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  1. What a great setup for the office or as a starter system, and at a bargain price too! It should fly very quickly. GLWTS
  2. Probably not a fashionable response, but why not turn the speakers on their sides? That would give you space under the speakers for a variety of solutions. Given their position and closeness in the room you are not going to lose anything in imaging and visually they would be quite acceptable. In near field listening it is a fairly common practice.
  3. Having re-read the notes on my CD104, I am more convinced that you should start by checking those solder links. Don't just float a hot iron over them but clean the solder off the top and check if there is a wire link. You may be able to see evidence on the underside but it is unlikely. Some of mine had been redone - or so I was told, but on checking they had just received the hot iron treatment and had gone open or intermittent circuit. it's a bit of a chore, but worth it in the end.
  4. I'm not sure if this will help, but: I have just fixed my Philips CD104 and the circuit board had solder links which look identical to the ones on your board. I'm referring to the large 'blobs' of solder on the top surface. On my boards they were a recognised weakness as they are solder links which join the top surface to the under surface through the board like a rivet. With time, some of them go 'dry'. The recommended solution is to replace them with a short wire link through the hole, soldered to both surfaces. I replaced 11 of them in my player and it works like new. Good luck.
  5. I swap my cartridges around but keep returning to my Decca. They sound so natural. GLWTS
  6. I raised this with EAR about my V20 and the good Tim de P advised that all the valves should last for about 10,000 hours. Casework, exposed transformer covers, valve cages etc with prolonged use will comfortably sit at 20 degrees or so above ambient.
  7. I use this one from Germany as I prefer the mounting and the enclosed body:
  8. It's easy to watch and flows nicely, touched with the occasional slice of black humour.
  9. The arm is not a 707 but a G727 which is an improved version of the 707 and has a detachable headshell. You can download a manual from VinylEngine. It will take med/high compliance cartridges. The 727 alone (if complete) often sells for around $400 or so.
  10. I really enjoyed Pagan Peak. Just seen the trailer for the second series of Killing Eve - it suggests it is only on iView. Anyone a fan of Tin Star?
  11. Just finished Trapped last night. I thought it was excellent and certainly showed off the barren landscape of Iceland in autumn.
  12. I would expect some form of encryption leader in the recording, rather like Panasonic use with their PVRs. You should be able to transfer them in slow time, ie by playing them back and splitting the HDMI signal between your tv and the Mac though I suspect another interface from "the bay" may be required. Which Mac are you using?
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