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  1. We had internet for one week, we have had no internet for 9 days since. NBN have scheduled then changed the time on which they are coming to fix it 5 times. ABB have been pretty good with the communications and hassling NBNCo, but their hands are pretty much tied. I've dealt with some shocking companies in the past who had no clue about providing the service paid for by customers. NBNCo are the worst I've ever encountered, even though, thank the Lord, I've not had to deal with them directly. It took them 18 months to finally deliver a connection and now that isn't working and they seem to have no problem with not fixing it. They are total ****, worse than Telecom at their peak awfulness.
  2. Been with ABB for 2 weeks, for one of which we have had no internet. We are now being hamstrung by NBNCo fixing the damned problem; the test for ABB is how well the deal with the wholesaler, since we can't.
  3. So, on 31st January, ABB called me and said we can be connected. They express posted the NCD out, I connected it last night and it all works as promised. Happy now.
  4. ABB tell me I have a new connection date of 31st January. They claimed this was a good sign, because many people are now being shunted to the end of June.
  5. Can't wait for tomorrow! That's when NBNCo change the proposed connection date, it's always fun to move to the next lie.
  6. I thought it fell apart halfway through the second series, like they'd blown their budget or something. Physics are excellent, loved the flip-and-burn early in the first series, you don't often see that on a screen (actually never). Reminded me somewhat of Larry Niven's "turnover" mechanic. Books are quite a good read for space opera.
  7. Aussie Broadband called me, NBNCo have told them I am being connected on 17th January. How we laughed!!!!
  8. Solidsteel racks are very well made - I bought a couple of S5-5 units recently - and I reckon they will hold their value reasonably well if you ever need to move them on. Also it turned out they were quite a bit of fun to put together.
  9. The book is one of my absolute favourites, so a mixture of fear and excitement with something like this; the reviews I read earlier in the year didn't seem promising but that's not unusual. Fortunately I don't have Stan so it's moot point, but I'd recommend the book to anyone who can read. The 1970 is IMO proof that not all "unfilmable" novels are. The scene where McWatt buzzes Kid Sampson is indelibly impressed on my brain.
  10. Shameless plug for my son's EP. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9oxfUSdq432qtHp-eE4PA Or on spotify Available on nearly every platform. Video coming soon. (He's quite versatile, Enjolras in Packemin's Les Mis next year for which some tickets are still available).
  11. That's what always seems to happen with government rebates - the base price automagically rises by the amount of the rebate. Some people may call it profiteering, I couldn't possibly comment.
  12. Without storage, a lot depends on when you use your power; if you use it all at night then your power generation is only worth whatever ridiculously low feed-in tariff your energy provider deigns to offer you (although in Vic I think you have state-sanctioned minimum FITs?) Obviously nobody has exactly this sort of usage pattern, but unless you're also planning to add some sort of storage at a later date I would only get a system large enough to match your daylight hours usage. Also 25 yr warranty doesn't mean much if you're only planning to stay 10 years - plus, those panels are the same as the G5 model, just with the additional warranty. For comparison, we paid about 15K about a year ago for 35 LG panels in 2 strings, a 10kW inverter and panel optimisers (but unless those trees shade the house at different times, you probably won't need them). In NSW we didn't have any sort of State rebate or free loan. We got a free quote as well, although it wasn't itemised on the quote 🙂 Edit: I did some basic sums: Melbourne average output is 3.6kWh for a 1kW system, so a 17.16kW system as specced would generate 56kWh per day, on average. Obviously it would be much lower in winter, higher in summer. It seems to me that 56kWh is more than you need.
  13. https://www.bunnings.com.au/cobra-assorted-cable-tie-tube-1000-pack_p4430496 I bought a couple of white Solidsteel racks on special (https://www.selby.com.au/brands/solidsteel/solidsteel-s5-5-hi-fi-rack.html) and the long white ties are perfect for tying cables to the rear of the rack. Cheaps as chips and can just cut them off and replace them if necessary. The ties that is , not the racks, which are not cheap as chips
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