginists had some kind of axe to grind,rang Edward the next day and paid for my speakers.10 days later they are in my lounge hooked upto Weston Accoustics Time Machine and 2 x KT120 Topaz,couldn't be happie
  3. Further information: 2 x Tung-Sol KT 120 tubes,I broke the keyway off one of my quad tubes in my Weston Accoustics KT120's so bought a new set of quads,keeping 1 as a spare selling this pair. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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