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  1. It is surprisingly relaxing and calming to be in the happy zone. The rush is gone and I have more time to enjoy.
  2. I am not sure how changing the height of the LP is related to the back wall? Any movement of the LP towards the back doesn't help with this dip. I have made many measurements across multiple seats. My seat to seat variance is pretty good. Changing the LP (mic) from 90cm high to 145cm high is the first measurement that actually helps. I was leaning towards SBIR as well. I have done the reverse subwoofer crawl, but only measured up the half way height of the room (125cm) at the current Subwoofers positions, and not beyond that, which didn't show any significant chance. Neither did the testing yesterday where I have to pass the half way height of the room before effect takes place.
  3. I recently had the chance to test my sub build outside, with the mic place 1 meter away. I think the result is pretty decent. Blue line is the Win ISD modelled SPL output with an 800W signal. Red Line is the measured SPL output with an unknown wattage signal, peaking at 122dB.
  4. A: Not really, and that doesn't help either B: I don't have a bar stool, but it is a 4dB increase which is pretty good in a frequency range that covers a lot of instruments.
  5. Hi, I am searching for possibilities to fix this 55Hz dip and yesterday I found that by placing the mic at 145cm from the floor at the Listen Position does the job. This dip doesn't seem to be a room node (related to height (70Hz) so what are my options, beside sitting sitting on a bar stool? I am in the process of building and adding 2 subs to my setup, but since it doesn't look like a room node I don't think that placing two extra subs near the ceiling will be the cure.
  6. Here is my list of disc up for trade. If anyone has a copy of Spielberg's A.I (Artificial Intelligence) I would be very interested 2012 Watched once 3-10 To Yuma Watched once 50/50 Watched once A Beautiful Mind Watched once After Earth Watched once Alice in Wonderland Ex Rental Watchable Alien Watched once Alien Covenant Watched once Allied Watched once Allien 3 Watched once Allien Phrometeus Watched once Allien Resurrection Watched once Alliens Watched once Angles and Demons Watched once Apollo 13 Watched once Appaloosa Watched once Arrival Watched once Avatar Ex Rental Watchable Balibo Watched once Battle Los Angeles Watched once Battleship Watched once BB Earth Life Story 2 Disc Set Watched once BBC Earth Africa 3 Box Set Watched once BBC Earth Life 4 Box Set Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 01 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 02 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 03 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 04 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 05 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 06 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 07 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 08 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 09 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 10 Watched once Big Bang Theory Season 11 Watched once Blade Runner Watched once Blood Diamond Ex Rental Watchable Bourne Identity Watched once Bourne Jason Watched once Bourne Legacy Watched once Bourne Supremacy Watched once Bourne Ultimatum Watched once Brave Ex Rental Good Braveheart Watched once Bridges of Spies Watched once Bridget Jones Diary Watched once Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason Watched once Cars 3 Watched once Casino Royal Ex Rental Watchable Cast Away Watched once Catch Me If You Can Watched once Charlie and the Choclate Factory Watched once Charlie Wilson's War Watched once Chronicle Watched once Cloud Atlas Ex Rental Watchable Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 3D+2D Ex Rental Good Coco Watched once Contact Watched once Contagion Ex Rental Good Da Vinci Code Watched once Daddy's Home Watched once Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Watched once Deadpool 2 Super Dooper Cut Watched once Dear John Watched once Deepwater Horizon Watched once Defiance Watched once Den of Thieves Watched once Dispicable Me Ex Rental Watchable Dispicable Me 3 Watched once Django Unchained Watched once Epic Watched once Everest Ex Rental Good EX_Machina Watched once Expendables Ex Rental Watchable Expendables 2 Ex Rental Watchable Expendables 3 Watched once Expendables 3 New in wrap Fantastic Beasts- and Where to Find Them Watched once Fargo Watched once Fast & Furious 5 Ex Rental Watchable Fast & Furious 6 Ex Rental Watchable Forest Gump Watched once FrankenWeenie Watched once Funny People Watched once Fury Watched once Game of Thrones Season 01 Watched once Game of Thrones Season 02 Watched once Game of Thrones Season 03 Watched once Game of Thrones Season 04 Watched once Game of Thrones Season 05 Watched once Game of Thrones Season 06 Watched once Game of Thrones Season 07 Watched once Gifted Watched once Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Ex Rental Watchable Girl who Played with Fire Ex Rental Watchable Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Ex Rental Watchable Godzilla Ex Rental Watchable Gulliver's Travels Ex Rental Good Hancock Ex Rental Watchable Hangover Part II Watched once Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Watched once Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollow Part 1 Ex Rental Watchable Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollow Part 2 Ex Rental Watchable Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Watched once Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Ex Rental Watchable Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Watched once Heat Watched once HellBoy The Directors Cut Watched once Hidden Figures Watched once Hildago Watched once Hotel Transylvania Watched once How to Train your Dragon 1 Watched once How to Train your Dragon 2 Watched once Hugo Ex Rental Watchable I Am Legend Watched once Inception Ex Rental Watchable Incredibles 1 Watched once Incredibles 2 Watched once Independence Day Watched once Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Skulls Ex Rental Watchable Inglorious Bastards Ex Rental Watchable Inside Out Ex Rental Good Interstellar Ex Rental Watchable Iron Man 2 Ex Rental Watchable Jack Reacher Watched once Jack Reacher Watched once Jerry Maguire Watched once Kiki's Delivery Service Watched once Kill Bill Volume 1 Watched once Kill Bill Volume 2 Watched once King Kong Watched once Knight and Day Watched once Kong Skull Island Watched once Kung Fu Panda 2 Watched once Kung Fu Panda 3 Watched once Laputa Castle in the Sky Watched once League of Extodanairy Gentlemen Watched once Life of Pi Ex Rental Watchable Looper Ex Rental Watchable Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Watched once Mad Max Fury Road Chrome Edition Watched once Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted Watched once Maleficent Ex Rental Watchable Matrix Watched once Matrix Reloaded Watched once Men In Black Watched once Minions Ex Rental Good Mission Impossible 1 Watched once Mission Impossible 2 Watched once Mission Impossible 3 Watched once Moana Watched once Money Monster Watched once Monsters Inc Watched once Moon Watched once Morgan Watched once My Neighbor Totoro Watched once National Treasure Ex Rental Watchable Night at the Museum Ex Rental Watchable Night at the Museum 2 Ex Rental Watchable Noah Ex Rental Watchable Oblivion Watched once Ocean's 11 No HD Audio Ocean's 12 No HD Audio Ocean's 13 No HD Audio Ocean's 8 Watched once Oz the Great and Powerful Ex Rental Watchable ParaNorman Watched once Penguins of Madagascar Ex Rental Watchable Pirates Band of Misfits Watched once Pirates of the Caribbean (2) Dead Man's Chest Watched once Planet of the Apes Watched once Planet of the Apes - War for the Watched once Planet of the Apes Box set 40 year evolution Ex Rental Good Planet of the Apes Originals Collection Box Ex Rental Good Planet of the Apes Rise of the Watched once Princess Monoke Watched once Quantum of Solace Ex Rental Watchable Resident Evil Retribution Ex Rental Good Rise of the Guardians Watched once Ronja the Robber's Daughter Watched once Sahara Watched once Sanctum Watched once Saving Private Ryan Watched once Secret Lives of Pets Watched once Serenity Watched once Sex and the City Watched once Sherlock Holmes Ex Rental Watchable Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows Ex Rental Good Shrek Watched once Shutter Island Ex Rental Watchable Side Effects Watched once Sin City a Dame to Kill for Ex Rental Watchable Skyfall Ex Rental Watchable Snatch Watched once Snowden Watched once Source Code Watched once Spears and Muncil HD Benchmark Disc Watched once Spectre Watched once Split Watched once Star Trek Ex Rental Watchable Suite Season 7-2 Watched once Suits Season 6-1 Watched once Suits Season 6-2 Watched once Suits Season 7-1 Watched once Tangled Ex Rental Watchable Terminator 1 Watched once Terminator 2 No HD Audio Terminator 3 Rise of th Machines Watched once Terminator Genisys Ex Rental Good Terminator Salvation Watched once The Adjustment Bureau Ex Rental Watchable The Bank Job Watched once The Blind Side 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The Shawshank Redemption Watched once The Simpsons Movie Watched once The Sixth Sense Watched once The Tree of Life Watched once Tomb Raider the Cradle of Life Watched once Transformers Age of Extinction Watched once Transformers Dark side of the Moon Watched once Transformers Dark side of the Moon Ex Rental Watchable Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Ex Rental Watchable Tron Legacy Ex Rental Watchable Troy Directors Cut Ex Rental Watchable Turner and Hooch Watched once Up Ex Rental Watchable War of the Worlds Watched once Water Diviner Ex Rental Good Wreck it Ralph Watched once
  7. We have it insured under home and context with a specified value for audio gear, as the insured value for standard coverage isn't sufficient enough.
  8. I am not familiar with any, but the ones that can set delay/timing might be more useful.
  9. What type of cables are you running, and what type of red white terminal? It is unlikely that you can mix them. Have you thought about using a wireless transmitter and receiver for the sub?
  10. Where is your TV going to be placed, above the fire place? Where are you planing the center speaker, and is your potential screen going to cover it? If you are going to run wires through ceilings and walls, then just "wire" it for the max. Run conduits instead of plain wires if you can, and run a pull string through them upfront, if possible. Keep in mind that HDMI cables are terminated with a rather wide plug. Run ethernet as well to the projector, and your TV, it's always helpful in automation or HDMI over Ethernet. Hang your projector in a convenient spot, most modern projector won't have a problem with light output for 2K with your room length, But 4K might be a different story. Projector Central has an online calculator that will come in handy. Wire for 2 subs if you can, but you'll have to figure placement out, up front. Well placed subs can deal with nulls and peaks where EQ can only deal with peaks. A "subwoofer crawl" would the best option to determine this. Run some ceiling cornices around your projector and potential motorised screen to integrate them into the room.
  11. Have a look at some pro audio amps, they can be quite powerful, cheap, but also loud. Sometimes you can do a mod to deal with the loud fans inside such amps.
  12. If you are enjoying your system why not keep enjoying it? What is it that you think you are missing out on? With your type of amp, each power amplifier is fed by a single power supply, which will be the limiting factor in what power it can deliver for each channel at the same time. Adding a power amp, with its own power supply, means freeing up power supply resources which will generate a bigger headroom. Whether you need it or not depends on many factors, and you should try before you buy. Buying a power amp usually means you get a dedicated device for a single job, which in general terms should translate into better quality, but that doesn't mean that you will also notice it, if you don't know what you are after. By design, AV gear is generally not delivering great audio quality directly compared to stereo gear. It just has to do to many things and support to many gizmos cramped in a tight space. Long story short, try some other gear at home, and then decide in which area you like to make improvements.
  13. I bought the cheapest plunge router that Bunnings had to offer. I don't think the trim routers are suitable for this job.
  14. Finally started working on my first subs build, using Dayton RSS390HO drivers The core plan was to keep them small, 410x410x410x18mm, with drivers and bracing that comes down to roughly 44l net. The baffle is double 18mm, and I did manage to piece together the 3D bracing today. Bought a router last weekend, as the blade of the jigsaw was warping too much and wasn't creating a perfect circle. My plan is to finish the outside by using the same bamboo floor boards that are in the cinema room, but I will need the help of a table saw to get that right. Hopefully my neighbour can be persuaded with some beers.
  15. Unlikely that you are going to notice a difference. There is potentially a small benefit in bi-amp a passive x-over. One amp for LF and one amp for MF/HF. Bi-wire is still using a single amp for LF and MF/HF It is just a marketing gadget/naming. If you read the info on your amp, it isn't even mentioned in their sales pitch.
  16. I don't know about that, but my subs are placed at the halfway length of the room, and 90cm closer by than my main speakers. With a 100Hz x-over (1/4 length is 85cm) I could localised the subs and sound would jump between sub and main speakers. This is sitting rather close to the sub
  17. Are you sure you want to do this with subs? That is right on the edge of most bass management x-overs, and everything above 80-100Hz can be localised. You will have to put them very close to your main speakers, and this way you loose out on bass optimisation by placement.
  18. Proper placement of a Sub and EQ-ing, can improve the lower bass and mid bass. One sub is never ideal, as you will have nulls that can't be cured. As mentioned, EQ has still a function even with room treatment. The impact won't be as big as room treatment and since you have some on your sub, it would not be an high priority at the moment.
  19. The analogue output can be used instead of HDMI. Some players do have some basic DSP implementation for setting speaker distance, size, and perhaps level, and bass management. Some can even be used as an digital pre amp. You mentioned that your player has been modified. Usually these modifications are done on the analogue parts. If you use HDMI you probably not making use of these modifications.
  20. You can't compare HT with stereo money for money. HT has to do a lot more tricks. Speakers have the biggest impact on sound, so you should run HT via your stereo speakers for a start, as a fair comparison. A mingle of the two can be done. I would not ditch the center speaker, as the center speakers is the most used speaker in a HT setup. Not only for dialogue, but also for paning and off center stereo effects. Don't expect to find HT that performs at a quality stereo setup without spending some serious money. It can be done without breaking the bank but it requires an unconventional plan of attack. You haven't told us what your stereo setup is like, which would be helpful as that is your point of reference.
  21. They only work in large rooms, not something for your typical living room
  22. These number seems to be more in line. Green is measured, the rest is calculated based upon the measured voltage at 1kHz. My system is calibrated for -20dBFS =83dB at 100% volume. My preferred volume settings is -10dBFS. These number would be the absolute worst case under my listen preferences. Normally I have an EQ curve applied that is -5dB down at 20kHz where the 0.5 Ohm worst condition applies to. And then there will be the question how much sound energy there is at the highest frequencies.
  23. I did use REW and JRiver as the audio driver, and used a mic in REW SPL meter in Z weighting to do my measurements. I turned off all EQ, but loudness might still be on. The measurements during movies is with an analogue SPL meter in C weighting. Does the voltage difference between -6dBFS and -3dBFS look ok? They are not supposed to be linear I think.
  24. This is with 7 speakers and 2 subwoofers. Doesn't each speaker potentially add 3dB of SPL?
  25. It doesn't seem that way. Usually when watching a movie the SPL meter hoovers between 80-85dB with regular scenes, with peaks above 100dB. Which seems to be inline with my -10dBFS preference level. Any louder and I can start feeling my ears protesting when coming out of the cinema room. But I wonder if the numbers don't add up. The voltage jump from -12dBFS to -6dBFS is only slightly bigger than from -6 to -3dBFS. Also when looking at the measured effeciency, my measured levels don't seem to add up.
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