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  1. He and I had a falling out so he's not talking to me. Look just tell me you won't ship to Sydney and then it's certain that i won't be able to buy it. Simple.
  2. I'm very interested. Just a little hard to scrounge the funds right at the moment. I think. Yep. Pretty sure I'm not going buy this. Probably. 😐
  3. Hi. I am interested in these. Are you taking offers on these?
  4. Thanks. Yes I saw this. It was quite a bit more than I was prepared to pay and I believe the price had been lowered already. If it comes up again I might try and make an offer. Its been on ebay several times, disappearing for a while, in between appearances.
  5. Item: Naim Audio CD5XS CD Player Price Range: $2000 or less Item Condition: Used but must be in excellent condition inside and out and come with remote, manual, transit screw and puck Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Yes. Super fast, reasonable and reliable.
  7. The enjoyment I get from crate digging has completely superseded buying new records. Nothing can beat finding cheap used records that sound new.
  8. I've been thinking about a move to MC and I have a 2M Black at the moment. How does it compare with the 2M Back?
  9. I'm interested. Don't have the money at this stage.....Let's see if it's still here if and when I get my work bonus.
  10. Beautiful. If I didn't have a Scout 2, I'd be all over this. By the way, how do you get your platter so shiny?
  11. And I don't regret buying it off you. ;-) It was most definitely an upgrade for me. I'm very pleased to see that all upgrades mentioned are out of my price range at the moment. The Chinook's gonna be a keeper for me.
  12. Still tempted....but still can't swing it...but still keeping an eye out.
  13. Tempted but can't swing it at the moment due to lack of funds. Will keep an eye on it though.
  14. Thanks to all who replied. I'll be looking into all yr suggestions over the coming weeks or months.
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