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  1. There is nothing I can do, the money is no longer in my account for a refund. I explained that already, quit bashing cause there is no way you can get it back even if I wanted to. Second point: If you send me the unit I can replace the screws and try and find the fault and repair it myself, this is all that is within my power, I am not willing to spend mega bucks I don't have to repair it in the workshop. The turn around time may be weeks, or months. You might have to cut your losses and repair it yourself, I paid $2200 to get a dud JVC PJ and lost $1400 to sell it at a mega f#$king loss to someone here so get off my f$#king ass mofo's.
  2. Yeh keep killing animals and gorging there flesh and distribute it to others, hope it makes you sleep better at night. Karma has it's way of coming back on you. I sent a working unit, sorry it isn't working for you. I will sleep better tonight knowing that.
  3. Ooohhh shaking in my boots. Didn't it cross your mind maybe the buyer stuffed up the unit himself, sounds a bit dull headed to me. He was talking about doing DIY repairs to the HDMI board.
  4. Yeh that's when you sit down with a mediator and try to come to a resolution, I went through it with a mechanic who did work on my car, if unsuccessful you then have to go to court, and trust me it cost dollars. "A consumer’s claim must be against a supplier carrying on a business and not a private person. The cause of action accrued must be no more than 3 years, and the goods or services were supplied no more than 10 years before the date the application is lodged." http://www.cc.ncat.nsw.gov.au/cc/Divisions/Consumer_claims.page
  5. Under the circumstances I am unable to accept the unit back as I have no knowledge of what the buyer has done to the unit while in his possession. If he wants to make a claim with the tribunal and sit down with a mediator that is fine with me, I am sticking to my story the unit was working when it left the post office. If mediation is unsuccessful then he will have to hire lawyers and take me to court at his expense. I am happy to help him try and find a solution. Slander me all you want, but I sent a working unit.
  6. If he sends it to me I can fix it and send it back, simple. Refund is not possible, funds have already been used, zero dollars in the account. Civil lawsuit, would hardly be worth it for him.
  7. Looks like my selling days here are done. Nice knowing you all, not much further I can do for the buyer as I have no way of knowing what he has done with the unit since it arrived. It worked like a charm before sending it and unfortunately he can't seem to get it functioning, what can I do? I have sold many items here so far, no complaints, this was the first time something has gone wrong, sorry for the buyer, but don't let the snake oil repair shop cheat you with there BS. I asked a local TV repair shop if he could replace the capacitors on the HDMI board if I took the board out myself, he agreed to do it for $100, it's only 8 capacitors, 30 min job. I bought the unit off of ebay myself, I didn't know it was a grey import. Adios Amigos
  8. I am %99 sure it's a ground issue, replace the screws that hold the HDMI board in place on the chassis. The relay click is usually caused by a bad ground to chassis. The unit was working fine before I shipped it, should have posted pics of it working. Next time I will.
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