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  1. vagabond


    The year is flexible.
  2. vagabond

    Multi DC Output LPS

    Same from me Clay.
  3. vagabond

    Multi DC Output LPS

    If you could do a dual version of the 9v-15v @1.5A I would be interested.
  4. vagabond

    FS: SGR Audio custom 15" ported subwoofer

    Absolute bargain, shame you're in Perth.
  5. vagabond

    Emotiva RMC-1 has a web page

    Not too sure what the current situation with the Aust distribution. Certainly with a 40% card you'll need to ship it in. If there's still a local distributor then I reckon about $9k sounds about right.
  6. vagabond

    Emotiva RMC-1 has a web page

    Demo doesn't really translate well. Still, I'm about to make sure they have my 40% discount card recorded and ready to go.
  7. https://emotiva.com/products/rmc-1 Just sayin'.
  8. vagabond

    Peter Dutton is going, going,...

    Pretty sure it's a brussels sprout. No matter though, they are both inedible.
  9. vagabond

    Peter Dutton is going, going,...

    Shouty McShoutyface as PM? FFS.
  10. vagabond

    David Bowie live

    I have David Live, Stage and Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture. All double LPs, all excellent. I think these were the first live releases, in that order.
  11. vagabond

    Standby power kill switches

    Someone should come out with an audiophile kill switch. Paint it black, give it an ominous-sounding fancy name and voila! Free money!
  12. vagabond

    Emotiva: import vs local purchase

    I'm well aware of where the bulk of the mark-up occurs in this country.
  13. vagabond

    Emotiva: import vs local purchase

    I can import any unit*, paying freight and GST, and still undercut AUS retail by more than 20%. That's well past the point where I begin to question the value of a local warranty, especially for the more expensive items. To be honest, the real problem is that Emotiva used to be good value for money, their distribution model has pretty much killed that and pissed long-time owners like me off. *Except the XMC-1 for some reason.
  14. vagabond

    Emotiva: import vs local purchase

    It's good that you can get a retail discount, because the mark-up is an abomination.
  15. Assaulted: bombarded with something undesirable or unpleasant. Insulted: to have something rude or offensive said about ones self. Chinless: lacking a prominent mandible. IPA: a right-wing libertarian lobby group whose purpose is to advocate causes for their unnamed sponsors and donors, and who have no place on a publicly-funded broadcaster who they say should be privatised, let alone being allocated a spot on every panel of every public affairs broadcast. Spiv: someone who makes money dishonestly, especially one who is dressed in a way that attracts attention. For example, a blue tie and a Young Liberal blazer. Hope that helps.