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  1. Rainy Saturday morning (feeling crap, flu-ed up) so these seemed appropriate Melody Gardot followed by Tex Perkins.
  2. Picked this one up. Standard issue, don't need the extras, although the box sets do look nice.. From Pomazon. It sounds fine (and it's flat, an awesome bonus. My luck with LPs and flatness is crap lately!) All the Led Zep reissues have been perfect in my experience. No. Go on. Start a new LZ thread. We could invite the boys from Steve Hoffman over for a laugh!
  3. Found this guy (JD McPherson) via this thread. Thanks gents. His new one Let The Good Time Roll is getting a thrashing at our house! On vinyl of course (some pressing problems with this one apparently. I got lucky, mine sounds great!) Perfect blend of 50's rockabilly/60's rock'n'roll & 2015 "feel". Cannot listen to this and sit still. Also spinning Catfish and the Bottlemen - the Balcony. Great jangly guitar brit pop.
  4. The Vinyl Flat is great. I' m very happy with the results so far. It's been in almost continual use since I bought i! Oddly enough , it seems to a better job on 180G vinyl, after 8 hours they come out nice and flat. The thinner records sometimes need two cycles! The only failure was a white vinyl copy of Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts, Did flatten it but ruined it sonically. Mottled the surface of the LP and the resulting surface noise made it unplayable. Still, Amazons replacement policy came to my rescue, so I had a back up copy, also warped, but playable. .
  5. Thanks MB. Hope this one is ok. Might have to chase down some originals. Oh wait .. I'm unemployed! Oh well....reissues will have to do for a while. My record (hah!) with Amazon has not been good lately. The Vinyl Flat is really getting a work out! Was thinking of starting a Currently Flattening thread, but seeing as how just about everything I get is warped, it would be a bit redundant
  6. However this, I get. And am listening to a vinyl rip while waiting for the LP to arrive. Mmmm.....crunchy...... (edited for speling. gramar is good! Ahh too many vodkas, again)
  7. Have been following this thread on and off. have an AU 317 that we love in our house. Would love to send it to Skippy for the "treatment", but we live in the state that time forgot. Costs a fortune to get anything in or out of here! And Sansui77...you chose the best avatar.... Call me old fashioned, but I fail to see how boobs can be offensive. That gif just says joy and fun to me! Feel free to put the originals back.
  8. Listening to this via U-tube. Not entirely convinced I need this one Some of it works and some of it....just doesn't. Unemployment looms, so I am being less impulsive about what I buy.
  9. Thanks Keith. Have responded to your PM.
  10. Have done, still no response. Perhaps he's taking a break. Not overly bothered, I'm pretty happy with the tirty tree and a tird copy.
  11. Actually, thanks for the heads up on this. I am chasing this one up. If only Keith at Vinyleye would answer his emails!
  12. Indeed! Although at the risk of drawing fire from on high.... This album does makes for pretty good late night....er..."love" music
  13. Well..... that thread fell apart rather quickly eh?
  14. Well finally got around to flattening a white vinyl LP. Amazon replaced it (with one that was worse than the first one!) so I ended up with a crash test dummy....and it came out DOA. Warp was reduced but the vinyl was marked, noisy and unplayable.
  15. Great AC DC/Bowie haul! Would love some orig AC DC! I have this on it's way. Been chasing it for a while, 4 Men Without Ears released it a few years back but I wasn't interested. Their reputation is somewhat suspect. This is from the original masters allegedly, my hopes are high.
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