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  1. exactly and did not get a reply to my original om - so i put one on here
  2. RIP Edgar Froese! http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/tangerine-dream-edgar-froese-dead-20150124 i guess that was one of his very last concerts, and you guys were lucky to be there
  3. Hi i have 4 Bose 901 series 6 speakers do you think that will be a good amp to power them? i only listen to vinyl electronic music mainly and love my treble would this be a good choice for me? don't really know much about these really ,,,,
  4. hi just joined my name is Eric I live in Brisbane and I am a big electronic music record collector, with more than 17000 records in my collection. I love my high end treble and crazy about early electronic music with old rhythm boxes espec Roland cr78 , KR55 and off course 808's & 909's from the 80's onwards have a Luxman M1 for an amp and 4 x Bose 901series 6 for speakers looking to upgrade to stuff that has phenomenal treble
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