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  1. I swap my cartridges around but keep returning to my Decca. They sound so natural. GLWTS
  2. I raised this with EAR about my V20 and the good Tim de P advised that all the valves should last for about 10,000 hours. Casework, exposed transformer covers, valve cages etc with prolonged use will comfortably sit at 20 degrees or so above ambient.
  3. I use this one from Germany as I prefer the mounting and the enclosed body:
  4. It's easy to watch and flows nicely, touched with the occasional slice of black humour.
  5. The arm is not a 707 but a G727 which is an improved version of the 707 and has a detachable headshell. You can download a manual from VinylEngine. It will take med/high compliance cartridges. The 727 alone (if complete) often sells for around $400 or so.
  6. I really enjoyed Pagan Peak. Just seen the trailer for the second series of Killing Eve - it suggests it is only on iView. Anyone a fan of Tin Star?
  7. Just finished Trapped last night. I thought it was excellent and certainly showed off the barren landscape of Iceland in autumn.
  8. I would expect some form of encryption leader in the recording, rather like Panasonic use with their PVRs. You should be able to transfer them in slow time, ie by playing them back and splitting the HDMI signal between your tv and the Mac though I suspect another interface from "the bay" may be required. Which Mac are you using?
  9. I watched it and noticed the same things, but I just set that aside and enjoyed the rest. It's good to hear some different accents for a change, and if you want majestic scenery as well, don't miss Tin Star on BBC First (now in second series)
  10. Spent the last few days watching series 1 & 2 of "Hostages" - complex plot with lots of twists and turns. Good viewing!
  11. Nice machines. I have two CD 104s with the same symptoms. Unfortunately the lens cleaning didn't work! I'm psyching myself up to open my workshop manual
  12. The Bureau is really good. Always interesting to see how other intelligence services are portrayed to their home audience.
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