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  1. Graceman

    What to do with old CDs?

    Well that's a comprehensive run-down of your options!
  2. Hi Colin, a few questions: Processor speed? RAM? HD/SSD size? Thanks
  3. Two sizes too large. Shame, they are great jackets. GLWTS
  4. Graceman

    Das Boot mini series on SBS.

    Yes, as I recall the mini series was in black and white and was one of the most atmospheric series I have ever watched - gripping stuff.
  5. Conmen caught selling fake Northern Soul LPs https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-46393631 It took 4 years to catch them and police seized 50,000 records!
  6. Graceman

    FS: SUGDEN (connoisseur) BD2 turntable

    I just love these with the quirky lever mechanism to change speed and especially the 'flick-start' on/off selector. Fabulous condition for its age.
  7. Graceman

    DENON DL-103R just died....

    Yes indeed - I was referring to the 103r only.
  8. Graceman

    DENON DL-103R just died....

    I also use a 10:1 step up (Denon) which gives a load of 470ohms and is well matched to the 103r. Incidentally, all the Denon literature specifies, is a load>100ohms.
  9. Graceman

    Project Speedbox SE with VPI Traveler

    I always understood that the Speedboxes with an AC output generate their own AC output and so they can control the speed by adjusting the internally generated frequency. This is how they are used on early Rega and turntables like the Rock. You just plug your turntable AC lead into the Speedbox and Voila!
  10. Graceman

    Grace g540

    That is a good looking arm and with a period cartridge should be a great combo. I use an G727 and an F9E Ruby - just magic!
  11. Graceman


    After applying the glue, put a few paper tabs on top at the outer edge (about 3cmx1cm should do). Space them round the disc and then when the glue has dried you can lift the outer edge by using the tab. I use about 3 per disc)
  12. Graceman

    F1 -- 2018

    Great race in the midfield and a good result too!
  13. PM sent with intent to buy