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  1. DriveHub

    For what it's worth, this unit does exactly what it says on the box. I picked up Project Cars 2 from JB for $60, plugged it all in, (oh wait, 12 hours to download patches first!) and it worked. First time. There is no lag, absolutely none. I have a G27 wheel that the PS4 thinks is a G29 and it operates absolutely perfectly - I can remap nearly all of the buttons, and shifter works perfectly as well, didn't even need to buy it as an add-on. Next step is to try it out on the XBone, once the damned games download. Not sure which wheel is emulated with that console. Next step after that is to get a 360 wireless controller receiver, this means I'll be able to hook my old Xbox 360 wheel up to the Xbone, PS4 and PS3, with the added bonus that I'll be able to have both wheels running at the same time on the PS3. Or I might even get another drivehub and have both wheels running on any of the consoles.
  2. Put a Twisties packet over the amp.
  3. DriveHub

    I've ordered one of these: https://collectiveminds.ca/shop/allconsoles/drivehub/ It'll be about $140 landed, which seems a lot, but I have a G27 sitting gathering dust, and an old Microsoft 360 wireless wheel doing the same. Both have a Wheelstand Pro, and I'll be buggered if I'm going to throw more money down that track just because Sony decided to rip everyone off again. So, I'll see how this device goes, it has very good reviews so far. Anyone have one, or are interested in whether it works or not?
  4. First album I bought with my own money. OK, objectively not very good but at the time it hit the spot.
  5. Best new car $20k must be auto

    We bought a Suzuki Ignis for a second car to park at the station, it's sort of an odd-looking toy car with a tiny engine that nevertheless gets up the hills without any problem even with CVT (test drove up the Old Bathurst Rd ZigZag). We preferred it over some other similar price/size cars (Kia something-or-other, Polo, that sort of thing) Standard GPS as well, bit of a bonus.
  6. Complete system advice

    Answers to questions: Bridgetown, Late 70s, Classical & Jazz. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, Lots to think about.
  7. I'm hoping to borrow some wisdom from youse all. My old dad has never had a decent sound system; I remember growing up with nasty plastic Sanyo turntable/speaker combos and the like. All we could afford I suppose. His current system, such as it is, is a portable CD/cassette player thing and one of those dodgy turntable units with the speakers built into the front. Anyway, he has some cash still hanging around from one of Ratty's vote-buying sprees, and I've managed to talk him into spending some of it on a proper stereo set up. He lives a couple of hours drive from the nearest hifi shop (probably Bunbury or Busselton), so he won't be auditioning I wouldn't imagine. Everything is going to be such a large step up that I don't think that will matter much. Here are the criteria: Budget up to $5000. Less would be better. LPs and CDs. Maybe radio of some sort as well. Classical and Jazz. New, not used. It has to Just Work, and have proper channels to fix it if it doesn't. Needs to be straightforward to set up and use. I am thinking: 1. Bookshelf speakers for flexibility, maybe half the budget toward these. 2. Entry-level (or thereabouts) turntable, maybe Pro-ject, Denon or the like. Doesn't need to be automatic although that would be nice. 3. Integrated amplifier with inbuilt phono stage. A remote control may be a good idea. 4. CD player. 5. Maybe a tuner of some sort, although this is not top of the list. I'm in Sydney so it may be better for me to source it here and send it over, or it may be better to speak to someone more local who can deliver it as that would simplify any required service etc. Thoughts? Thanks.
  8. A trend in the classifieds

    If we're doing hates, "I'll take it" is at the top of my list today. No, you won't. You can make an offer to the seller, which they may or may not accept, but take it you most certainly will not do.
  9. NBN HFC setup question

    My special thanks go to everyone who said that Brian Trumble's ridiculous NBN plan was great, contrary to the evidence/advice from anyone who had a clue, ie. the entire communications industry excluding the vested interest sector. Electing Abbott was such a great idea in hindsight wasn't it? On the brighter side, I've won second prize in the Fraudband Lottery™, allegedly we're getting FTTC (Fibre to the Copper*) some time early next year or the next year or some decade or other. I'm currently getting 14Mbps+ on ADSL2 - we're 400m from the exchange - so I'll be in no hurry to move off of that. *Yes I know what it stands for.
  10. Netflix currently watching

    Start Trek Discovery is not very good IMO.
  11. Hi all, after some suggestions to replace some Etymotic HF2 IEMs that are getting a bit worn out. It seems that Etymotic no longer make headsets that aren't for stinking Apple products, so I need to go elsewhere after many years. Needs to have: A microphone, buttons that will work properly with Not Apple. Canal phones Very good passive noise cancellation. The Hf2s absolutely shat on everything else I tried, but it's been quite a few years since I looked at what's on the market. Prefer BA over dynamic drivers. Around $300 or less. These are for commuting only, and I use them about 4 hours a day so they will get replaced fairly often. Thanks.
  12. Some questions about power cables

    I can bench press my Commodore, but it's only a 64.
  13. Some questions about power cables

    That's a very high idiocy level.