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  1. I'll ask around. If you are desperate, I see there are some on eBay.
  2. OK, thanks. I have a buddy that I'll ask. I assume this is a direct reolacement for the original?
  3. Best I can offer is a BCM94331CD but I'm not sure of its compatibility. It came from an iMac.
  4. The Head is excellent, but you must watch the final episode through to the end!!
  5. Further information: This is an early Stanton 681 EEE cartridge (Serial No 0712F) in its original Wooden Display Case. It has its original mounting attachments and screwdriver together with the Stanton 'jewel' box and original instruction leaflet and calibration certificate. It has a later NOS genuine Stanton EEE stylus in excellent condition with a good straight cantilever. It has had about 300 hrs use. The brush attachment is the early desirable 'softer' type. Price includes postage within Australia and SN donation. Photos: Advertisements without p
  6. Also a huge amount of Decca discussion (256 pages) here: https://www.lencoheaven.net/forum/index.php?topic=545.0
  7. Oh dear, I think you may be in the early stages of becoming addicted to the Decca sound!! For good reading on early Decca cartridges try these 14 pages: https://www.lencoheaven.net/forum/index.php?topic=19658.0 and for more post FFSS and lots of other Decca stuff, try these 256 pages: https://www.lencoheaven.net/forum/index.php?topic=545.0 Enjoy!
  8. MacBook Air (11-inch, early 2015) 1.6GHz i5 processor, 4Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD Lightweight and highly portable, this has been my go-to laptop for all my meetings and travel for the past couple of years. It has a few corner scrapes from the previous owner but I always used it in a hardshell case. It has had a full service with a new trackpad fitted, SSD wiped and a clean install of OS Mojave. It will also update to OS Catalina if required. The battery is good and still charges to 93% of its original capacity. The screen is excellent with no dead pixels or marks and it has a screen
  9. Things happen really fast here, I'm afraid you are No 3 in the line!
  10. Further information: 3 Packs of Soundcare Spike 2 Speaker/equipment spikes. Total 9 spikes (3 per pack). These are a patented design that combines spike and protective base in an all-in-one spike foot to reduce acoustic vibration while offering protection for all surfaces. These are illustrated below, but see www.soundcore.no for more science! Each foot is 32mm diameter and 16mm high and they come with optional self-adhesive felt discs. They are new and unused in original packing. Will post within Australia. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item wil
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