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  1. I don't find them boring as such, but I'm over them and have been for a few decades, I suppose I just reached a point where I no longer had the capacity to be surprised by Common Practice works. Obviously most other people aren't, same old dead blokes are always up there, same old warhorses get trotted out as exemplars of the genre. This isn't to say I don't like them or won't listen to them, I just prefer other things if given the choice. Of my selections for the Top 100, four of them made the cut, four made the next 100 and one missed out altogether. I have no illusion that my preferences are not mainstream but I don't care.
  2. I've started watching the third series of Jessica Jones, seems pretty good. I fear, however, that it will suffer from the same issue as the second series - once you've had David Tennant as the main antagonist, not having him is an almost insurmountable problem.
  3. @Hergest could I please get the matching #4 and #12 scarf and beanie if they are still available. Thanks,
  4. It runs well, I have some issues with some devices dropping out/reconnecting periodically but that's all. I get full coverage so it's solved that problem.
  5. They've recently finished laying fibre down both sides of our street, at which point they moved the goalposts out by a further three months (they do that every three months like clockwork). Now October to December 2019.
  6. Derry Girls. It's only 6 short episodes, but we found it very funny once we got used to the accents (my daughter watched it all with subtitles turned on!).
  7. Do not watch Chris Lilley's latest travesty, Lunatics. His one idea peaked with Summer Heights High and has been on a steep descent since, this effort is absolute rock bottom. I doubt that anyone would bother watching the second episode unless they associated with the title.
  8. I ordered an Orbi AC3000 pair. I have a worry that if I need to extend it Netgear no longer offer the satellites separately (you have to get the AC2200 version). That aside, I'll see how it goes.
  9. Thanks everyone, I'll have a look at the systems mentioned.
  10. We have a two level house, downstairs also has a large extension with rooms at the back (12 meter long main room, then rooms behind that). Main internet/wifi router is upstairs and I'm currently running a wifi router downstairs as an extension via POE, but it isn't really cutting it these days so I need to upgrade everything. Does anyone have an opinion on the better of the mesh systems (I notice the usual networking suspects netgear, linksys etc) for this sort of setup? TIA.
  11. I thought there was enough in there to persist, quirky and very very dark. The use of music is perfect. The payoff came with Ep. 6 ("The Day That Wasn't"), which I watched last night.
  12. I thought it fell apart half way through S2, it looked like they'd run out of money or something.
  13. The aren't selling outside of the US at the moment, I assume until the firmware is stable. You could use a reshipper though. You'll need to factor in GST to the total cost: [(Cost of unit + cost of shipping) / current exchange rate] *1.1 There's no customs duty on these due to FTA with the US.
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