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  1. I am glad that you are willing to take the time to perform a second set of measurement. At least that can put some science into audioSCIENCEreview as something can hardly be accepted (scientifically) by a single set of measurements. It is good to see these type of measurements as it can temper my emotions by facing reality ;)
  2. Ah, that is before Foxtel was doing online streaming. I suppose you would be able to run a dual output from PC to projector and TV. I haven't run into anything yet that I couldn't do on the PC, although streaming services sometimes don't enable surround sound on their web applications.
  3. The DA converter can be any brand, but not all brands support multichannel USB, even if the DAC support USB which could be limited to stereo only, and a company with a good track record on stable drivers would be preferred. You can always use a different connection like AES/EBU via PCIe which many support but this will add to the cost. It is also nice to keep extension in mind if you looking for more channels, which pro audio converters are better equipped for. Do keep in mind that pro audio works with a +4dBU signal which will result in higher default voltages than the consumer -10dBV.
  4. I recently bought this thing for $120 AUD (now for $102 AUD incl shipping) and for the money an absolute steal.
  5. I have been looking for a cheap USB DAC with a headphone amp for a PC, and the cheapest I could find that measured well was the Hidenzs for $120 AUD incl shipping. (seems even cheaper now). Today I have received the item and I am instantly impressed. It is serious small which makes it very useful, and it comes complete with all cables, Apple, Micro USB, Mini USB 3, Full USB. What was even better is that it worked with my old Android phone instantly, worked instantly with my old Iphone which refuses to work with it's own headphone adapter, and works on the MAC and Windows PC wi
  6. I would set up the speakers first to find their best (bass) performance and work from there. Are your L and R speakers sitting next to the screen? I have seen a couple of designs with angled baffled walls. This could be an option when toe-in is required. This guy seems to use them a lot in his design http://arqen.com/studio-design/ A different example on AVS https://www.avsforum.com/forum/19-dedicated-theater-design-construction/3106228-dutch-confusion-build.html called baffle wings The first post here https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/1504351-baffle-wall-cons
  7. The Trinnov is a PC with an ATMOS and DTS-X (expensive) license. It doesn't harm to have a good quality CPU in your home server. If you have to do transcoding (especially with subtitles) it will cost some resources. I store full BD copies on the server but run a ChromeCast for the TV, which needs transcoding. Storage definitely cost you, certainly if you run a full back up as well. My home server (and backup) have 14TB each, and I am thinking about once that is full, to skip back up and use the BD discs as backup and just keep an up to date database only back up. The good thin
  8. My reasons for walking down this path had to do with the lack of SQ, high depreciation values, over abundance of useless functions and other things that I didn't need. I firmly believe I have better sound quality (for less money), the pro DAC and the 2 channel amps will hold their value better, and I have all the functionality that I need. It also comes with a few caveats. You can't decode Atmos or DTS-X on a PC, it is not the type of setup that is easy for the rest of the family (turning things on and off requires some attention, and your main setup is a PC ), I don't
  9. Thanks. You have got that correct idea about my setup. I am using a Lynx Aurora N 8 channel AD/DA converter for the following reasons; - It can handle up to 16 channels via USB (No additional equipment needed) - It is expendable up to 32 channels via input modules - It has a hardware switch to output at +4dBU (pro audio) or at -10dBV (hifi) (good for level matching with different Power Amp input sensitivities) - Hifi quality DA converter (compared it with my Bryston BDA-2 ) - Good amount of output voltage - Can make recordings via USB onto SD-Card (fun
  10. I believe that is called fast start up, or used the be called (hybrid) hibernation, and it can be turned off. Lots of problems with this, and even bigger problems when something goes wrong during start up. System File Check sfc.exe is your new best friend in Windows 10.
  11. It has been a while since my last update, but I have been playing around with 4 subs, and I turned my 7.2 setup into a 6.4 setup by sacrificing one surround back channel and turn it into a separate sub channel. I setup my main subs for LFE duty, my old subs for Bass Management for all speaker except Left and Right, and turned my back surround speakers into two mono speakers. I did set it up in such a way so that I could switch between my 6.4 setup and 7.2 setup for comparison. The extra subs do bring extra weight to the show, but this can also be achieved by dialing up the subs by
  12. Further information: Up for sale are my 2 (small factor) subwoofers. These have a 12" down firing woofer with two 10" passive radiators on the side. Items can be split, and one of them has some more markings on the top than the other and will be cheaper priced. They both have build in EQ but you need to buy the paradigm PBK mic to be able to use it. (not included) Both can be shipped into their original packaging. Specifications can be found here https://www.paradigm.com/en/sealed/ultracube-12 Thanks to its design and use of passive radiators (also makes for great ha
  13. Have been away for a while. I don't have that particular movie, so I can't test it. I did a similar check using the analyzer with War of the Worlds, which showed the high levels, but all channels were more in sync.
  14. Not to silly a question after all. Although I don't understand the underlying problem yet, it is related to the network adapter. I have a dual port adapter setup as a bridge. Each port has a MAC address port 8A and port 8B. Mac Adress 8A gets assigned a fixed IP address, and when both ports are bridged it's received the 8A MAC address, or it is piggy backing on the port with the MAC address assigned with 8A. For some reason this bridge doesn't seem to function. When I delete the bridge everything is fine, but with the bridge in place everything falls apart. More researc
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