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  1. Graceman

    Cardinal Series Three

    I watched it and noticed the same things, but I just set that aside and enjoyed the rest. It's good to hear some different accents for a change, and if you want majestic scenery as well, don't miss Tin Star on BBC First (now in second series)
  2. Spent the last few days watching series 1 & 2 of "Hostages" - complex plot with lots of twists and turns. Good viewing!
  3. Graceman

    Philips CD204 - any interest?

    I'm in Mornington 3931
  4. Graceman

    Philips CD204 - any interest?

    Nice machines. I have two CD 104s with the same symptoms. Unfortunately the lens cleaning didn't work! I'm psyching myself up to open my workshop manual
  5. Graceman

    SBS On Demand-currently watching

    The Bureau is really good. Always interesting to see how other intelligence services are portrayed to their home audience.
  6. Graceman

    SBS On Demand-currently watching

    I watched the first two episodes this evening - very promising.
  7. Graceman

    Headshell shortage

    Very stylish!
  8. Graceman

    SBS On Demand-currently watching

    Just watched the second series of Occupied - an excellent follow-on from series one.
  9. Might be interested in the CD - how old is it? Any issues with drawer, reading discs etc?
  10. Graceman

    Fetch TV Mighty question

    Good piece of kit and well recommended. Certainly worth $1 a year!
  11. Graceman

    What to do with old CDs?

    Well that's a comprehensive run-down of your options!
  12. Hi Colin, a few questions: Processor speed? RAM? HD/SSD size? Thanks
  13. Two sizes too large. Shame, they are great jackets. GLWTS
  14. Graceman

    Das Boot mini series on SBS.

    Yes, as I recall the mini series was in black and white and was one of the most atmospheric series I have ever watched - gripping stuff.