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  1. That would completely be counter productive to using green or quiet glue
  2. You forgot the biggest piece of equipment in the chain, your brain. It can easily fool you, trick you and let you hear things that aren't there. In other words the human factor. Your brain is using all our senses to make sense of our surroundings. Most of it is happening in the background without even thinking about it. It is very good in sizing up the environment in a split second, it is not very good sizing up nothing. In other words, give the brain no reflections and it will start doing funny stuff including making things up. This is one of the reasons why there is a shift in the thinking about reflections and that not all (even early) reflections are bad. Give the brain to much reflections and it will become fatigue and cloud it's judgement but it still knows what to do with all this information but has different priorities than what we like. Room acoustics is all about pleasing the brain. Don't let it go into overdrive, don't let it get to little, but just the right amount to clear up the fog to keep things interesting.
  3. I am researching how to build a VPR and would like to know if people have had a go at it. I believe the basic principle is a steel plate fixed/glued to a piece of "acoustic" absorber. I also believe that a key factor of the design is that the steel panel is free hanging, supported by the absorber. The acoustic absorber usually used is either Curaso Isobond or BASF Basotec. Does anyone have any experience with these 2 products?
  4. Primare Knob

    New desktop computer required

    Yeah, but Linux has it quirks too.
  5. Primare Knob

    New desktop computer required

    Windows 10 is stable, just don't let it upgrade itself.
  6. Primare Knob

    The iPhone Xs and Xr release

    They still failing to put the ... on the iii.
  7. Primare Knob

    New desktop computer required

    Apple Educational support programs, and the obvious bling bling.
  8. Primare Knob

    New desktop computer required

    If the laptop came with Windows 10 home edition, I would suggest to upgrade it to a Pro edition, as this gives you more control over updates and a few other things and annoyances. You can use a Windows 7 pro license to upgrade your Windows 10 to Pro. You can still upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free too. Linux is great for those that are accustomed to it, as it can be very hard to trouble shoot when things stop working. And although they have an alternative for the basic programs, most is still not available through official channels. Laptops by default run on a balanced power plan, and you have to manual install a high performance plan if you want to use one. This will produce more heat and drain more of your battery. There are programs like Bulk Crap Uninstaller BCA and a script called decrapifier that can help with all the bloatware that comes standard with Windows 10. That might not always prefent them from reinstalling themselves and this needs a few additional steps to keep your system clean. If your laptop has an option for a second HDD/SSD you could setup a mirror raid. Windows 10 has a built-in backup system that you can use with a USB drive or network drive and you can set the time of this per hour, day, week, etc. There is also a program called SyncToy that can sync folders, files, or drives between locations. If your old PC still has some live in it you could use it to run a weekly or daily backup.
  9. Primare Knob

    New desktop computer required

    A failure in a overheated video card in an iMac sounds like design problem. Just google it and you will find out the major problems. I have two iMAC's in the shed that have failed video cards, that given to meet for free.
  10. Primare Knob

    New desktop computer required

    You can setup a mirror in Windows. Not sure if you can do it with the basic version of Windows.
  11. In basic principles it has the working of a VPR. A "free floating" resonating panel with damping material behind it. It is not a limb mass membrane type of trap. The fact that this seems to work to that low a frequency is rather bizarre as physics doesn't seem to be on its side. At the same time it shows that this type of bass traps without the panel doesn't do anything below 125Hz. I could use some help in the 70Hz region but hesitate to try this as I don't understand the principal working of this trap. Not to further derail this thread, but size does matter below 100Hz.
  12. Not all reflections are necessary undesirable. It can vary, depending on speaker radiation, time delay and a bit of taste. Front wall and ceiling yes, side and back wall are open for discussion. There is a big trend where experts are moving away from killing most reflection in favour of the brain.
  13. It looks like a VPR design, but the foam material, rigid backing and surface area all seem wrong or iffy when you compare it with the basic design requirements. Edit I think think the ABC had some issues with their traps where the back panel was resonating. This might work on that principal. It should then be able to reproduce at home by sticking a sheet of something on an absorber.
  14. Primare Knob

    FS: Siltech MXT NewYork interconnect (1 meter)(4 pairs)

    Price drop for the last pair. $200 ono.