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  1. vagabond

    Standby power kill switches

    Someone should come out with an audiophile kill switch. Paint it black, give it an ominous-sounding fancy name and voila! Free money!
  2. vagabond

    Emotiva: import vs local purchase

    I'm well aware of where the bulk of the mark-up occurs in this country.
  3. vagabond

    Emotiva: import vs local purchase

    I can import any unit*, paying freight and GST, and still undercut AUS retail by more than 20%. That's well past the point where I begin to question the value of a local warranty, especially for the more expensive items. To be honest, the real problem is that Emotiva used to be good value for money, their distribution model has pretty much killed that and pissed long-time owners like me off. *Except the XMC-1 for some reason.
  4. vagabond

    Emotiva: import vs local purchase

    It's good that you can get a retail discount, because the mark-up is an abomination.
  5. Assaulted: bombarded with something undesirable or unpleasant. Insulted: to have something rude or offensive said about ones self. Chinless: lacking a prominent mandible. IPA: a right-wing libertarian lobby group whose purpose is to advocate causes for their unnamed sponsors and donors, and who have no place on a publicly-funded broadcaster who they say should be privatised, let alone being allocated a spot on every panel of every public affairs broadcast. Spiv: someone who makes money dishonestly, especially one who is dressed in a way that attracts attention. For example, a blue tie and a Young Liberal blazer. Hope that helps.
  6. I rarely listen to radio - call me picky but I prefer to choose what I listen to. So these days it's Spotify plus whatever is in my own collection. Spotify is awesome if you want to listen to music you've never heard before but it needs an internet connection so obviously not for everyone in all circumstances. The ABC has for the most part jumped the shark. It goes further than Radio being gutted, you can't watch news24 for more than 10 minutes without being assaulted/insulted by some chinless IPA spiv. Hopefully a future government will begin to fix the cultural vandalism wreaked by the current one. /Rant
  7. Not an auction site, but I was surprised to see KEF LS50s on COTD. Decent price too it seems. https://www.catch.com.au/product/kef-innovative-professional-studio-monitor-speakers-uni-q-driver-array-1-hf-vented-aluminium-done-lf-mf-5-25-magnesium-aluminium-alloy-2-way-b-1469375/?offer_id=10537899&
  8. If it's a similar mark up to the xmc then it will be north of $9000. If I use my 40% I should be able to import it for less than aud5000 including freight and gst. Then I'll need to decide whether to keep it....
  9. vagabond

    MM Vs MC

    What sort of girlyman gets someone else to tan their deer hide? You need to do it yourself, preferably with your own urine. .Leaves.
  10. https://www.internetslang.com/NAD-meaning-definition.asp
  11. If you were really desperate for money and you'd already sold one of your kidneys it might appeal.
  12. Right, The Expanse. I watched this some time ago; the first season was excellent, the second season started well but as I've previously noted it looked like they ran out of money half way through. Anyways, I just finished reading the first two books in the series on which The Expanse was based - Leviathan Wakes and Caliban's War, written by a gestalt entity titled James S.A. Corey. The first season is very closely based on Leviathan Wakes. There are some changes - Earth and Mars are in a very close alliance rather than rivals; the UN people don't feature at all in the book, things like that. The addition of that last point improves the TV series to my mind. The second season is loosely based on Caliban's War. When I say "loosely", I mean that there are a couple of plot points that are the same, most of the rest is not very similar and the remainder is unrecognisable. I have no real problem with that, a change of medium always means some changes are necessary, sometimes lots. Where I take issue is where the end product is made vastly inferior as a result of the changes, which is the case here. Disappointed because I really liked the first season. Edit: The first season and about half of the second season follow Leviathan Wakes; it's where it follows Caliban's War, about half way through S2, that it goes (notional) south.
  13. vagabond


    For what it's worth, this unit does exactly what it says on the box. I picked up Project Cars 2 from JB for $60, plugged it all in, (oh wait, 12 hours to download patches first!) and it worked. First time. There is no lag, absolutely none. I have a G27 wheel that the PS4 thinks is a G29 and it operates absolutely perfectly - I can remap nearly all of the buttons, and shifter works perfectly as well, didn't even need to buy it as an add-on. Next step is to try it out on the XBone, once the damned games download. Not sure which wheel is emulated with that console. Next step after that is to get a 360 wireless controller receiver, this means I'll be able to hook my old Xbox 360 wheel up to the Xbone, PS4 and PS3, with the added bonus that I'll be able to have both wheels running at the same time on the PS3. Or I might even get another drivehub and have both wheels running on any of the consoles.