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  1. Further information: Beautiful hifi rack. Hard to find one that looks this nice. timber is New Zealand protected species called Rimu (red pine). Matches well with tassie oak/blackbutt etc. cost extra in this timber -rrp $999 learn about timber here: https://www.atelierjonesdesign.co.nz/blogs/news/the-story-of-our-rimu i bought this as a bit of a souvenir when I was living in NZ but looking to have everything in entertainment unit now. shelves are adjustable. black shelves are not perfect and have a few marks on them wh
  2. Thanks Terry, just to clarify these were actual timber, not veneer.... Could be re-sanded and finished differently if u wanted... the stands have steel through the middle.... cheers, Jon.
  3. Further information: These are my pride and joy, and my second pair of Lenehans. I really intended on keeping these forever, but desperate times. They are the reference model. Great speakers in great condition. I ordered these new from Mike in 2015. I believe the wood cost an extra couple of grand.... I like the look of mikes speakers but They are quite utilitarian normally, and I think the real wood takes the aesthetics to a new level (WAF). They set off great with the drivers and screws.... Ive really only a couple of years use as mostly been in storage and
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