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  1. That is incredibly cheap for a stunning projector.
  2. I have a Parasound A23 that has started to hum, and can be heard through the speaker. The amp has one transformer, two speakers connected, can be heard when only the amp is turned on and all other equipment is turned off/ not in stand by, and can only be heard by the amp or through 1 of the 2 connected speakers. Any clue about what is going on? I do think that it is not a ground loop, and I would think that if it is a bad transformer it would be heard on both speakers. I am no expert so I hope to find some good ideas here.
  3. Primare Knob

    FS: Primare A30.5 MKII

    Many types of equipment these days provide balanced inputs or outputs, but most of them wil simply reverse mirror a single signal to make use of the balanced cable connection. The equipment in use will simply use a single signal unless it is a truly balanced design. Balanced cables can be run over longer lengths without degradation, but for home use we seldom reach the technical limitations of a single ended cable. So 95% of the time it's just marketing. Edit: Wether this signal conversion has a negative impact or not depends on the design implementation. I use balanced cables myself for the simple reason that plug and connector are a solid design, compared to RCA where the cable and plug sort of hang onto the connector which need to support all the weight and movement. Just my preference.
  4. Primare Knob

    FS: Primare A30.5 MKII

    It was designed to go with the SP31 which was based on the balanced Pre30 with additional +5 channels. You would buy the balanced A30.2 for your front channels and stereo listening and then add the A30.3 or A30.5 for the additional surround channels. Not a bad concept as a truly fully balanced mult-channel power amplifier would probably eat you wallet alive.
  5. Primare Knob

    FS: Primare A30.5 MKII

    I can include a spray can with a silver of your choice if you like [emoji6]
  6. Primare Knob

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    Up for sale from Studio Ghibli on BluRay in pristine condition The Red Turtle $25 My Neighbor Totoro $25 Princess Mononoke $25 Laputa Castle in the Sky $25 Kiki's Delivery service $25 Grave of the Fireflies $25 Howl's moving Castle $25 Tales from EarthSea $25 When Marnie Was There $25 Only Yesterday $25 Ronja $35
  7. Primare Knob

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    @RLDK I'll like to buy these thanks. 2012 Battle Los Angeles Battleship Bourne Legacy Dark Night Trilogy District 9 Gran Torino Hunger Games Ip Man Jack Reacher League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Money Monster Oceans 11 Oceans 12 Oceans 13 Pacific Rim Planet Of The Apes Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Sex And The City Side Effects Social Network Source Code Star Wars Force Awakens Tintin Wolf Of Wall Street
  8. Item: Primare A30.5 MKII Location: 3782 VIC Price: $1250 Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% or friend) Extra Info: Item can be posted in original packaging (30kg), Item can be auditioned. Extra Info: Postage to be discussed Up for sale is a 5 channel mono design power amplifier from Primare. Each channel has its own toroidal power transformer and capacity bank. "Rather than using a single large transformer, as is typical in multichannel amplifiers, the A30.5 has a separate toroidal transformer for each channel; this could be described as "quintuple-mono construction." There is also an emphasis on current capability, with a total of 40 amps on tap" The Amp is 7 years old and in good working condition, there is however a small scratch on the front panel as shown in the picture. It has been boxed up for the past 3 years due to house move renovations etc. NLR as I am not pursuing an Atmos setup anymore.
  9. Item: (4 pairs) Siltech MXT NewYork interconnect (1 meter) Location: 3782 VIC Price: $250 (pair) Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% or friend) Extra Info: Postage to be discussed These cables have been used in a mult-ichannel setup and are no longer required as I have switched to balanced cables. All in good working order. Can be auditioned if you like.
  10. Item: (2x) Isotek Evo 3 Polaris Location: 3782 VIC Price: $375 (each) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% or friend) Extra Info: Item can be posted in original packaging. Extra Info: Postage to be discussed These power protectors and conditioners are less than a year old and are no longer required as I am looking to upgrade. Many positive reviews on the web.
  11. Primare Knob

    Surround Speaker Placement for potential 5.1

    Your biggest problem is distance between LP and speaker. Bi-pole speakers are recommended in such situations but they also need a minimum distance to not be localised. The best compromise to deal with this is the lower their output level. You do this by outputting a pink/white noise signal through your front speaker L or R and at the same time through your Surround speaker LS or RS. You adjust the output level of the Surround speaker until you can no longer localise the signal . With the Silver FX I would mount it into the corner, about 60cm above ear height. The 60 cm is to make sure that everyone on the sofa is in an unobstructed direct path of the speaker and it helps to increase distance without becoming a hieght speaker which the surround channels are not. Placing it in the corner will have the tweeters fire directly into the wall which help decreasing the localisation effect. Treat the speakers as a pair, and if possible hang the other surround speaker in the same way, with a bracket of some kinds. Since the other other side of your sofa is placed far away from the other wall you might want to experiment with acoustic absorption on the opposite wall where the forward facing tweeter is firing directly into the wall to tame the reflective output. You could also experiment with some venetian blinds in front of the back wall windows, and use them as an improved diffuser/reflector for the surround tweeters firing into it. Opposite to what many people think, you should never be able to localise the sound from any particular speaker. It will draw attention and break the illusion you are trying to create with your setup.
  12. Primare Knob

    Why don't diesel cars have exhaust brakes?

    Having driven heavy lorries all over Europe I agree that the engine breaks (especially the J brake) is a great invention. Driving down the Alp's without an engine break is suicide. It gives a very well controlled decent over an almost infinite length. My Pajero does have a basic engine brake, but only in low range, which helps getting down steep tracks, but all automatically, which doesn't give me any control except by changing gears. Noise is something that can be controlled. Compare the noise an American truck makes with an European model and you'll find it is all about implementation. Don't forget iether that we are talking about 14 - 16 liter engines under great amount of pressure talking trucks, on which cars don't even come close to. I don't know about other people driving a heavy 4WD, but I find my brakes rather underrated coming in at 80km's at a red traffic light. An engine break would be a welcome addition. Automatic gear boxes only strengthen this desire as they tend to free flow more or stick with higher gears. Let's not forget that all breaking power will be passed down the drive train, and that at high speeds on loose or slippery roads isn't the safest option with only 2WD on lighter vehicles, and that manufacturers have to include the idiot factor in their design.
  13. Primare Knob

    Sony A7 III - Possibly Best Camera On Market?

    Auto focus system is one of my reasons to pursue the Sony. My subjects never sit still or in one place. I thought reading about the Metabones they got it working with the Canon lenses. Which version do you use?
  14. Primare Knob

    Sony A7 III - Possibly Best Camera On Market?

    How much does the angle of view changes with these adapter's. How much is the focal range shifted. Edit: Normally by using a macro adaptor your focus range dramatically changed depending on which type of lens. I was looking at the Sigma MC11, as it is now for sale at BH photo. The Metabones is listing more specs, but the price is making the Sony camera come close to a Nikon D850. Have you encountered any limitations while in use? I am looking to invest in a general 24-70mm lens, but the Sony one apparently isn't that good.
  15. Primare Knob

    Sony A7 III - Possibly Best Camera On Market?

    Anyone here who has experience with using non E mount lenses with and adaptor on these Sony's? I am looking to jump on this one after having the Nikon D750 and the A7II in my hand today. I found it more pleasing to work with than the Nikon coming from a Canon background. Good and clear info display in the viewfinder, and less buttons on the body than the Nikon.